Smartphones have changed the way people use their devices. As of today, more people are using phones than ever. Some are even considering giving up on every other device and using smartphones as their device of choice.

Developers are coming up with new ideas to offer their services to mobile users and the new applications are being created every day. Things that once were thought to be impossible to be done with a mobile phone are now becoming actively used by mobile users.

There are many applications available for smartphones, but only some of them managed to be popular among different demographics.

Social Media

Everybody uses social media for many different reasons. Some people use them to connect with their loved ones, some use them to promote their business and many for other reasons.

Top Social Media applications are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These applications represent one of the most polished and best-developed applications for mobile phones. Some people even prefer to use their phones for social media rather than their computers.

Social Media applications have become an active part of mobile devices and many people use them. It is impossible to imagine a phone without finding an app of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp in them.

The downloads of Social Media applications vary from 1 Billion to 5 Billion.


There was a time when gaming on mobile devices was something unimaginable. But soon, some developers created mini-games that were offered for mobile users. As technology developed, more games were created. Now, many smartphone users actively play games on their phones. There are some games that were created for PCs that are now being developed for mobile users. Games such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Candy Crush, and many others are among the most popular on the market. Many developers are creating special games for phones and even have benefits and promotions for those who play games on mobile devices.

In addition to regular games, gambling is also very popular among smartphone users. Just like any other field, the gambling industry also started to have a huge focus on mobile devices. Many developers are coming up with mobile-friendly platforms, while also creating special games for mobile users.

To popularize mobile devices, gambling platforms came up with many prizes that are available for mobile gamers, some of them are offered as a welcome prize. There is also a Playamo casino bonus code that gives gamers many advantages and some players even have the opportunity to get prizes by watching special videos, or sharing them on your social media, etc.

As the mobile industry continues to further develop, online gaming is becoming a very huge part of it. In addition to many other things, mobile devices also offer gamers a much more safe environment, which in the gambling industry can be vital.


Youtube is among the most popular websites visited online every day. Since its establishment, many people have used it as a way of having fun after a tiring day. Soon after it debuted, people also started using the platform as a way of having a job.

Youtube became a very popular platform among vloggers, who use it to connect with people with the same interests and offer them newly created content frequently. Many people watch Youtube daily, so the fact that it is among one of the most popular applications on the internet is not a surprise.

Google’s Applications

Google has developed many applications throughout the years, without them it is almost impossible to imagine our phones today. These apps include the Google Chrome internet browser, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search, and many others.

All of these applications are very popular around the world and they are being used every day by billions of people.

Google is known for creating applications with the best designs and graphics, the easy to use platform makes it very popular among different demographics. Also, all of these applications are free to use for everyone.

Spotify and Apple Music

Listening to music has never been so easy. In recent years, as the streaming platforms have further developed, more people started using Spotify and Apple Music. These applications changed the way we listen to music and made it easier for beginner musicians to gain huge popularity in very little time.


Netflix has managed to create a platform where you can watch mostly every movie or TV show you want to. The platform was able to offer its clients TV shows directed by the Netflix team that are only available on their platform.

These TV shows are very popular around the world and they include those like Sex Education, Bojack Horseman, Stranger Things, and many others.

Mobile applications are created every day and the list of the most popular ones of them is changing frequently. New applications are emerging and some of the older ones are becoming less popular. Mobile devices have managed to change the way we connect, watch movies, listen to music, and gave the world whole new opportunities.