Creative Approaches to Writing Dissertations


Do you still think that writing a dissertation has nothing to do with creativity? You’re wrong. Such a formal assignment as a dissertation or thesis also should be approached creatively. Very often students habitual ways of thinking fail to generate fresh and non-trivial ideas that can be used in academic writing. Such students prefer to hire professional academic writers, who can handle the most challenging assignments and even write your dissertation online. It’s always good to know you have someone you can rely on and get help with your homework. That being said, you shouldn’t pull the plug on nurturing your creative skills that can go a long way towards writing an original and highly successful dissertation. In today’s article, we won’t be going into detail about the essential components of a dissertation. Neither will we be speaking at length about how to properly conduct research, which, truth be told, constitutes a large part of your grade. Instead, we’re going to focus on the techniques that will help you rejuvenate your creative mind and put it to writing your dissertation. Let’s dive into it.

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It’s a well-known fact that lots of people draw inspiration from reading. Yep, good old reading can go a long way in boosting your stamina, intellectual vigor, and creative potential. In fact the more you read and the more you’re consuming stories, the more it just becomes how you tell stories. So, by reading you stimulate your mind with new information and ideas. Moreover, by reading you actually learn how to effectively convey messages, grab your audience’s attention, and come up with sound ideas and convincing reasons for your discussion.

Find Inspiration

Don’t get down to writing your dissertation if you feel mentally of physically exhausted. Just like any activity, your dissertation requires that you be in the mood to do it. So, it’s about time you got inspired!

College life with its stresses, tons of homework, hectic schedule, and other problems often hampers creativity and impedes the flow of imagination. Therefore, it’s critical that you discover your own source of inspiration that will help you elevate your creative thinking powers. Some students find inspiration in the lap of nature, rejoicing in the beauty of the outer world. Other students go to the gym and work out. Sports, as you know, stimulate mental alertness and creativity. So, it can represent a great source of inspiration, too. You can also meditate, watch a favorite movie, or simply chat with your friend. Such pleasant pastimes will help you unwind, divert yourself from daily problems, and set your mind to writing.

Do Creative Writing Exercises

To become a more efficient creative writer, make it a rule to write five-minute exercises whenever you feel stuck or you find yourself unable to get started. Find yourself a prompt. It can be a word for the theme that interests you, a person that inspires you, a Chinese cookie message, or a line from a poem. Start writing immediately timing yourself for five minutes on your cell phone, or a kitchen timer, or a clock. If you veer off into another subject, it’s not a problem. Just keep going! The only rule to this exercise is that you cannot stop because the minute you stop you’re going to start thinking. And when you’re thinking, you’re going to judge yourself, which in turn will get in the way of your spontaneous creativity.

Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Homeostasis and inertia are the worst enemies of creativity. You won’t be able to create anything fresh, new, and worthwhile if you’re reluctant to step out of your comfort zone. Try your hand at something new, something challenging. Go skydiving, enroll in web development courses, or volunteer for a nonprofit organization. Spare time to do what you’ve been planning on doing for so long. You may also want to benefit from a change of scenery. There’s no need to travel the seven seas to dispel boredom. You can take in local tourist attractions, spend your weekend backpacking, or picnicking. New impressions can help you kick start your creativity.

Take Writing Courses and Workshops

There’s no better place for self-improvement than college. Lots of universities and colleges offer courses that can help students improve technical, academic, and creative writing. Some of such courses are totally free! You can learn from experienced writers, professors, and other students who have succeeded in writing and now are willing to share some useful tips with you. Workshops and seminars will also help you apply new knowledge in practice and put together a successful dissertation that will score the highest grade.