The new age offers plenty of medium and platform of learning which anyone can use to assimilate new skills. One such are online short courses that are immensely popular among students and professionals. The reason for this is simple enough; these courses are affordable, have a flexible classroom structure and are of great value.

Adding on to one’s expertise is always useful, especially considering the present competitive market. Also, many students who wish to either upgrade their skills or venture into something new, find full-time courses an impractical option.

If you explore, you will realize that there are a plethora of such virtual programs that one can enroll in. To narrow down your choices, here is a list of useful short courses to study online

1. Graphic Designing:

If you have a knack for drawing and are extremely fond of sketching or doodling then Graphic Designing is a course for you. This easy platform will help you turn your passion or your hobby into a career by teaching you the necessary skills. These short online courses are structured well and offer all the valuable knowledge and resources that are of use in this field.

2. Online MBA

MBA degree holds a lot of reputation in the business world and is often considered the stepping stone to managerial roles. This is why many working students who can’t leave a job for full-time studies opt for an online MBA. The course work is almost identical to a full-time MBA and covers all the necessary essentials. Flexible learning hours means that you can study at ease and use those skills in real-life settings at the same time.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has gained a lot of significance in the digital era and is becoming a preferred option for many businesses. To learn this highly relevant and useful market skill can open a sea of opportunities. Also, if you are a marketer or a small business owner then this course can be very profitable in your line of work. Many young students who have an astute understanding of social media can go for this course.

4. Foreign language

Learning a foreign language is another useful online course that students can look into. Not only does it expands your scope of possible job options, but it also adds to your CV and your persona. Being bilingual or knowing more than one language also enhances concentration, improves analytical skill and adds to one’s vocabulary. This also helps in enhancing communication skills and gives one the ability to interact with a whole new group of people.

5. Creative writing

Your love for writing can be turned into a full-time occupation with the help of creative writing online short courses. While you may be good with words but certain prowess is required in shaping a good story or article. This course helps in weaving thoughts in the most articulate manner helping one in becoming a marvelous writer.

Virtual learning is a great platform that offers a lot of knowledge and a convenient way of learning. Students should make the best viable use of this option to go ahead in their careers.