B2B Businesses On Social Media
B2B Businesses On Social Media

Before we talk about social media strategies for B2B companies let’s make sure we understand what a B2B company is.

A B2B (Business to Business) company is an entity that provides products or services to other businesses in order for them to function successfully. For example, a paper mill selling the paper to a publishing company or a law firm providing legal services to an insurance company.

This is a slightly different angle to more commonly known B2C (Business to Customer) companies which provide products or services directly to consumers.

B2B companies thrive behind the scenes but are often not seen on social media. Although social media marketing is popular some B2B companies prefer sticking to more traditional methods of marketing like attending networking events.

Some traditional marketing methods may still be effective, but that doesn’t mean B2B companies can’t gain from using social media. In the end, your success won’t depend only on the strategy. Make sure you know who you are trying to sell your products to. You should aim to take a step further and make sure you rely on a dedicated B2B sales consultant.

Creating An Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

Here are a few guidelines to help you create an effective social media marketing strategy for your B2B company from scratch.

  • Determine Your Goals

When creating your social media strategy, the first thing to do is determine and define your goals. You need to figure out what you want to achieve from social media, be it brand awareness or expanding your customer base. Then you have a place to start.

  • Choose A Social Media Platform

When choosing a social media platform, you have to pick one that’s right for your business. It’s important to make sure the site offers features that are relevant to your content. For example: If your marketing strategy relies heavily on photos, a profile on Instagram will be a good fit.

  • Plan Your Content

Even as a B2B company your content needs to be authentic and reliable as well as engaging and fun. Do a self-test to see if your content needs tweaking. Because if you wouldn’t want to read your posts neither will your audience.

  • Understand Your Audience

The main draw of social media is engaging with your audience. To do so successfully you need to understand their likes and dislikes. This way you will be able to create content, posts, keywords, and hashtags that appeal to your audience. When done effectively this will also help you reach new followers.

  • Be Consistent

Always make sure your social media profile and content are in line with the overall image and message of your brand. This will help to create brand recognition with your digital marketing audience.

  • Paid Post Options

If meeting your social media traffic goals becomes too difficult you can always look into paid-for post options. For example, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer paid-for “post promotion.” For a small fee, your posts will be sent directly to your target audience. This will lead to an increase in your exposure and grow your audience.

Advantages Of Having A Social Media Presence

Social media is the key to an entire world of marketing and advertising opportunities for brands and businesses. Although B2B companies exist in the shadows, for the most part, there’s no reason not to give social media a shot.

  • It gives you the ability to engage directly with your audience. This creates an authentic relationship with your customers.
  • Your business becomes more easily accessible to customers and potential customers who may be interested in a business like yours.
  • As your brand awareness increases, you will be able to grow your following. This, in turn, increases your online exposure.
  • Social media gives you the opportunity to connect to others in your specific market. This type of networking can lead to collaborating with other brands or influencers on projects in the future.
  • Over time these advantages prove invaluable.


Having a strong social media presence is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. If you need help getting started to sign up for a social media course to help you achieve all your marketing goals.