The utilization of mobile applications has increased with the past couple of years. As a matter of fact, more and more users are adopting the use of mobile applications to order book tickets, food, listen to their favorite music on the move or even perform various banking transactions, as they continue to adopt modern smartphones. The world is currently the digital sphere, and keeping contact with your friends from all over the world is not a chore anymore. In addition, with the continuous increase in mobile applications, our ability to complete previously difficult tasks is increasing too.

Furthermore, the demand for apps that are more functional is growing and resulting in a wider significance in the development of mobile apps, particularly amongst freelance and independent developers.

There are currently a few fascinating mobile application trends that developers of mobile apps, like you, are supposed to watch out for. We have included some of the new trends in development that you should watch out for in this article.

Cloud technology

Currently, I’m very certain that almost everyone, from tech professionals to an average consumer, is aware of the advantages of using cloud technology as well as how this technology can alter our lives. Today, apart from being fast, inexpensive, and simple to deploy, cloud technology makes a great working argument to both the small scale joints and large scale enterprises. Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, are some of the mobile apps that have deployed cloud technology. However, we can anticipate new powerful applications that will run in the cloud directly and consume minimum space in your mobile phone storage. In addition, syncing data and working on a mobile application and continuing to use it from the desktop or tablet will experience huge acceptance.

Application security is becoming necessary

With the rapid advancements in technology that are being made on a daily basis, the general security of the smartphone and mobile applications is of great concern. For instance, most mobile application in the Google application store has currently been already hacked. This has also happened on the side of iOS. Therefore, with Microsoft, Apple, and Google all raising their stakes and considering security as a main target in the coming years, mobile app developers should also focus on implementing the security features of the new generation and cybersecurity within their applications.

High-quality User Experience (UX)

Apart from a nice feel and look, smartphone users currently expect their applications to be more direct and offer content that is more relevant and suited to their personal dislikes and likes. As time keeps on moving, developers are focusing on answering the burning questions form the customers like whether they require several user permissions or whether the application has sufficient security.

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In-App purchasing and advertising is growing steadily

As the number of people with smartphones and utilizing their mobile applications to execute their daily activities continues to increase, revenue that is generated from the in-app purchasing and advertising is also increasing steadily. As per the recent statistics, in-app purchasing through mobile devices reached about 9 billion USD in 2017. Therefore, in recent year, we expect the trends of app development to shift away from simple banners as well as integrating ads in a non-obnoxious and fun manner for end-users.


As the giants of e-commerce like eBay and Amazon continue to flourish, the utilization of m-Commerce applications is also anticipated to increase in a couple of years. Additionally, with more mobile devices and smartphones having technology like Fingerprint recognition and NFC, using mobile phones to pay for various transactions will also get ready acceptance. Therefore, developers of mobile apps will have the chance of building m-Commerce applications that can offer extra functionality to their consumers.

Chatbots are gaining significance

Chatbots have currently become an essential part of several on-demand applications that enable you to quickly respond to the costumers in real-time. They’re virtual assistants that don’t involve face to face interaction. A certain survey reported that the market of chatbots will rise to abou7 1.25 billion by 2025. Chatbots are indeed getting well connected with VR and AR technologies to offer the business a digital weapon that will enable them to stay ahead of the competition. They’ve contributed an important role in enhancing the management of customer relationships to new levels.

IoT (Internet of Things) is gaining more ground

IoT (Internet of Things) industry is currently valued at $19 trillion. In addition, over five billion people are anticipated to be utilizing the internet of things to drive technology in one form or another within the next 5 years. IoT is currently being used in modern smart thermostats, dimmable streetlights, wearable technology, and smart bulbs. This technology is anticipated to be adopted rapidly in the development of mobile apps in the coming years while enabling user experiences that are more personalized across various mobile devices.


Mobile apps have certainly become an essential part of the lives of people and most people are finding it difficult to spend a day without using any mobile app. We’re currently performing the most important tasks using applications such as ordering food, shopping, booking meal, cab, and tickets, check out essential health parameters and even banking. Therefore, users are constantly searching for a trend, highly responsive and fast application which is installed with the latest technologies so that their work becomes simpler. At Reinvently, we’re always excited and prepped by the new trends that are continuously rising in the development of mobile apps since we’re amongst the leading providers of mobile application development services in the world.