Chronic pain is a problem that millions of people face every single day. The condition can come as a result of other medical issues, like fibromyalgia or MS. For others, they might have been involved in an accident or suffered some type of injury that has left them feeling pain on a regular basis. In severe cases, it can be downright impossible to get on with your day, since you may feel too uncomfortable and weak to do anything other than rest at home. Thankfully, there are several things you can try today that can help to relieve this discomfort.

Hot/Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy has been successfully used to treat issues with pain for decades. The idea is to use a warm compress on the affected area. After roughly 15 minutes, you remove the warm compress and place an ice pack for another 15 minutes. By alternating between hot and cold, you’re helping inflammation and underlying pain that is causing a disruption to your day.

OTC Pain Relievers

Over-the-counter medications, like ibuprofen, can be used to put an end to inflammation and discomfort. It is always important to listen to your doctor’s recommendations whenever taking any type of medication, even those you can get yourself without a prescription. For example, people who are on blood thinners may not be able to take a drug like ibuprofen because it thins the blood even more. It is also important that you follow all directions on the label to ensure you’re taking the dose properly.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has long been used to help relieve bouts of chronic pain. It is thought that the way cannabis works is by altering the way your mind perceives the discomfort, making it less obvious so that it doesn’t have such an impact on your quality of life. Thankfully, individuals living in Oklahoma can easily obtain their medical marijuana cards online in a short period of time. This quick and friendly service provides you with a legal card that can be used at any type of cannabis dispensary.


If you’re currently in a lot of discomforts, you might assume that exercising will just make the situation worse. However, working out can be beneficial for individuals with chronic conditions. Moving around, even if it’s just a slow walk, helps to lubricate joints and get them moving again. Likewise, the endorphins that are released while you exercise can help in relieving the pain and discomfort that you might be experiencing.

Learn Deep Breathing

Stress-relieving techniques can be highly useful when you have pain every single day. Deep breathing, meditation, and yoga can all be helpful in getting your life back on track. Deep breathing simply means focusing on your breath and trying to divert your attention away from your physical body. In doing so, you’ll gain a deep sense of relaxation and a reduction in your discomfort. Gentle yoga and meditation should also be considered on a day-to-day basis to help in relieving stress and chronic pain.