The Internet is filled to the brim with free games, but which one’s are the best to play right now? Read our article for the best 2020 choices!

The idea of having access to free games online that were any good in the 2000s was pretty much a pipe dream. Back in those days, developers had to quickly recoup the cost of development and often demanded large fees for up-front access to their titles. Games such as Doom, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2 and so on worked on a system of CD keys that you would purchase to install and register the title to your machine. Nowadays, some of the most loved and enjoyed games out there on the market are completely free to play. In this article, I’m going to be looking at what they are, where to get them and my personal thoughts on why they’re worthy of your attention. So if you’re looking for some serious gaming that doesn’t cost you a penny, keep reading!

#5 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Although CS:GO was originally a title you had to purchase, back in December of 2018, Valve made the decision to remove the cost of buying the game and just allow anyone to download the title. Although people were initially incredibly skeptical of this decision, it would appear that the choice was hugely beneficial to the company with a massive increase in the number of active players. CS:GO is mainly a team-based shooting game where terrorists and counter-terrorists go up against one another in a title that’s largely focused around individual skill, macro decision making, mind games, and economic management. At the time of writing this article in February of 2020, CS:GO has its most number of active players at just a touch over 900,000. If you’re into tactical shooters, be sure to give this one a go.

#4 – Warframe

Consider yourself to be a gamer who enjoys farming? Want to hit up the same enemies hundreds, or even thousands of times in a row to loot materials for crafting? Then Warframe is the third-person action looter shooter for you! There’s a lot to learn in this title, but the graphics are absolutely fantastic and the Interfaces feel incredibly well polished and responsive. Released in 2013, Warframe has a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam with over 325,000 reviews. Boasting a 92% positive rating, this is one of the most beloved games out there in this genre. If you’d like a more detailed look at what Warframe has to offer and a few points regarding the negative aspects of it, I highly recommend the honest (and generally positive) analysis from Steven Messner over at PC Gamer. The article even has footage so you can see the active, high speed and fluid movement mechanics you’ll experience.

#3 – Apex Legends

Although relatively new to the scene, 2020 is likely to be a big year for Apex Legends. Offered by EA, this title is one of the most visually stunning on the list – as well optimized for people who have lower-end systems. Apex Legends is a battle royale title similar to PubG and Fortnite. Now while Fortnite is another great free game within the same genre, I decided to go with Apex Legends since Fortnite can be a bit of a bore with its reliance on building spam and excessive resource farming. Apex Legends is a lot more action-focused and many of the Characters have really interesting abilities and play styles. This is a highly recommended title for anyone that is also new to the battle royale game mode, as it’s often action-packed and more forgiving than the alternatives for newbies.

#2 – League of Legends

Coming in with a silver medal on my list is League of Legends. Developed and published by Riot Games, League of Legends is now into its 10th season and is showing no signs of stopping. Although there are well over 100 champions to learn and understand, the chances are that League of Legends will be around for a number of years into the future – so you might as well learn now as opposed to in 5 years when this game is still as popular as ever! One of the most enjoyable elements League of Legends has to offer is ranked gameplay. Just make sure that you mute everyone when the game starts – rage, aggression, arguments, and banter will distract you from destroying the enemy.

Note that League of Legends has a great system of player ranking adjustment, so you’ll quickly play against those who are of a similar skill level to you. Regardless of whether you’re as skilled as Faker or as untalented as NB3, League of Legends will put you up against the right types of enemies to make sure you’re not getting your ass handed to you every single game. Be warned: while this game is totally free, you will eventually end up spending $500 on awesome skins for champions you rarely play because they look awesome. There are also plenty of free porn game parodies themed around League of Legends if you’re looking for something a little more X-rated. A big thanks to MrPornGeek for pointing this out!

#1 – Path of Exile

Perhaps an odd choice for many, but Grinding Gear Games deserves a hell of a lot of credit for their approach to game design, community outreach, development focus and so on. Additionally, since the Path of Exile is produced in New Zealand, they’re working with perhaps more limited resources than other studios located in places such as Europe and the United States. At its core, Path of Exile is a game about giving you endless character choices, the ability to farm for years on end and create or find items that absolutely kick ass. Your ability to optimize your character in this game is almost endless – good gear gets expensive quick although it has a noticeable effect on your ability to destroy mobs even faster than you previously could. Additionally, Path of Exile is going to be releasing a semi-sequel to their flagship Diablo-like project in the next few years, which ought to be absolutely incredible and unlike anything we’ve seen before in the space.

So there you have it, folks – five free games that ought to provide you with thousands of hours of gaming fun: all without you having to spend a penny!