Glass Top Table
Glass Top Table

Having a glass top table is a common trend in the contemporary world. Many homeowners have turned from the traditional table types to the modern types so that they can improve on the elegance of their homes. Contractors and interior designers are considered to be the key players in designing and planning layouts of homes. If you are planning on transitioning from the traditional table to the glass table tops, you will find this article helpful to you. When homeowners are trying to transition to the more comfortable glass top table, they find it difficult due to the little knowledge about the various characteristics of glass. Well, if you are still wondering what you need to look at before purchasing the glass top table from your home,  you will find useful information that will enable you to have a smooth transition.

Shopping For Glass Top Table

When you are out there shopping for your new glass table top for the first time or even looking for a replacement glass top for your home table, there are many things you need to put into consideration. Interior designers or contractors may be useful in identifying for you what you need to look at. This may, however, be dependent on factors such as the budgetary costs that you have for the table tops, the use of the table among other useful factors. If you do not understand what you need for your home, you should contract a designer who will advise you appropriately. The following are the things you need to know when you are shopping for a glass top table from different suppliers.

Check On The Quality Of The Glass Top Table

You do not want to buy a glass top table that is made from inferior glass type. Buying inferior glass types will make you visit the supplier several times for replacement or repairs. To avoid such mishaps, you need to have a strategy that you can use to identify the type of glass that you need for your home.  For instance, if your home has a lot of inhabitants, then you might need to buy a glass top table made from hardened glass. This would ensure there is durability and also a sense of security during accidents. Additionally, the homeowner will be saved from the additional unplanned expenses that they may incur as a result of replacements.

The Type Of Glass That You Need

A glass top table is used for different purposes. This is the reason why there are different types of glass so that they can suit the various needs of the homeowners. There is always the need for homeowners to consider the type of glass they want for their glass top table. For those who do not want to make frequent trips to the glass suppliers, they would prefer to use tempered glass for the table tops. With the tempered glass, you are assured of durability and reduced or no trips to the suppliers to look for replacement glass. It is recommended that the suppliers should cooperate with the homeowners to establish the primary type of glass that they would like to have for their glass top table.  It is essential to always come up with the most appropriate strategies for identifying the most suitable glass to be used for your glass top table.

The Shape Of The Table

How much space do you have in your home? If you are looking up to introducing a glass top table within your living room, dining room or even the kitchen, you will need to know the exact shape of the table that you want. This helps the designers in better designing shapes that fit precisely within the available room. There are basic shapes that are common to many households. The following are the basic shapes that you may choose from

Rectangular Glass Top Table

The rectangular glass top table is mostly used when there is a large number of people planned to use them. When a   table is rectangular, it can hold a large number of people depending on the requirements of the homeowner. If the tale is to be used in the dining area or as a meeting table, then having a rectangular shape would be a good idea. Also, due to its simple shape, it is relatively cheaper for home or office owners to acquire. Therefore, you need to decide the shape of the glass top table before you go shopping. It will save you the hassle of having to move to different suppliers looking for the most appropriate shapes for your home.

Round Glass Top Table

They are common in modern households because they look trendy. With the rounded glass top table, all the people on the table can view each other without any difficulty unlike the rectangular or square glass top tables. When deciding between the rectangular and the circular table tops, you will need to consider its purpose. This means that if the table is being sued for family meetings such as dinner, it would be a suitable match.

Complex Shaped Glass Top Table

This is a rare choice for most homeowners due to the responsibilities of maintenance that comes with them. If you want to be unique in your designs, you will have to part with a huge sum of money to get a complex shaped glass top table. Concerning this, you need to check on the costs that you will incur for the initial installation and subsequent maintenance. If you are not particularly careful about the design of the glass top table, you might find yourself spending more than you had planned for. It is recommended that before you select the complex shapes, weigh the pros and cons of having the other shapes first.

The Purpose Of The Glass Top Table

Where are you going to place your glass top table in your home? You should ask yourself this question just before you decide to go shopping. A table could be used for meetings, like a kitchen table, coffee table or even as a patio table. If you are planning to use them for any of these purposes, then you will need prior planning. The planning will help you in ensuring that you get the right fit for the purpose you have planned it for. If you think you do not have the skill of choosing the right materials for the table, you will need the services of an interior designer or technician. They will be helpful in creating an appealing design which is meant to improve the appearance of your home in the long run. It is essential that you consider the level of expertise of the technician whom you chose to help you with designing the table tops in your home. If you are looking for the best supplier, I would suggest you go to Fab Glass And Mirror for buying glass top table a well known Glass product supplier in the United States.

Customizing Your Glass Top Table

Introducing elegance into your living space can be an easy task. You just need to choose the right colors and glass types for your table tops. Interior designers are experienced in matching the glass types and colors with the rest of the interior décor within the house. If you are focused on matching your house interior with the color of the table, you will need to check on the following aspects of glass.

The Colors Of The Glass Top

Glass comes in different colors before being custom cut to the specifications of specific customers. Various colors can be suitable for use for the construction of glass top table. Clear glass is the most common in the conventional setting. The clear glass is easy to get and is less costly compared to the colored glass types. This is due to the technology that has improved the ability of the suppliers and manufacturers to produce colored glasses. When you need the colored mirrors, you may want to prioritize the following types and colors.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is also referred to as acid etched glass. This is due to the obscurity that it offers to the users. You cannot see clearly through it due to the frost like the appearance of the glass. It is treated using acid which makes it appear obscured. This is mostly used in situations where the homeowner wants the users of the table to maintain their view above the table and not under the table. Also, in situations where there are things stored under the table, and you want to maintain some privacy, you may consider using the obscured glass for your glass top table.

Smokey Gray Glass

Smokey glasses are specially made and are available in different colors. However, the Smokey gray glass is most common as it introduces warmth into the area where it is placed. This means that when you introduce the Smokey gray glass top table in your house, your house should have a close resemblance to that. If your house conflicts with the Smokey glass top table, you should order for a color that will complement the theme in your house.