What Is the Wish App?

Wish is a great online shopping app that has risen to fame through its lucrative investment rounds and its unique software package, this company is valued at around $8.5 billion after receiving $250 million in funding. So, why is this shopping app so successful?

This is an all-platform e-commerce app that advertises incredible discounts, in fact, the prices here are slashed so much you wish you had wished for wish before. However, with wishes come issues, the old adage “be careful what you wish for because you might get it” is real. Wording your wish is the essential core of any successful wish. As such, buying products online requires focused attention to all the core ingredients, features, and functions you want to buy.

Let’s take a closer look at Wish and understand why it’s so successful.

The Wish App

First, download the app to your smartphone, it supports both Android and iOS. After downloading you will need to register an account. You can register with your e-mail, or use your G-Mail or Facebook account.

After setting up your account, you can start to browse or search for products online. These app has categorized the products, and these categories include:

  • Accessories
  • Baby & Kids
  • Fashion
  • Gadgets
  • Hobbies
  • Home Décor
  • Phone Upgrades
  • Made for You…and more

How is it so Cheap?

While you browse categories or look at specific items you will notice that some products are amazingly cheap, so much so it defies the imagination. A new pair of lady’s boots at $15 instead of $155. This is not a 10% discount, this is a 90% discount, something unheard of and when something is unheard of it demands closer scrutiny.

When you look at a specific product, you should look for make or brand details. In Wish, there are none, which leads me to understand that this is a knock-off shop of the worst kind. It’s set up to look like a reliable North American brand vendor selling recognized brands at discounted or even wholesale prices. However, in reality, this is a Chinese sweatshop representative that is an Ali-Express without the manufacturer details. Do you read my words? It is lower on the scale of confidence than Al Express that doesn’t hide the fact, and even boasts that it sells Chinese (and other countries) manufactured products.

So, what does this mean? It means a much lower QRD.

What is QRD? QRD is Quality, Reliability, and Durability

These are the holy trinity of retail. This is what you seek when you buy anything anywhere. So, what can you expect from Wish?

Well, as with many wishes, if you don’t word them correctly, you don’t get what you really desire. For instance, if you say “I wish for a million dollars” it could mean you end up in an accident and you magically have a one-million-dollar insurance policy that pay’s out while you lie in bed as a paraplegic. Do you get my drift?

Now let’s look at Wish.

Do you wish for a pair of high-quality Bluetooth headphones? You got them at the amazing price of $12.5 instead of $65. Guess what, you only wished for Bluetooth headphones, you did not include the depth of tone the quality of sound, the reliability of the materials and the durability of the design. These headphones will be tinny, last all 3 days and then the core wire will crack because it’s some cheap brittle metal filament. So yes, you wished for Bluetooth earphone, you got them, enjoy them for 3 days and then buy another pair, and you can do this as many times as you like because you are saving money.

Let’s move on to buying and shipping

You picked out your items, you placed them in the shopping basket, and you are not tapping the check-out box. Shipping is around $10 for most orders, and the shipping times are long, don’t expect any fast shipping times, these parts come for the deepest regions of China, where only the government dares to enter. Once the product is ordered, you can track its progress, and hope that the progress matches the reality. In some instances, it will state it has been shipped but what does that mean?

Shipping times do vary from days to months, and yes, it is not item specific. So just remember that you can order the same product twice, once it will come fast the next time slowly. Always consider the delivery time to be at least three weeks, that way you will most probably be pleasantly surprised and only occasionally disappointed.


Check this out, the notifications will be voluminous, and you will get plenty of updated details regarding new products. This is also a very public notification system, so apart from you receiving updates by e-mail, you will also appear in product lists.

Yes, every time you buy a product your name appears as a person that bought a product. Now, this is not your screen name; it’s your full name. Yup, Jane Doe and John Smith bought these boots for $22. Your name leads to your profile, and that is public too. So, this is not an app for the private individual. Your wishlist is public and is used to promote sales.

Its all down to the details

Any purchasing manager will explain to you that reading the product specifications is more important than negotiating price. There is a whole science dedicated to methods that define and evaluate price versus functionality. I don’t expect you to go out and take a CIPS course in procurement, but I do expect you to treat this site with a bit more wariness than Amazon.

When you find an item you like, read up all the product details, and work out if you are getting the number of items with the accessories you expect, and don’t use the photo as a gauge. Read the product description, and even more so, read the reviews. Don’t buy a product with under 5 reviews; you are taking a risk. Products that have only good reviews are best but read the reviews; sometimes they are curated.


As you already realized, this is another e-commerce site, and there are many like it. However, this one is just bigger and maybe more diverse than the rest. The main completion comes from four sites:

  • AliExpress: This is the original and first Chinese sourced online e-commerce site. It’s the personalized version of Ali Baba that is aimed for commercial use.
  • Amazon: Obviously, although you won’t find the 90% discounts here, you will find quality products.
  • Hollar: This is Wish type site that also promises and delivers items with 50% to 90% discounts.
  • Lazada: This is an Asian Amazon competitor that sources a lot from China. Some of the photos are not to be believed.


Wish is a knock-off e-commerce site that sells you either cheaply made versions of brand products or even worse, old cheaply made versions of cheaply made versions of brand products. Wish works with partners, and uses partners to source for products, this makes their whole business model so profitable.

The site is designed with extreme care and a lot of psychology. This is a site that draws you in with its silken tones and promises of mysteries revealed. Like a siren song, you get enchanted with its beauty and get lost in its multiple categories, ending up by giving your money for a product that is so far removed from the original it could be classified as something completely different.

The bottom line is this: download it if you dare, buy from it if you don’t care, and don’t complain about not being aware.