“In the past 2,000 years, the hardware in our brains has not improved… In the next 30 years, AI will overtake human intelligence,”- Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son.

This prediction is not vague, and it is evident by the way Artificial Intelligence has paved its way towards app development. The AI-powered apps do not only take commands efficiently but also process and respond in the best possible manner, much like a human being. Many scholars and tech-savvy experts have predicted its advancements to outreach human intelligence in the coming years. In the book under the title, “The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology,” Ray Kurzweil’s (Author) wrote the number of manners AI will exhibit human-level intelligence.

From predicting the likelihood of a patient’s death with up to 95% accuracy to offering most personalized e-commerce services to customers via Chatbots, Artificial intelligence is more than what you know about it. Let’s delve deeper and witness its greatness present in the many IOS AI-powered apps. Read on!

Google Allo

Google Allo is an engaging, smart messaging app powered by artificial intelligence. It helps users to express and communicate in a much better way. It has bundles of stickers, emoji’s, doodles and huge text to let the user show what he means and feels. It enables smart replies to lighten up the conversations. By simply tapping on the different emoji shown at the end of every message, you can save yourself from hitting the keyboard. The most indulging features are to maximize the font of your text. You can send an extra-large text to your friends by adjusting the font size using a scale. With the perfect Google Allo, you can literally shout out your point.

Google Assistant

Simply say Hey Google! and the device will arrange for you via Google Assistance. This technique not only shows better possibilities but teaches you, guides and assists you in your daily task. It can even dim the light when you feel the need to cuddle or brighten it up just when your fingers land on the book by your side. With such ultra-advance app, you can make calls, control your home appliances, set appointments, and message your mates and do lots of things without even touching your smartphone screen.


With the intelligent assistance of Cortana, you can get more by performing less. It’s a task management app, which does not require your hands to do anything. Much like Google Assistance, you can organize your meetings, appointments, and schedule your emails just by giving the app your commands. It has the ability to work through your tough projects reports and tight schedules to remain you by prioritizing your tasks. If you have data on other devices, Cortana can transfer it on your device too. It can guide you about the most efficient manner to start your day and will assist you in every little step until the day ends.

Duolingo Bots

Duolingo app provides you with an efficient way to learn the many languages presents around the world. Learning languages has now become easier, no awkward moments and no digging into language books. The chatbots have such AI-powered assistants who will teach you the language from the very basics. Let it be French, German or Spanish you can experience a completely new life by becoming bilingual. Luis Von Ahn, CEO of Duolingo, states the logic behind the app:

“A very common request that we get is people want to practice conversation. And there’s a beautiful idea, which is if you’re an English speaker learning French, we should pair you up with a French speaker learning English.”


No need to carry heavy diaries in your backpack when Replika is there in your smartphone. The app is your best mate it’s more like a friend that listens to your every idea and leans a shoulder to your sorrows. In the app, you can unleash your most intimate thoughts and can create a number of the draft for the biggest happening. It’s your memory log to store images, conversations and thoughts. You can even ask questions and hope to get the most appropriate response. Moreover, in the search bar, you can get connected with the like-minded people to make new friends.

Answer Rocket

As the name itself sound, so does its features and functionality. The Answer Rocket is an AI-powered app available for IOS users. It offers most reliable information on the question you enter. It is based on the phenomena of “data discovery which is search based.” All you have to do is simply type in your query, and the bots will work on it. They will come up with the best possible stats, graphics, links, and images related to your question. The app delivers smart insights and has an intuitive design. It offers interactive charts and enables a bottom line result of your actions.


Robin is one of the most efficient AI assistant app that enables users to organize their daily tasks. It offers quick texting and calling abilities. If you are in a rush, you can easily coordinate with your colleagues to inform them about your schedule. It offers GPS navigation, accessibility to local news without a single need to enter a word. You can also get updated with weather forecast, current traffic report and the best possible route to reach your destination and can set a reminder.
Moreover, with the help of Robin, you can save the contacts on your phone just by saying. The app will complete the procedure, and there will be no need for you to do anything. Just say, and it’s done!

Stifr Magic Cleaner

Is your battery dying faster than usual? Or is your smartphone is performing at a much slower pace? For all such issues, there is an app clear under the name- Stifr Magic Cleaner. The app can detect the junk items from your site and clean it by getting your approval. You do not have to dig deeper yourself. Simply download it and set it up to work.
Moreover, if you want to do it yourself, you can perform the task in its dashboard. It will respond quickly, and there will be no delays in clearing your phone. You can enjoy a speedy interface without any trouble.

ELSA Speak

Now you don’t have to take long and tiring classes to learn the English language when ELSA is there for you. The app provides a progressive platform to learn and develop skills for speaking fluent English. In short dialogues, it will teach you from the basics using small and interactive sentences. It will motivate you with its feedback section and demonstrate a better way to improve. As per the stats, it has been used over 40 million times. ELSA is also being awarded by the “SXSW’s Global Education Technology competition” in 2016.

It is available in App Store and continues to sever a huge population of app users. In less than four weeks, you can get the command in the language. It also provides you with a complete track of your performance so that you can be sure about how much you excelled using the app.

Apptus eSales Apps

By integration of some key platforms, you can purchase an advance e-commerce optimization using the highly technical AI-powered app, Apptus.

A one-stop solution for AI-powered e-commerce optimization, Apptus eSales, is a perfect app for you to boost your business. It is a user-centric app that caters the unique needs of customers. It helps in monitoring and controlling the sales performance. Its business app provides reports related to the efficiency of sales and the measures taken to enhance the outcomes. The experience app indicates the features that can report the aspects playing role in influencing the customer experience. The integration app provides insights and the best tools to manage your sales implementations. Similarly, the admin app helps you organize the many tasks. The biggest advantage you gain is the enhanced efficiency in operational activities.

Wrapping Up

The list of apps above showcases the far-reaching scope of artificial intelligence and how it facilitates users in everyday activities. Whether it be Google Assistant or the Chatbots, each app is infused with a remarkable touch of excellence. Pondering over its brilliance every leading app development company is striving to come up with advance solutions power packed with artificial intelligence. It is actually taking up every field and transforming it with the touch of modernization.