As a dentist, your sole focus is on your patients. You devise plans and treatments to ensure the overall health of their mouth is in tip-top condition. Because of your intense focus on the oral health of your patients, it leaves little to no room for you to put any focus on growing your practice.

Focusing on your patients is definitely where your attention needs to be, but you can’t deny the importance of needing to acquire new patients as well. You might send out postcards to current patients asking for referrals, and you might even run an ad on the radio a few times a month… Those traditional marketing methods work, but they’re not reaching as large of an audience that you have the potential to reach.

Just think about it… People rarely listen to the local radio because they can download music and podcasts to their phones and play it through their car. And people rarely check their mail because they pay bills and conduct business online through email. So what does that say to you? It should be telling you that in order to acquire new patients, you have to meet them where you are most likely to find them… and that’s online.

Content Marketing is going to be the solution you need to acquire new dental patients.

Content marketing is an umbrella term that houses many types of content marketing strategies. This term might be slightly unfamiliar to you because it’s fairly new, and 9 times out of 10, it’s the one subject they didn’t teach you in medical school. So, to give you a quick lesson, this is what content marketing is:

Content marketing is a type of marketing where the focus is on creating and distributing materials online that are relevant, valuable, and helpful to a specific audience. The materials shared can come in the form of blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc, and are intended to stimulate the interest of an audience and ultimately drive that targeted audience to commit to the purchase of a particular product or service.

So, as you can see, with content marketing, all your marketing efforts are done online simply because that’s where your audience is. The audience your content marketing efforts are going to are what some would call the “informed customer.”

An informed customer is someone who is in need of a particular product or service but takes the time out to perform extensive research on various businesses before making the commitment of a purchase. In this case, an informed customer is someone looking for dental services but researches several dental offices first before booking an appointment.

So, in your content marketing efforts, you need to make it easy for the dental informed customer to find you. Whether it’s root canals or dental implants, whatever your specialty may be, the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts could mean the difference between a full waiting room and an empty one.

By implementing these seven content marketing strategies for your dental practice, you’ll be sure to see new patients coming into your waiting room. The key is to be consistent with your efforts.

Tips to Improve Your Dental Practice’s Content Marketing

Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

According to Statista, there are 247 million Americans with social media accounts… Your dental practice should have one as well… in fact, your dental practice can’t afford to NOT have one. The whole point of a social media page is literally to be social and engage with your audience with the intent of redirecting them to your dental site.

With a social media page for your dental practice, it will give your audience more of an inside look into the practice and staff. The content you share should not only provide helpful information about proper oral care but also share discount codes, special events, and overall paint a positive picture of your practice, especially for people who want to go to the dentist but are afraid of the dentist. You can even go live with patients to answer dental questions.

If you cater to patients with extreme fear of the dentist, social media is the perfect place to promote your sedation dentistry services!

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Start a Blog on Your Dental Practice Site

The fact that you’re a dentist already proves that you’re an expert in your field, and you have the degrees to back you up. But, just to prove your expertise even further, you can create a dental blog on your site and provide current and potential patients with helpful information about oral health… this just confirms your expertise.

The subject matter you choose to educate your readers about is at your discretion but just remember that it’s meant to inform and educate. Types of subject matter can include:

  • Signs of gum disease
  • Why dental health is important in pregnancy
  • Ways to help your children love the dentist
  • Signs you’re experiencing a dental emergency

With the information you post on your blog, you’re not only going to be helping current and potential patients, but you’re also going to be helping yourself rank well on search engines by improving your online visibility.

Create Videos About Your Site

A 2019 study conducted by Google revealed that 55% of internet users watched online videos when evaluating a service or product. The great thing about videos is that it provides an outlet of information for members of your audience that don’t like to read or aren’t able to read at the time of their search.

Whether you decide to upload videos to your dental site, YouTube, or social media, you’re making it easier for your informed customers to find you. Your videos can be introductions to your staff, an overview of how the office looks, or videos on special promotions you’re offering!

Ask Current Patients to Leave Testimonials or Online Reviews

This particular form of content marketing speaks directly to your informed customer because reviews are one of the first things they look for when they’re researching dental practices. In fact, research has found that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation on various products and services.

So by having your current patients leave testimonials and reviews on your dental services, it’s going to play in your favor and fill your waiting room before you know it.

Help Visitors Understand Better With Infographics

Certain dental procedures are too time-consuming to read and too confusing to listen to or watch in video… that’s when infographics come into play. Infographics are fun to look at and present difficult information in an easy-to-understand format in eye-catching mediums. Sometimes a person can understand an entire process just by looking at pictures of it… That’s how infographics will benefit your practice.

Invest in Link Building Services

The process of acquiring backlinks for your dental practice from other websites isn’t an easy task. It’s time-consuming but very effective and results-driven. It also means that you need to have link-worthy content on your site as well in order to get good quality backlinks. One of the best ways to acquire good quality backlinks is through outreach.

Lots of dentists already have enough on their plate with patients and running a dental practice, so they turn to some of the top link building companies that have extensive experience in promoting content through outreach. This not only saves you time but you’re going to get greater visibility for your practice. If you prefer, you can take the time to learn to do it yourself. Stellar SEO put together a detailed link building guide that would be a good place to start learning it yourself.

Lighten Anxieties With Memes

Memes might not sound like the most professional form of marketing but for content marketing, it’s perfection. Why? Because memes are meant to be funny, and can definitely lighten the mood for patients suffering from an extreme fear of the dentist. This extreme fear is called dentophobia.

According to, over 75% of adults suffer from major anxiety of seeing the dentist and the fear of pain is the number one source of anxiety. But just imagine a potential patient dealing with this condition, looking up your practice and stumbling across funny memes involving dentistry.

It will make them laugh and give your office a call simply because you understand their fear and can lower their fears with a little laughter. Memes act somewhat as a humanizer for brands, and your potential patients will greatly appreciate it.

In Closing

The oral health of your patients is and should be your number one concern, but in order to grow your dental practice, you’re going to have to invest in content marketing. Whether you choose link building services or to get more social on social media, the survival of your practice is dependent on it.