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Though stiletto nails are just gaining popularity because of being rocked by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, these styles of nails have existed for quite long since the early 50s. As their popularity grows, regular ladies are continually embracing them in a bid to catch on this bold and vibrant nail trend. That is what defines these designs of nails; bold and daring. Or can we say they are dangerous? Well, that will only add to these classic styles.

So, what do you know about these designs of nails? One thing is that they are bold and fierce. They come in an oval shape that is sharpened and pointed at the tip. Basically, they are elongated. And because they are long, in most cases are fake nails. They appear cool and extremely fierce. One thing that you need to know is that these nails can cause injury if you are not careful. If you choose to style these designs of nails, you get unlimited options to style them since they provide a lot of surfaces. Whatever you want to show off using your nails, will be pretty possible. Let’s dig deep and see some of the common stiletto nails designs.

Cat Claws.

When you see this nails design, you will understand why it is referred to as cat claws. It looks like the claws of a cat. It is also known as wolverine-like.

Gothic Black.

Fabulous stiletto nails styled in midnight black are stylish for a lady looking to rock a mesmerizingly sexy nail design. It is an ideal style for any occasion, from Halloween to rock concerts.

Dazzling Chanel.

Chanel’s nails are amazing. If you include cosmic sparkle and pink, you get a stiletto nail design that is attention-grabbing and with an immediate dazzle.

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Chanel Number 5.

If you wish to sport Chanel and also include the logo with a little bit of twist, you may want to choose Chanel number 5. Color is a standout design, and the best way to leave your audience amazed. You want to pair diamond logo and black gems and include some arrow stripes and gold chains in the mix.

Purely Pink Magic.

If you are looking for nails with pure color, then you want to choose this pure pink magic. Besides, you can include a beautiful ring for a sure attention-grabbing design.

Vividly Egyptian.

This stiletto nail design is dazzling and utilizes a rich tone scheme. It includes powder pink, magenta and navy blue that are done in the gem. In addition, the middle finger is styled with an Eye of Horus, and it is the real aspect that makes this style unique.

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Unique Lines and Bold Personality.

What about nails design with an appealing look like this? It includes a combination of two solid colors on three nails that are quite unpredictable.

A Wild Twist.

This little style is edgy, natural, and has leopard-like decorations. If you want to go wild, then this is without a doubt a classic style for you.

Royally Wonderful.

Some decades ago, the violet color was considered a color of the loyal, and therefore, it was only seen with the loyal. However, things have taken another turn, and it is now a color that can be rocked by anyone. You can display your loyalty through the stiletto nails.

Grey Winter Wonderland.

You might not like the grew, especially on your nails, but when you try it, you will know why we have included it in our list. Complement it with deep shades such as violet, and you will have a fantastic stiletto nails design that is the envy to many.

Simply Good.

This style is brought to reality by white and silver lines. The silver lining is normally created at the edge of the nails. That carries a lot of meaning. It implies there is hope; there is light after the adversities.

Metallic Red Holiday.

This nail design looks great, especially on women with dark skin complexions. The metallic nail polish and stiletto style is entirely out of this world and quite futuristic. If you are wondering what to rock for the Christmas celebrations this year, then this color will rock all parties.