Many realtors put in countless hours finding and doing due diligence on properties and connecting sellers and buyers. However, the key to transforming an unknown realtor into someone who makes millions of dollars worth of deals is effective marketing. With 360° marketing realtors can be propelled to the pinnacle of their profession and make the dreams of countless home and business real estate sellers and seekers come true. Realtors with the knowledge, skills, and ability to provide quality real estate services who embrace 360° marketing dramatically increase their chances for success.

Digital And Social Media Marketing

Using digital and social media effectively can help realtors quickly grow their business. It enables realtors to instantly connect with new and current clients and their peers in the real estate industry. Every realtor should use digital and social media in some form to promote their business. It enables them to take advantage of a type of marketing that’s very efficient and effective if employed properly. Realtors can leverage the power of digital and social media to reach out to clients far and wide and build lucrative business relationships with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Building A Reputation

The effective use of digital and social media accounts to connect to and exchange important information with clients instantly can help realtors build a reputation for providing prompt, timely, updates that make buying and selling properties go faster and smoother. They can instantly see, show and share data about available properties.

This enables both the realtor and their clients to use their time more efficiently. When realtors regularly share insightful, high quality, useful, information on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that establishes them as an industry expert.

Establishing and Maintaining Key Connections

Using digital and social media provides realtors with many benefits. It’s an outstanding tool for promoting and building a real estate business because it makes attracting and servicing new clients faster and easier. Putting out regular useful social and digital media posts keep current and potential clients interested and engaged. These platforms are also great for networking with other real estate professionals, current and past clients, generating business referrals and keeping open important lines of communication for promoting and growing a real estate business.

Diversify Marketing Efforts

Realtors who diversify their marketing efforts increase their chances of becoming successful. Combining traditional marketing methods with social media marketing, online advertising, posting videos and photo slide shows of available properties online and regularly calling, emailing and texting current and potential clients with updated information about current listings can help realtors reach more clients. Regularly seeking and embracing innovative new ways to keep current clients informed and attracting new clients will provide access to markets traditional marketing methods you alone can’t reach.

Multimedia Marketing

Posting videos online showing new properties for sale, using email blasts, passing out flyers and business cards, volunteering to speak at local gatherings and placing ads in large and small publications are all effective methods for promoting a real estate business, attracting clients and generating sales. Each marketing media is effective for making potential clients aware of the realtor’s business. Combining all of them as part of a multimedia 360° marketing effort will be far more effective in attracting a large number of diverse clients than anyone marketing method will.

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Piquing the Interest of Customers

Different real estate clients respond to different types of marketing. Ads in a school publication may draw the interest of parents, while speaking to a women’s group may pique the interest of people who want to support female entrepreneurs. By using a multimedia approach to marketing, realtors can reach a larger and more diverse audience. Building a successful real estate business is a numbers game. The more people aware of and interested in the services a realtor has to offer increases the chances that realtor will be successful. Using diverse marketing methods piques the interest of more customers and leads to more sales.

Direct Mail: a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

A growing number of realtors are enjoying great success through the use of direct mail marketing. Through direct mailing companies like, realtors can get custom-designed, full color, 6″ x 9″ birthday, holiday, anniversary, thank you and a host of other types of postcards that let customers know the realtor is thinking of them. The cards also help to keep the realtor in the minds of clients and potential clients. Not only are the realtor reminder cards available through very inexpensive, but there are also hundreds of sophisticated, attention-grabbing templates from which realtors can choose.

Custom Mailing Lists and More

Direct mailing companies like are so popular with realtors because they provide custom mailing lists, list management, direct mail campaign tracking, and automated seller valuation templates. Plus, there are no order minimums. That means realtors can order 10 or 10,000 cards for any occasion and have them customized to their brand and image and sent to clients and potential clients on the custom mail lists offers. This makes generating new leads and engaging with a wide range of customers interested in buying and selling real estate easy and affordable. Gaining access to custom mailing lists especially created for realtors is a great marketing advantage.

Real Estate Postcards Work

Direct mail marketing has long been an effective, affordable marketing tool. Having create attractive, affordable, real estate postcards that realtors can send to current and prospective clients has proven to be a strategy that works. It quickly generates productive leads and sales. With creating attention-grabbing postcard mailings that include printing, postage and mailing for one low price, realtors nationwide have seen their customer base grow significantly. The postcard mailings are an effective way for realtors and teams of real estate agents to quickly and affordably attract customers and generate sales.

Quick, Creative And Efficient

Realtors rave about the success of the postcard mailing campaigns has helped them to create. The combination of a wide array of templates, innovative, attractive, full-color, postcards, any size order, and affordable prices has supercharged the direct mailing campaigns of realtors from coast to coast. The postcard mailing campaigns are quick, creative and efficient. This type of direct mail marketing is an asset any realtor can use to raise people’s awareness of their real estate services, attract old and new customers and help generate sales of commercial and residential properties.

Giving To Charity

Another way realtors can get positive public relations to boost is by working with and donating to charities in their target communities. Volunteering to help with the activities of a charity and giving of their time, talent, money and other resources can raise the profile of a realtor and give people a positive image of them. As a result of the realtor’s charitable work, when people in the community served by the charity need help to buy or to sell commercial or residential real estate, the realtor that volunteered with the charity will be one of the first people to come to mind.

360° Marketing For Realtors Is Powerful

For realtors who are trying to establish themselves in a new market or working to take their business to new levels, 360° marketing can be a powerful tool. It means using a combination of direct mail marketing and postcards, word of mouth, digital and social media, flyers, business cards, volunteering with charitable organizations and more to raise the realtor’s profile, attract new customers and give the realtor more opportunities to provide great service and help their business thrive.