This pandemic has changed the world as we know it. From a complete ban on international travel in the early days to employees working from home permanently, almost every sector has been affected by Covid-19. This also included the real estate sector. The beginning of 2020 might not have been the ideal start for real estate investors, but now, potential buyers and investors are looking at property to invest in. While buyers might be skeptical and not too many investors have the extra funds to invest in property, once life gets back to normal, so will the real estate market. If you’ve been thinking about investing in real estate in the UK, it is essential to invest in a property hotspot so that you can make a decent return on investment. From real estate agents in Leeds to Hyde Park estate agents, we spoke to various property experts including the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London about the best property investments, and here is a list of the top 5 places to invest in during this Covid-19 pandemic.


Liverpool has been on every property investor’s hotlist for quite a while now. Just 3 hours away from London by train and very well connected to nearby towns and cities, Liverpool is ranked very high on every investor’s real estate list! With upcoming developments and upcoming housing projects, Liverpool has a very bright future ahead. Liverpool is actually pretty popular among students, which means there is great potential for rental yields in this city. In fact, the buy to let market in Liverpool is actually becoming one of the strongest buy to let markets in all of the UK. If you’re thinking about investing in a buy to let property, then Liverpool is a great place to do so.

Port Isaac, Cornwall

A beautiful fishing harbor, Port Isaac in Cornwall is known for its cobbled alleys and whitewashed cottages. Basically, Port Isaac is a great place to own a holiday home in the UK. After the lockdown, more and more UK residents are looking to buy holiday homes in towns and cities that are just a short drive or a train ride away. The pandemic has changed the way people are thinking about vacations; so instead of opting for international vacations, many people are looking for close-by vacation options. Port Isaac is surprisingly well connected too – it is just a short 30-minute drive to the closest train station, after which it is a 4-hour train journey to London or a 3-hour train ride to Bristol. If you’re thinking of investing in a summer home that you can put on rent, then an investment in Port Isaac, Cornwall will be highly profitable. Keep in mind, the price of property here is not very cheap but it is definitely worth it for a long-term investment. And, a beautiful investment indeed!


Hackney has become the go-to place for many of the fastest-growing digital companies in the UK. It is expected that the GDP of Hackney will grow a whopping 18 percent in just 3 years thanks to the influx of digital companies that are located here. Barely a 30-minute drive to the heart of London and very closely connected to other major cities in the UK, Hackney is very centrally located. With many new homes being built here and multiple housing and developing projects in the pipeline, Hackney is sure to be on every property investor’s hotlist in the coming months. With lots of green spaces, easy transport links, affordable housing, and a very bright future, Hackney is a great place for a long-term investment. In fact, if you’re looking to buy a place of your own or invest in a property that will give you substantial rental yields, then you should definitely invest in real estate in Hackney.


Staffordshire is just a short train ride away from London, making this town very conveniently located. From the gorgeous countryside to the ever-popular Staffordshire market center, from a real ski slope to a leisure center, and even lots of retail parks, Staffordshire has it all. Most investors are interested in this town because of its close link to various cities and affordable housing prices. In fact, you can get from Staffordshire to Birmingham in just seventeen minutes via train while you can get to London or Manchester in exactly one hour and ten minutes. There has been a noticeable rise in the prices of real estate in Staffordshire, before the pandemic. Hence, it is expected that once the pandemic is over, these prices will continue to rise steadily. If you’re looking for a small town to settle down with your family and enjoy life near the countryside, then an investment in this town will be great for you.


Manchester is the biggest city after London, making it a very prominent property hotspot. With many buy to let apartments and upcoming housing projects, Manchester is popular among property investors, students, salaried workers, and homeowners alike. With a large population, affordable housing, and great rental yields, Manchester is basically a great place to live in. Keep in mind that Manchester has various transport links to major cities like London, Bristol, Leeds and so on, making it very well-connected. Other than great transport links, of course, the increase in employment opportunities coupled with the number of universities in Manchester makes this a great place for investors who are looking to invest in buy to let properties. In fact, Manchester is also a great place for a long-term investment as it is predicted that the property prices in Manchester will soon skyrocket.

At the end of the day, buying a new property is a big decision. You need to be sure that your investment will be profitable in the long run. While investing in property hot spots is usually considered a safe bet, it is always best that you do your research before making an investment decision. If you are new at this, you should hire a real estate agent to guide you and help you through the whole investing process. After all, such a big investment decision requires a lot of research! Study the real estate market, understand the expected return on investment in the near future, try to understand what kind of investment is the best for you and then make a decision accordingly.