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You probably came here to find out what dissertation writing is in the modern world. The dissertation is not an easy type of work. It should contain a new idea, a new point of view on those scientific thoughts that have already been discussed in the academic world.

It doesn’t have to be written from the Internet, or even from several sources. It should be an independent scientific work, which has scientific novelty and contributes to the field of knowledge that has been studied. It is difficult to find new ideas and set new challenges as to what has been said before.

But whatever the dissertation is, it is simply a thesis to be written by postgraduate applicants. If you follow a series of rules and listen to reasonable advice on what to do while writing a dissertation, your thesis will not become a nightmare.

Our specialists have once successfully written their own Ph.D. and MD theses, and now help students in writing various paper works. So today, we are glad to share some advice that will facilitate the process of writing your dissertation and help you to present it at a decent level. So, what goes into writing a dissertation, and how can you avoid losing your mind while trying to complete your thesis?


Once you have chosen the object and subject of study, check the relevance of the subject. Discuss your chosen subject with an educational tutor. Don’t hesitate to ask any simple questions! That can save you time during work.

The Subject

Once the relevance of the dissertation has been confirmed, it is crucial to determine the topic of the dissertation. The subject of the research allows you to determine the topic of the scientific work.

Thesis Statement

It is necessary to form a working hypothesis, which the applicant should propose, to predict the expected results of the work. These scientific statements are defended, rebutted, or confirmed at the end of the process.

Setting Goals

It is necessary to formulate the goals and objectives of the dissertation, which should ultimately lead to the achievement of the forecasted result. Usually, the aim of the work is similar to the dissertation subject. It is necessary to add some characteristic words at the beginning or end of the phrase: “to find…”, “to develop…”, “that ensures…”, etc., in order to define the tasks. It is necessary to define the stages of the research. Each stage involves the solution of a specific problem. Also, the structure of the dissertation is formed on the basis of the tasks.

Source Analytics

It is necessary to analyze the scientific works of domestic and foreign authors, which correspond to the theme of your thesis. The analysis is carried out in order to identify the issues that are not yet sufficiently researched and need further in-depth consideration.

Working Concept

The concept development consists of basic characteristics. These are:

  • academic relevance (we talked about it earlier)
  • goals and objectives (already set)
  • the object and subject of research (also not new to you anymore)
  • scientific novelty (justification that this issue has not yet been resolved in the scientific community)
  • scientific statements (they need to be defended)
  • practical relevance (the usefulness of the results of research for this field of science)

The contents of the research chapters are also briefly described here. The concept reveals the essence of the problem under study, the depth, and expediency of writing the work.

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