If you have a home that is situated anywhere near those areas which are typically plagued by wildfires, it could be vitally important that you take steps to protect your home and your valuables from the possibility of being engulfed by one of those fires. Many homeowners have felt they were safely outside the zone of wildfires simply because none had occurred where they live for several years.

All it takes is one unusually active wildfire year, and your entire house could go up in flames. To prevent this from happening, your best bet is to protect your home and your valuables from the ravages of wildfires by coating them with PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE fire retardant. This spray has been used for years to control some of the biggest wildfires in national history, and it has been used by countless homeowners to stave off disaster. You would be well advised to protect your home as well, so a wildfire doesn’t suddenly victimize you some year.


PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE fire retardant has been used as an agent for wildfire protection for more than 55 years now, and it has built up the reputation of being the number one fire retardant solution both commercially, and for homeowners. Initially developed to combat the biggest wildfires in the deep west and the south of this country, a home version was also developed after several homes were consumed by flames in some of these huge wildfires.

Now homeowners have the same opportunity to protect their belongings and their dwellings that forest personnel has had for years, to prevent whole tracts of land from being consumed by flames. If you’re the kind of person who wishes to take safety seriously and protect all your belongings against wildfires, this is the fire retardant you should be using.

How Does PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE Work as a Fire Retardant?

One of the most effective tools any homeowner can use when trying to combat wildfires and the effects it might have on their home is a powerful and effective fire retardant spray such as PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE. Our fire retardant spray is used commercially to help prevent the spread of wildfires, and to exert the greatest possible degree of control over them. This is not always possible of course since strong winds are irresistible in their effects and can drive a wildfire in any direction.

In the absence of such powerful winds, there is no better firefighting agent you can use than PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE. When vegetation is coated with PHOS-CHEK and exposed to heat from a fire, it causes carbon char to form on the vegetation; rendering it resistant to ignition.

How Can I Get My Property Treated with PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE?

There are a couple of ways in which you can obtain your own supply of PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE fire retardant spray. You can purchase it directly from us on our website and apply it to all surrounding fuel sources to protect them against combustion. This is a very simple process, and you will feel much more confident about facing a wildfire season, knowing that your valuables are being protected. If you would prefer to have the fire retardant applied by a professional, you can contact an authorized dealer at this website, and have the entire process done for you.


Applying PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE fire retardant spray is a very simple process, and it’s one that you’ll certainly be able to do yourself. Keep in mind, that when you order your fire retardant spray, you should have at least two batches on hand, in case it becomes necessary to reapply it after heavy rain has occurred.

The first step with applying PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE is to survey your property to identify all possible fuel sources which might need to be coated. This is an important step because you want to be sure that nothing is overlooked since a wildfire which invades your area will certainly not overlook it. Starting with the foundation line of your home, you should apply PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE on the ground all around the house and any outbuildings, as well as on to all plants and brush in the area. Note that the general application rate for Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense is 1 gallon of fire retardant solution per 100 square feet. One ¾ gallon container of concentrate makes exactly 5 gallons of the solution; it can treat up to 500 square feet

All objects which could potentially become fuel sources should be coated during this phase. Next, you should proceed to coat any other wood surfaces such as decks and fences. Ideally, you should have no trees or bushes within 20 feet of your home, because if they should burst into flame, that fire can easily leap to your house and cause major damage.

How Long Does PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE Last Before Having to Reapply?

You can expect that PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE will remain in place and provide an effective barrier against wildfires for weeks or even, as long as the weather in your area remains dry. Any heavy rainfall could very well wash away the coating of your fire retardant, and that would call for a reapplication. As long as PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE is in place on any fuel source on your property, it will be providing effective protection against the flames. If you live in a dry climate, you can expect PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE to be in place for the entire wildfire season.