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Hair transplant is one of the most demanded aesthetic procedures in the world. As ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), over 630,000 such operations are performed annually — it means that about 2,000 men and women improve their appearance with hair transplant EVERY DAY.

There are a lot of techniques for hair plantation promoted by some clinics. However, only 2 main options are available — FUE and FUT. People who want to get a hair transplant, often confused which technique is better. In this article, we will consider the pros and cons of each of them.

FUE hair transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a seamless technique for hair transplant. During the process, the grafts (a bunch of 3-4 hairs) are formed from hairs takes from the donor area (usually, the nape). No big or visible scars remain on the donor’s zone. In case some traces left, they can be easily hidden under the hair. Then the received grafts are put into the hairless area. The procedure is painless, as far as a patient is under sedation or local anesthesia.

Advantages of FUE:

  • low-injured (grafts are extracted and transplanted very accurately)
  • no scars remain (in some cases, a patient can notice hardly visible traces)
  • fast recovery
  • up to 98% success rate (it means that 92-98 out of 100 transplanted grafts survive and grow).

The price of the procedure is also affordable. For instance, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey ranges between $1,600-2,200 that is 3-5 times lower than in Europe, the USA, or Canada. Click to see hair transplant price in Turkey.

Disadvantages of FUE:

  • a limited number of grafts possible to transplant per 1 procedure — maximum 4,000
  • duration of operation may take up to 8 hours.

FUE is preferable among most of hair transplant specialists — the advantages are more significant than disadvantages.

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FUT hair transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is a surgical technique when a skin strip from the nape is taken. Then a doctor creates grafts and put them into the hairless zone. If in case of FUE hairs for grafts are taken carefully one by one, but for FUT the strip is cut into small pieces forming grafts with the following transplantation.

Advantages of FUT:

  • fast process of grafts preparing
  • more grafts may be transplanted per 1 operation compared with FUE
  • reduced time of surgery — 3-4 hours.

Disadvantages of FUT:

  • a scar on the nape (a donor area) remains
  • the recovery goes slower compared to FUE

Despite some advantages of FUT hair transplant, nowadays it is considered as an old-fashioned technique and is applied rarely due to its high injury-rate. It can be indicated in case of a very advanced hair loss.

As you see, each of these options has some pros and cons, and only a patient together with a doctor can decide which one — FUT or FUE — will be better in your case. Whenever option you will choose, more important doctor’s experience and professionalism. This must be a key factor in your choice, not a hair transplant option.