Gaming Earbuds
Gaming Earbuds

The world of sound in the field of gaming has tremendously evolved in the recent past. Coming to think of it, the earliest gaming consoles only had simplistic sounds (clicks and beeps) embedded in the gaming experience.

It’s only in the past decades that things began to change. Sophisticated consoles came into being, and this had a positive impact in the world of sound. New systems that could support MIDI files glimpsed on what to expect in the future gaming environments in terms of sound and music. For this reason, you the casual player need a set of the best gaming earbuds.

Games like far cry and final fantasy had music that still remains the most moving in gaming today. All these were available in Nintendo consoles and earlier versions of PlayStation. This improvement in sound integration has lead to the evolution of music in gaming.

Another thing that has lead to the development of superb audio devices for casual gamers is the fact that most games now come with a multiplayer option. In a multiplayer game, having a sleek earbud with an inbuilt microphone just makes things more efficient for you.

This is true as communicating with your opponent or teammate becomes easier compared to having to spool through chat boxes. Scrolling through chat boxes can be the difference between a victorious win and a crushing defeat in a highly competitive game.

Before we dive into the best gaming earbuds for casual gamers, let us look at the casual gamer earbuds buyers guide.

Wired or wireless

This is a point of contention when planning to buy some earbuds for your gaming pleasures. Some people like tethered buds, while others opt for wireless earplugs. Depending on your preference, go for what suits your needs.

Microphone or not

For an online gamer, a microphone is very important. However, if you play a lot of games that involve role plays and doesn’t need teamwork or any collaboration, then you can get away with a microphone-less piece.

Earbuds that casual gamers prefer

It’s a common thing that you may not like the bulk and cumbersome headphones for your gaming experience. For this reason, it’s best if you go for the best earbuds available. Here is a list of the most proffered gaming earbuds in 2019.

  • Dostyle earbuds


  • Very comfortable to the ear.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Made from memory foam.


  • Wired connection.

These are amongst the best-wired gaming earbuds out there. They have a 3.5 mm jack pin, which means that they can work with a variety of devices. This is especially economical for anyone who uses a pair of a headset on all devices.

This piece is a combination of earbuds with an in-line microphone. The only limitation to this superb invention is the hanging in-line microphone. Otherwise, the Dostyle earbuds are a sure way to rock your gaming experience. They are one of the highly rated earpieces in their price range.

  • PlayStation Vita in-ear headsets


  • Pair very well with PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.
  • Equipped with a very long wire.
  • Amazing design.
  • Impressive sound isolation capabilities.
  • 3 pairs of silicone buds for the perfect fit.


  • Uncertain performance outside the PlayStation family.
  • Inopportune microphone position.

This is an offering from the Sony systems. As you can agree with me, most system audio devices that are offered on purchase of new gaming consoles are not the best performers. However, the PS vita earbuds are well designed for a gaming experience. They perform rather well as compared to other system earbuds.

They have remarkable sound quality with impressive sound isolation. Sadly, they are not wireless, however, they have a long tether. This improves on your comfort while connected to the Vita: you don’t have to sit in awkward postures in order to enjoy your game.

They fit pretty well in the ear and are comfortable to the ear. If you are looking for some good earplugs for your PS Vita, this is definitely an option. It works well with other PlayStation devices apart from PS3 which is designed for a Bluetooth audio interface.

  • Sentry Bullex Gunmetal earbuds


  • Quality sound clarity.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Cool and fashionable design.


  • Regular cleaning needed.
  • Wired.

These are pretty cool headsets with unbelievable sound quality. They look like brass bullets, and this makes them very attractive, especially for gamers. They consist of two parts. A metallic part and a silicone tip which is pretty cool as the tip conforms to the ears.

This is a pretty good thing for gamers as the ears need to be comfortable during the engagement with the game. The silicone tips of this amazing earbuds conform to the ear regardless of the size and shape.

The earbuds are wired and have a microphone along the extension. This means you don’t have to be anxious about getting your device charged or synced. Once connected to the jack, all you need to do is play the game. You are also able to keep tabs with your opponents or anyone you may be in a phone conversation with as you play the game.

These earbuds are for anyone who wishes to play games with unbelievable sound clarity. They are also nicely fitting to consoles with a 3.5 mm jack pin. This includes most phones, tablets, and gaming consoles out there.

  • Turtle beach call of duty black ops II elite earbuds


  • Reasonable price.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Amazing microphone.


  • Made specifically for PS Vita.
  • Wired.

These earbuds are one of the offers treats that The Call of Duty enterprise has released. In this particular version, Call of Duty has partnered with Turtle Beach to bring you one of a kind sound clarity. This does not end there, the tips of the buds fit very comfortably in any ear, so you don’t have to worry about your ear size. Additionally, the set comes with removable earplugs for regular cleaning and maintenance.

The wire extension that has an in built microphone makes it possible for you to maintain communication with your teammates when planning a combined attack. The jack pin can be used on a variety of products that have a 3.5mm jack port.

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