The past few decades saw an immense transformation of the world through technology. We are still witnessing a soaring rate of digitalization in almost every industry – major or not. Some sectors, like insurance, that everyone thought could never be digitalized are gradually going online, offering more efficient and convenient services than ever before.

Some industries are particularly fast when it comes to digitalization. For instance, the financial industry is one of the frontrunners with its high adoption rates. However, other ones are not lagging behind either. Even sectors like wholesaling are moving online to reduce costs and make their work simpler both for employees and customers.

As mentioned above, the financial industry is working hard to make its services available online using digital platforms. There is even a fairly new term “fintech”, expressing the newly-established connection between finances and technology. Under this niche, a number of new businesses within the financial sphere are popping up, offering completely digitized services to its customers. A new trend of neobanks is also gaining momentum all across the world amid the changing spending behavior of millennials.

The fast pace of digitalization in the financial industry, as well as in others boosted the demand for developers in all of them. Only a decade ago, the global economy was already facing a shortage of developers. As a result, more universities started offering computer science and engineering programs which are so high on demand. Today, with so many fields to work in, developers have a whole range of options to choose from. Within this article, we have gathered some of the most desirable industries for developers that seek job opportunities.

IGaming industry – online casinos

Gambling has always been an incredibly profitable industry, but only for those who run it. However, the trend has been gradually changing over the course of time. The important changes were made as online gambling platforms started appearing all around the world. Digital casinos are becoming more and more widespread and the list of popular online slots is quickly growing. Players now prefer to sit back and relax at home while enjoying their favorite games.

As a result, the demand for developers in the industry has exploded. More of them work in the field now than ever before, helping businesses in digitally optimizing their services. The main factor why many developers choose to work in this industry is the possibility of even a higher income. In general, developers make a lot. However, industries that are new to the digital world, such as gambling, are trying to hire the best in the field for any amount in an attempt to lead the way. Moreover, many find online gambling platforms quite interesting. Their development process is often full of innovation and novelty.

The Financial Industry: Banks, fintech and others

Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Commercial banks, as well as other financial institutions, have already realized that the demand for their services is on a steep increase. However, customers now have completely different needs and priorities from those decades ago.

Millennials already made a major revolution throughout the past 10 years in the banking sector. However, Generation Z-ers are projected to transform the industry even further. They will soon become an age group with the biggest spendings as their purchasing power is estimated to be $140 billion in the United States alone.

Under such circumstances, the industry is trying to create a competitive working environment for its developers. Besides usually being extremely profitable, developers choose to work for financial institutions as they often offer more innovation than other fields. Surprisingly, completely new digital products are being created on a daily basis in the niche of fintech and developers globally are eager to join the process.

E-commerce companies

E-commerce also is one of the fastest-growing industries. People in the modern-day prefer shopping and using services online, rather than at physical branches. Thus, the past decade saw a major surge in digital selling platforms. Most notably, Amazon with over $232 billion in revenues has become a global mega-corporation and one of the best employees for tech enthusiasts.

New types of E-commerce businesses are set up every day in different parts of the world. Besides their profitability, such companies also provide a broad space for personal and professional development. Thus, young, as well as some very well-accomplished developers are eager to join globally leading E-commerce companies.