Sexual Health
Sexual Health

There are many aspects of your health that are important to think about in order to stay as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, sexual health is one area that is often forgotten or left ignored. If you want to make this more of a priority, then the information below can help you get started.

Why is Safe Sex Important?

If you actively have sex with different partners, then safe sex should be something you think about every time you are intimate. Not only does sex with multiple partners increase your risk of STDs but it also puts you at risk of pregnancy (even with condoms and birth control). Sex toys can be useful for keeping your urges in check and keeping you safe. To know all about sex toys that are safe and will give you an amazing orgasm check out my favorite resource. While you might think you’re safe if you’re only intimate with one person, pregnancy is still something to protect against. Some important facts to know about STDs and pregnancy include:

The Risk of STDs

– The American Sexual Health Association estimates that one out of every two individuals
who are sexually active will contract a sexually transmitted infection by the time they are 21.

– On average, one out of every eight people in the United States has genital herpes.

– The CDC estimates that 1.1 million people in the United States have HIV.

– Many people do not know the signs of STDs and walk around with them unknowingly.

– The Risk of Pregnancy

– The failure rate of condoms is 13%. The failure rate of progestin-only pills is
7%. The failure rate of oral contraceptive combinations is 7%.

– When contraceptive is not used, couples have an 85% chance of getting pregnant
within a year.

– Approximately 5.5 million women rely on men using a condom during sex.

– HPV impacts an estimated 80% of sexually active people.

How to Communicate To Your Partner About Sex

Whether you’re in a relationship or are having casual sex with many partners, it’s important to make your needs a priority. This means taking the time to talk to your partner before you become intimate. A few subjects to touch on include:

– Fantasies you’d like to try
– Things you’re not comfortable with
– What type of things you’d like to try
– Boundaries you’d like to follow

Tips for Having a Healthy Relationship with Sex

To have a healthier relationship with sex, it’s important to keep the tips below in mind.

– Always use protection to minimize your risk of pregnancy and STDs
– Have STD testing done regularly, even if things look and feel normal
– Immediately address any bumps or marks that don’t look normal
– Express your needs and discomfort with every partner
– Only pursue sexual contact when you’re comfortable with it
– Don’t use sex as a coping mechanism

Getting Serious About Sexual Health

To protect your body and have a healthy sex life, take the information above into account. Whether this means using protection more often or having fewer partners, it’s up to you how this is done. Fortunately, with this effort, you can experience a healthier body while still having fun with intimacy.

Fortunately, with this effort, you can experience a healthier body while still having fun with intimacy. But if you are finding it difficult to perform in the bedroom, you can also opt to get this Vidalista pill to enhance your sex life.

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