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Why are birthstones such a popular gift for giving to your significant other? Because each birthstone is unique to the month that your significant other was born in. But how did the idea of a birthstone come to be? The American National Association of Jewelers actually came up with the list back in 1912. While over the years it has changed slightly and new stones have been added as alternatives, the original list still stands today!

Birthstone Fun Facts

  1. Many people believe that birthstones hold healing powers for the person wearing it. This is something that is great to talk about when you give it as a gift!
  2. While the American National Association of Jewelers came up with the list of birthstones, the actual concept goes back thousands of years. Birthstones are even talked about in the bible!
  3. Birthstone jewelry makes an amazing gift for really any occasion. Many customers give them for birthdays, holidays, graduations, and even motherhood. It gives a little more meaning than just any gemstone or Diamond.

With 1000’s of different designs to choose from in rings, earrings, and necklaces, you are going to have an easy time finding something that fits her style and personality. Just make sure you get the right birthstone of when she was born! Most people stick with birthstone jewelry with her birthstone, but some choose to do a couple’s ring, which would have both of your birthstones. Now if there are kids involved, some choose to include their birthstones or the entire family’s birthstones in the jewelry itself. Any way you go, this gift goes a long way to telling her how important she is to you.

In order to make sure you choose the right birthstone; we have attached a list of the birthstone that matches each month.

  • January: Garnet – Represents vitality. Give this to someone that you want to have peace and good health, especially important in the new year!
  • February: Amethyst – This birthstone has a very interesting story behind it. Ancient Greeks believed that it could help you stop from becoming drunk! A fun story to tell the wearer of it.
  • March: Aquamarine – This stone represents calmness and bravery. It is said it can calm your mind to allow you to focus.
  • April: Diamond – This comes from the word “Adamas”, which like the Diamond itself, colorless, means “invisible”.
  • May: Emerald – This stone is said to bring out goof fortune and youth. Makes sense that it is May when summer is soon to be here.
  • June: Alexandrite or Pearl – This is one of the unique months with two birthstones. Alexandrite, a rare color-changing gemstone is said to help with learning and concentration. Pearls are said to represent loyalty and faithfulness, which is perfect for a significant other that you want to spend the rest of your life with.
  • July: Ruby – These amazing red birthstones represent love and passion. Another birthstone that is perfect for your significant other. This is also a popular birthstone to give during Valentine’s Day.
  • August: Peridot – The color of this birthstone is said to help those with nightmares. We have many customers that actually wear necklaces around their neck at night for this exact reason!
  • September: Sapphire – This is one of the rare birthstones that comes in almost every color of the rainbow, though Blue is the most popular. It has been said that Sapphire can protect you from the harm of others.
  • October: Opal – This is an amazing gemstone made up of many colors. It is said that it helps with love, hope, and confidence. An alternative stone that people also choose for October is Pink Tourmaline, but not nearly as popular.
  • November: Citrine – With the beautiful orange-yellow color of this birthstone, you can see why it is the healing stone helping with energy and vitality.
  • December: Blue Topaz – This beautiful birthstone is perfect for the wintery month of December. A light blue that helps give the wearer peace and joy, just what the holiday season is all about.

In addition to corresponding months and birthstones, you can choose different colors as well. Some birth months have multiple colors to choose from. January, which is Garnet, is available in almost any color of the rainbow, though most people stick with red. With June, Alexandrite is very expensive, which is Pearl is often used as a replacement. September is Sapphire, which is available in some amazing colors. Most stick to the blue color for this stone, though. With October, there are many different types of Opal but focus on one with lots of colors inside it.

You should now have a pretty good idea of what type of birthstone jewelry to get your significant other.