iOS features
iOS features


No hardware runs without a software. Mobiles are no different. The mobile running software is commonly known as operating systems (OS). The smartphone revolution has seen Android and iOS as the biggest OS competitors.

First launched in June 2007, iOS was created and developed for the iPhone. iOS was a real games changer in the OS market. Camera, iPod and mobile phone all in one. Stability and security at its best. iOS along with Apple’s iPhone took the market by storm.

2007 was the beginning, and hardware upgrades come in every year. A newer version ensures the smooth running of the upgraded devices. The new versions come with performance improvement and new features. The newest of the iOS is the recently launched iOS 12. Let’s take peek into what this version has to offer!


Apple announced the launch of iOS 12 at the iPhone event on September 12 this year. The latest version comes with performance and fine-tuning of existing features. Like previous years something new also awaits its users. Time to take peek into iOS 12!

Performance Improvements

Apple claims that the new iOS 12 will improve the performance of your iPhone and/or iPads. Simple tasks such as opening the keypad or camera should be smoother than before. This update and performance improvements can be used on phones as old as iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Let’s talk numbers. iOS12 is can bring up to 70% faster swipe up camera, up to 50% faster keyboard display. The app launch speeds under a heavy workload in the older versions was noticeably slow. With iOS 12, expect twice the app launch speeds to be twice as fast as it was. Experience smoother animations. This leads to more responsive Control Center and swipes up with easier multitasking.

Group Facetime

Facetime is Apple’s very own video calling app. The iOS 12 update enables Facetime to make a group call. What’s new? You can talk to 32 people at once, and you have the option to make an audio or a video call. You can use iPad, iPhone, and mac to make this call. In addition, audio Group Facetime feature works with the Apple Watch and HomePod as well.

A Group facetime call is easy to start. Make a group to send a message, tap the Facetime button at the top, and it’s done. The speaker is shown in the center, and you can double tap on the person to see them up close.

Use of Animoji, Memoji, and filters in real time make the Facetime a lot more interesting. In addition, you can add photos, videos, and effects to a group chat. You can download shapes and stickers from the App Store for iMessage. Security here is not neglected, and the Facetime calls have end-to-end encryption. This feature is available for both one-to-one and group calls.

Messages app improvements

iOS 12 has a new feature of photo suggestions in the Message app. It gives suggestions based on the recipient, topic of discussion and places where you took photos together. App Strip in Messages is redesigned so that it takes up less space during typing.

The Message app has a Memoji Maker. It allows you to customize your own Animojis. You can easily use it to create an avatar that resembles yourself.

Apple is also adding new Animojis. T.rex, ghost, koala, and tiger are the latest addition. In addition, you can now add an Animoji clip of up to 30 seconds.

Screen Time

We all know the impact of staring a screen can have on your eyes. Playing games, watching a show or simply using our phone, we all can lose track of time. It is hard to know the time we spend staring at the screen.

iOS 12 comes with the Screen Time app. It shows a Today View, a weekly report, app usage, notifications, and device pickups. Using your Apple ID, you can set it up and monitor the time your children spend on apps and websites. They can in return request more time once the usage time exceeds the limit. You can also set up time limits for apps and websites that they may use more than your liking.

The Downtime feature gives you more control. It works like an alarm clock or a reminder. The difference is that when the clock hits a specific time, apps and websites will automatically be blocked. This parental control feature also enables you to identify apps and websites that are off limits. This then translates into blocking them. You can easily create exceptions for certain apps. You can allow education apps and websites to work even in downtime.

Notifications control

Notifications control are new and improved. You can group together notifications to make it easier for you t to use what’s important. You can control notification settings the moment you receive an alert. This is what Apple calls Instant Tuning feature.

Instant Tuning allows you to silently receive notifications. However, you can use an opt-in alert to receive alerts and notifications from apps you deem important.

In addition, you can simply tap on a message notification and type a response immediately. You will not have to open the app to type a response. Quick, easy and efficient. Right?

Additional Do Not Disturb Options

No one likes disturbances during a good night sleep. iOS 12 comes with some new updates to Do Not Disturb to help you sleep better at night. You can also use the same feature to stay keep away from distractions during meetings and at work. The Do Not Disturb Bedtime feature dims the display during the night. It also silences notification overnight until then you unlock your device in the morning. When you’re done with a meeting or leaving the work early, you can set up the Do Not Disturb to end automatically after an hour. The same feature can also be set up with a calendar event.

Photos App improvements

iOS 12 comes with a lot of improvements. Photos app is at the receiving end of these changes as well. New search options make it easy for you to look for the desired pictures. Here are few newly added tab and search features: For You tab, sharing suggestions, event search, intelligent search suggestions, Places search, multiple keyword searches, and RAW editing support.

