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Scratch cards are a form of lottery games which are played in Casinos worldwide. While traditional scratch card games have held their importance in the players’ eyes, online scratch card games are becoming increasingly popular. Almost all countries worldwide allow scratch card games and offer exciting prizes on them.

Scratch card games were invented as a result of the time taken for an average lottery to reveal the names of winners by two friends, Daniel Bower and John Koza in 1974. Bower and Koza founded an organization called the ‘Scientific Games Corporation’ which proved to be a trailblazer for the scratch cards and other instant lottery games played worldwide.

The popularity of scratch cards gained many people’s attention and they became one of the most played casino games instantly. After their endeavor went successful, both the friends saw a rise in scratch card gaming industry income by 150%.

The online scratch card gaming industry is relatively new. According to statistics, it only surfaced in 2010 as the properly organized gambling option. Before that even if scratch card games such as Bejeweled and Deal or No deal existed, they were not organized enough to be classified as a proper online casino game.

In 2010, the scratch card games were incorporated by online casinos and their popularity has risen since then. Two of the main reasons, why online scratch card games became are so popular among players are their ease of playing and higher chances of winning by almost anyone. Casino games with a complex set of rules drive away many players in initial stages only.

Rules and Types of Scratch Card Games Online

In the 1990s, the scratch card games went online and were included in the game’s list by the online casinos. The types of online scratch card games are more or less the same as the ones played in on-site casinos. Almost all scratch card games require matching the specified objects. These include jewels, numbers, and symbols. Other examples of scratch card games online include blackjack and poker. The type of scratch card game offered by the online casino solely depends on its discretion and can have rules of its own. In fact, generally, each scratch card game comes with a unique set of instructions. Some of the most common set of rules have been listed below:

  • Matching an amount from the right side which is triple the size of the original amount mentioned on the left side of a scratch card game. If a user successfully strikes a match, they win the specified prize.
  • Matching 2 or 3 symbols or jewels. Sometimes a bonus object may also be required to be found.
  • Scoring more than the dealer’s score in poker games.

Kasyno HEX Poland: The Ultimate Online Casino

Apart from the ones mentioned above, most online casinos set the rules for scratch card games themselves and offer bonuses to entice players into entering the games. For example, the scratch card offers at PL, allow players to play scratch card games online for free. Kasyno HEX is a guide about online gambling for Poles developed under the Casino HEX brand. They offer scratch card games for fun from a range of developers and guide their players on how to play these games by providing useful tips and insightful tutorials. After you grasp on how the game is played you may choose a real casino for real money from the list of well-reviewed and researched casinos at the mentioned page.

How to Play Scratch Card Games Online?

Playing scratch card games online is a piece of cake. All players need to do is select the type of scratch card game they want to play and then place a bet on it. After the bet has been placed, players need to click on the ‘New Card’ button to reveal the set of cards and match them against the ones in their decks. Players can reveal cards either one at a time or all at once, there are no limiting rules on that.

The rules of scratch card games listed on the chosen casino’s page vary according to each game. Some of them require players to match 3 symbols while others might require only 2. Similarly, some of them require players to align symbols to create winning combinations as in e-scratch cards while others may ask the players to reveal symbols at different positions within a grid. Each game has a different set of rules and a different payout structure. No two scratch card games are the same. Therefore, it is advised to players that they must read and educate themselves with the rules of a new game each time they click to play one.


  • Scratch card games are the simplest of all casino games online. They can be played easily by anyone, whether young or old, without having to spend time on understanding brain-cracking complicated rules.
  • Scratch card games offer instant win or no win. Players do not have to wait for longer periods of time, as in the case of traditional lotteries, only to be disappointed in then end in case they lost it.
  • Chances of winning in online scratch card games are always higher than in the traditional ones.
  • Online scratch card games require little or no amount of investment by the player. They are really cheap compared to other online casino games.
  • Their ease and simplicity make them a safe haven for a newbie entering the online gambling industry.


There aren’t any actual cons of playing online scratch card games. Players can play them free for fun or place bets on them and win real life money. They are simple with no hidden rules, complications or agendas.


Scratch card games online are inarguably one of the easiest, safest and most fun places to begin one’s gambling career from; not just a career but also a person who wishes to play scratch card games for free at a variety of pages, Kasyno HEX is among them. We wish you luck!