Digital technology is constantly changing the way businesses operate. Its increasing capabilities have been known to give birth to innovative methods of growing a business. In fact, highly competitive industries even work closely with the developers of smart technology to create new programs that can aid their growth initiatives and other operational goals.

And when it comes to smart technology for thriving enterprises, the smartphone continues to be the most valuable device. It has an impressive range of capabilities (that increases every year) to support various businesses and goals. Not only that, how compact this device is, provided businesses with a “mobility advantage.”

Thankfully, businesses can take advantage of business mobile deals as well. From these deals, they not only get high-performing mobile devices that members of their business organization can use, but also affordable service packages that can help streamline day-to-day operations.

Tapping Into the Versatility of the Smartphone for Businesses

Business experts point out, however, that to ensure growth for the business with the help of these compact mobile devices, it is not enough to simply supply everybody in the company with a mobile phone package. It is imperative to clearly identify how the mobile phone devices can be used for the business’s advantage.

For Marketing

Marketing, for example, is an aspect of operations wherein a smartphone’s versatile functions can have a solid contribution. Listed below are the various ways it can figure in an enterprise’s marketing strategy.

1. Promote and communicate through social media

Twitter is considered a favorite social media platform for businesses because it is perfect for quick announcements and correspondence. Its defining main feature is brevity (even if the character limit has increased to 280 from 140 in 2017), which makes the smartphone the perfect device to use for quick, targeted communication.

Staying active on this social media platform is easy with a smartphone with an unlimited Internet plan. Your business can get notifications easily and respond to queries and feedback quickly, which is crucial in securing connections or engagement and developing client or customer loyalty.

2. Hype up your events and announcements through images and videos

The built-in camera of a smartphone is a wonderful tool to use for generating attention through eye-catching images and videos. You can quickly take pictures to post on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even the company blog.

There are smartphone apps that will even allow you to customize the images you have taken with the camera such as WordSwag and Stencil. You can also use Snapchat and Instagram stories, which a lot of businesses use for single-day promotions.

Images and videos are powerful marketing tools. Research shows that tweets with pictures engage five times more than tweets without and text-heavy types of content strategically “interrupted” with images generate 94 percent more views than all-text articles. You can easily provide these visual components to your marketing strategy by using a smartphone.

3. Create a blog or vlog posts

Although it would be more convenient to create a blog or vlog content on a laptop, the phone can still be used for the same purpose, especially when you are on the go.

Keeping up with blogging is one smart marketing tactic. According to Liz McIntyre, the owner of a 200-year-old country store, blogging presents the perfect opportunity to get a business’s personality across, while keeping customers updated with the business.

Vlogging, on the other hand, keeps interested in the business high. This has worked rather well for retail businesses that share their work processes and tutorials through short videos. Young customers, in particular, enjoy getting a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes activities (for example, a snippet of the makeup class offered by a famous makeup academy) of the brands or businesses they support or learning creative ways to use products straight from the manufacturers.

For Increased Productivity

Boosting productivity is another aspect of business operations wherein smartphones can help. Just download the right apps and employees can work not only more effectively but more efficiently as well.

Listed below are the different ways smartphones can improve work output:

1. Create a schedule of things to do

The phone’s built-in organizer is up for the task, but if you want a more detailed schedule of things to do or accomplish, there is a large array of organizational apps that you can download and install in a smartphone.

These apps come with their own alarm system, calendar, notepad, and other elements to help anybody stay on top of their schedule. They are a lot like having a personal secretary reminding you in the timeliest manner of the responsibilities you have to take care of.

2. Use it as a storage solution for your ideas

Smartphones have built-in notepads, which are perfect to write ideas on. They are better than a pen and paper which are not always handy.

But apart from the built-in notepad for most smartphones, there’s also this app called Evernote, which was the favorite of prolific “creatives” until its supposed death spiral due to the addition of its unnecessary features. It has maintained its original function, though, but if you are not keen on using this app, there are alternatives to consider such as OneNote and Apple Notes.

These idea storage solutions are quite helpful for employees who do market research, create reports, and develop products. Anytime they have new information or have that “Eureka!” moment, they can easily record, store it safely in their smartphone, and refer to it as needed.

4. Encourage collaborative work

Cloud-based programs that allow people to share reports and other documents can be downloaded to everybody’s smartphone. These programs allow for everybody with whom the documents are shared to provide their feedback, add more information to, and correct a document to create a better version of it.

5. Monitor the productivity of employees and use of facilities

There is a phone app that will allow you to track your employees and company equipment. You can use this GPS monitoring or tracking app to make sure that everybody is doing his or her job and that key company equipment are only being used for business-related activities.

A Smart Device for Businesses

Smartphones can actually do so much more to uphold the growth initiatives of all enterprises, big and small. And as the mobile phone technology continues to improve, they are poised to contribute better, and even more in the way business activities are carried out, and enterprises are developed.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.