While you might have heard about several branches of engineering, Mechatronics might sound relatively new to you. This particular branch is not all that mainstream, but it is one of the most fabulous multidisciplinary facets of engineering. It is a highly interesting stream that has a lot to offer in terms of career choices.

B. Tech mechatronics in India is becoming increasingly popular as it is catching the attention of many creative technical minds. Here is a look at what this field is and what kind of jobs you can expect to find after taking a degree in it.

What is Mechatronics? 

Mechatronics also goes by the name of mechatronic engineering. It imbibes electrical and mechanical systems together and also uses a hub of other things to create smart machines. The work is one that involves precision and is very detailed. Apart from the computer, robotics, system control, even telecommunications are used to create gadgetry.

The basic function of the engineer here is to design, manufacture and later maintain products that contain mechanical and electrical elements. These machines are highly advanced and also very complex. They are not only fully aware of their surroundings but are also equipped with decision-making abilities. Even the highly talked of Artificial Intelligence is a great example of such machines that are continuously developing and evolving.

What is the job profile of a Mechatronic engineer? 

This sort of job profile is only required in high tech areas and is also associated with fields such as nanotechnology, robotics and also bioengineering. Companies have laboratories, processing plants, and areas where they employ such engineers to help create futuristic vehicles.

Even the government employs mechatronic engineer and so do industry research groups. Their area of work can range from product development to work in manufacturing. They also play a crucial part in the field of mining and defense.

The list of job requirements of a mechatronic engineer are:

  • Make use of computer technology, mechanical and electronic process to give shape to innovative solutions required for a variety of industrial problems
  • Developing high technology engineering systems and subsequently managing them. This technology is brought into use for the mechanization of industrial tasks
  • Implement computer-driven advanced control systems
  • Create reports that document the design details
  • Bring together different type of technologies to design and build a whole range of products like the underwater robotic vehicles
  • Mechatronic equipment has to be analyzed in detail to see their practical use and get a clear idea of performance benefits. This is also part of the engineer’s profile
  • Certain areas are too dangerous for human laborers to venture into and instead, automated machinery is used. Mechatronic equipment is brought to use in such areas that are designed using electronic and mechanical processes.

These are just some of the tasks that a mechatronic engineer performs as part of their job requirement. From maintenance of ATMs to creating high tech unmanned aerial vehicles, they cover it all. This emerging field is rapidly shaping the world, and you can find excellent opportunities in it. So, pick a good university to embark on an exciting journey.