For You tab features you Memories, Shared Album activity and other best moments in your library. It also comes with featured Photo and Effect. Suggestions propose effects that may improve your pictures.

Search in photos has been remarkably improved. Intelligent search suggestions filter your pictures based on what you are typing and suggest events, people, places and dates.

Camera Improvements

The Camera App in iOS 12 comes with new features and improvements. It comes with new effects, filters, text effects, and shapes.

Portrait mode photos have seen an improvement. A new mask is generated when the app detects a person. It then separates the person from the scene.

In addition, the Camera app highlights QR codes in the frame. This makes it easier to scan the code. A new API for third-party developers. This allows the separation of layers in a photo. This helps with creating new camera feature in third-party apps.

Enhanced Siri

All previous iOS versions have seen improvements in the Apple digital assistant, Siri. iOS 12 Siri enhancements include Siri suggestions, a new Shortcuts app, the ability to Add to Siri, a Shortcuts API, translations, celebrity facts, food knowledge, Photo Memories, password search, Find My iPhone and many more.

Siri Suggestions can now detect your daily routines and automatically suggest third-party apps. This is built into the Lock screen or in the main Spotlight search.

Apple is also launching a Shortcuts app. You can customize your own shortcuts. You can order a cup of coffee. That too from the nearest coffee shop while you walk towards work.

Add to Siri option allows you to add your shortcuts to Siri. You can then order Siri to run them via voice command. It can be done in your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod.

With the new Siri, you don’t have to worry about translations on your vacation. Siri is able to translate phrases into different languages. How many? Siri can support over 50 languages.

Food facts are built into Siri for iOS12. You can know about vitamins, calories and nutritional information. This is pulled from the USDA database. Go ahead and ask how good a steak is for you.

Siri is also able to find your photos through the Photo Memories feature in the Photos app. Meaning? You can ask Siri to pull up photos and videos based on a name, place or time of the year.

All that and you can also ask Siri to search any passwords for you. You can also turn off and on your flashlight with even touching the screen. Simply ask Siri and it will be done.

Privacy and Security improvements

Apple is known for its security. iOS 12 takes it to a whole new level. Features like enhances tracking, password reuse auditing, automatic strong passwords, security code AutoFill, Password sharing, and a new Password Manager API have been added, improved and enhanced.

Safari iOS 12 takes your security very seriously. Furthermore, companies and websites will no longer be able to collect your unique settings. This prevents them from retargeting ads towards you in other apps and websites.

With iOS 12, Apple will be able to create and store strong passwords in safari and iOS apps. These passwords will be stored for safekeeping on iCloud Keychain. These passwords will be automatically filled on all your Apple devices.

Measure App

iOS 12 comes with a new Measure app. It uses augmented technology to measure objects and surfaces. The measurements can be made horizontally and vertically. It uses the Camera app on an iPhone or iPad to automatically detect dimensions of a rectangular object.

Updated Apple apps

iOS 12 comes with a bunch of enhancements. Here are a few more:

Apple books

iOS comes with a revamped Apple Books app. You can now discover new books and start reading in the Reading Now tab. A new Book Store is the place to buy and organize your library.


The Stocks app has been redesigned. You can now view prices at a glance. Customize your own watch list to know the latest trends. You can see interactive charts and review business stories from Apple by clicking on the stock ticker. You can also use The Stocks app on your iPad as well.


iOS 12 comes with a revamped News. It makes it easier for you to navigate. You simply swipe down to your favorite topics and channels. If you use an iPad the same can be done through the sidebar menu.

Voice Memos

Voice memos in iOS have a new design. They have also been added to iPad. You can now sync voice memos through iCloud. The option of editing them is another plus.

Additional features

A number of additional features are a part of the new iOS12. For example, Contactless student ID cards have been added to the Wallet. College students can now access dorms and libraries. They can also pay for their snacks and laundry on campus.

Additional battery usage charts help you track your usage over the past 24 hours. Head to Settings to view the usage history for up to 10 days. iOS 12 for iPad comes with updated gestures. The QuickType keyboard can be turned into a trackpad by simply holding down the spacebar. This is only available on 3D touch devices.


Apple comes up with new updates and cool features every year. You like some while others may not make sense to you. You may like them or not, but these updates certainly ensure smooth running and improvements of your existing device. These were some of the features and updates we wanted to share with you. Do you have some for us?

Author Bio: Nathan John works as a content editor at uverse 300, and he has seven years of experience in content writing. He worked for various cable companies.