Some people love buying gifts for others. Other people find gift-giving stressful and dread it every year. No matter where you are on that scale, there’s always that one person who you don’t know how to buy for.

That’s where we come in! We’ve got your guide to gifts for the woman who has everything, below.

1. Hair Accessories

No one ever has enough hair accessories, whether you see that to mean scrunchies, these hair towels, or styling devices.

There’s a cream, spray, or masque for every hair type, and to be honest, pretty much every woman’s hair could use a moisturizing masque right now – especially if she styles it.

So, what kind of hair accessory should you get her? It depends on how much she does to her hair.

If you know, she straightens her hair a lot, get her one of these.

Heat Resistant Straighter Mat

How many times does someone who straightens their hair freak out and run back home to make sure they turned their straightener off?

If you’re not one of those people, the answer is often. Thankfully most straighteners now come with automatic shut-off timers, but you can never be too safe.

While these mats won’t necessarily prevent a house fire from a straightener left on (they’re not magic), they can reduce the chances of it happening.

Plus, they protect the surface your friend puts their straightener (or curler) down on, helping them keep their security deposit or protect the quality of their bathroom.

When it comes to price, you can get a nice mat for under $20. Make sure it’s made of silicone, has some sort of traction on the bottom, so it doesn’t slip, and is a reasonable size.

For extra credit, you can get your friend a mat that doubles as a pouch, so she can throw her styling device in her bag while it’s still warm, without damaging her clothes.

If you’re more of a DIY person, there are tutorials of how to make styler pouches online – but they’re not as safe as silicone when it comes to being fire retardant.

2. Hands-Free Cleaning Devices

Even though it’s unfair, most of the cleaning in American households gets left to the women. And even if you think your friend and her partner divide the work evenly, the woman is still doing more, by being the one to decide who does what part of the workload in the first place.

It’s bull – we know. So, to make her life easier, get her something that will do some of the work for her, like a robot window cleaner.

There a few different brands that make this, but they all generally work the same way.

Think of it like a Roomba, except for your windows. We don’t know (and don’t care to know) how it manages to shirk gravity, but it does – impressively well.

It, unlike a Roomba, goes in a predictable pattern, making sure each square of your glass is cleaned without streaks. It’s rechargeable, and the good ones should come with extra reusable cleaning pads.

All versions of the cleaner have an app, where you can change the direction of the robot and that mode it’s on.

Some people even say they can use it on their tile shower walls, given that the grout lines aren’t too deep.

Since cleaning windows is such a tedious job (and most cleaning companies don’t include it in their services, this device is worth the price.

If you’re deciding which one to get, there are plenty of comparison posts and videos online you can browse to get the best bang for your buck.

They are a little pricy, around the $150-200 mark, but they’re an excellent gift, especially if you’re getting something for your wife, mother, or another woman close to you.

If you can’t afford one right now, it’s worthwhile to watch videos of them working on other people’s windows. It’s one of those oddly-satisfying things you never thought you’d find yourself watching.

3. A Lighted Makeup Mirror

For the woman that likes to do her makeup, get her a mirror that will make it easier. These mirrors come with LED lights that can replicate indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and nighttime lighting to make sure your friend doesn’t use too dark or too bright a color for the time of day.

They also work well for selfies, and the very expensive ones even have a camera built-in.

These are great gifts for teenagers as well as grown women if you’re shopping for a niece, stepdaughter, or child.

4. Smart Luggage Tags

You know about key locators, like the brand name “Tile,” right? They’re little Bluetooth devices you attach to your keys and the things you often lose that pop up with their location on your phone.

Someone smart person took that idea and made it even better – by translating it into luggage tags.

That way, you can see the location of your bag if it gets lost during travel, or worse, stolen.

If the person you’re shopping for travels a lot, this is the perfect gift. For extra credit, pair it with some other travel accessories, like a neck pillow or a new suitcase.

5. A Hydroflask

No matter how old she is, she probably cares about the earth and wants to reduce her one-time plastic consumption.

Getting her a cute metal water bottle allows her to do this. The “name brand” everyone is obsessed with right now is Hydro-Flask, but there are plenty of other brands on the market.

Just make sure the one you get her is dishwasher safe – no one has time to get out a baby-bottle brush and scrub all the corners of their water bottle by hand.

Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

If you didn’t see anything she’d want on this list – don’t fret. Most women have something on their Pinterest account that they haven’t gotten around to buying.

In fact, she may even have a board called “things to buy” or “buy me”, that you can browse. It’s a secret way to find gifts for the woman who has everything, without ruining the surprise.

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