What is summer without barbecue parties everywhere! We not only love to join them but also hosting one seems more fun to many of us. Therefore, as summer begins, buying a pellet grill is generally on your wishlist if you don’t have one already, and you start searching for the best grill options.

However, when you think of a high-quality pellet grill, you understand for sure that it’s not going to come at a low price. Simultaneously, some may also warn you of certain difficulties they have faced being a pellet grill owner, such as barrel fires and wild temperature swings, which would leave you worried.

However, these are the issues you would probably only face with most of the pellet grills if you do not handle them appropriately. So, if you have set you mind to buy one or have purchased a pellet grill recently, follow these rules below for a trouble-free experience:

Buy Quality Pellets for Your Grill

Ensure quality while you buy your grilling pellets. There are hardwood pellets available that have charcoal pellets mixed in it. Those are the pellets that cause wild temperature swings as hardwood pellets and charcoal pellets burn differently. So, remember never to use such pellets for your grilling.

Follow the Directions

Don’t skim through it or go for a short cut as you read the user manual of your pellet grill; read it thoroughly and accurately, and make sure you have understood and followed each of its directions. Also, don’t lose it. Keep the manual somewhere safe to find it quickly for future inspection, if needed.

Preheat Properly

Preheat your grill for at least 30 minutes at its required temperature, which generally is 350 degrees; check your manual to ensure it. This is a must-do thing to avoid the wildfire swing and to keep the temperature stable while you are cooking.

You must perfectly preheat your grill every single time you use it. Don’t hurry or skip a step; otherwise, it may get you into trouble.

Once all the necessary steps and procedures of your preheating are done, your grill is considered ready for your barbecue at whatever temperature you desire.

Understand P setting

If you are cooking outside using smoke mode or opting for a low and slow barbecue, it can affect the performance of your grill because of the ambient weather. To make it go as you desire, you have to regulate the P setting accordingly to match up with its present temperature.

Here the P setting is used for “pause.” So, by regulating it, you control pause time between pellet cycles. When you increase your pause time, it will lower the temperature and may cause added smoke. And if you decrease the pause time, the temperature will rise, and smoke will be lesser.

This is why during winter, setting like P2-P3 works the best, while in summer, using P4-P5 is preferable.

Make sure you understand the P subsetting of your grill as it is written in your user manual. This is essential to get you preheating correctly, thus preventing the wild temperature swing.

Some more points to remember about P setting:

1. Be very cautious while adjusting the P setting. Change one at a time and give it 30 minutes to get settled.

2. Don’t adjust your P setting too far or too frequently, as it may result in temperature issues like massive temperature swing or dying out of the flame.

3. If the flame is dying or in case a massive temperature swing shows up, always decrease the temperature before increasing.

4. To avoid flaming out, never use P setting P6 or P7 if you are using smoke mode or grilling at or below 225-degree Fahrenheit.

5. The default P setting for your Pellet grill is mostly P4. It’s better to maintain like this if it is not needed.

6. No matter whichever your pellet grill is until you understand it well, don’t leave it in the smoke setting and forget. Always keep an eye on your grill so you can act whenever you need it.

Be Vigilant about Flameouts

It usually happens when the temperature is below 150-degree Fahrenheit. You will know it when the digital temperature gauge will start to flash. You will also smell and see a lot of smoke coming from the grill.

In such a case, turn the grill off and carefully take out everything from it. Remember, you must not push the prime button or turn the grill on again once you turn it off.

Nonetheless, you must watch out if there is a smoldering fire and a pile of pellets; put out the fire in whatever way you can to avoid the possibility of damage and injury as it can cause a fire with a big blow.

Clean Your Grill

Each time you use your grill, clean it thoroughly with a wet or dry soap vac after you are done with your cooking. Always be mindful of grease spills, as they can cause a grease fire. A dirty grill can also result in flameouts and auger jams.

Remove ashes from your burn pot and go for a burn out after each use. Your grease collector and grates should be scrubbed as well.

Use an Insulation Blanket

These blankets allow you to grill in any season without worrying about the temperature control. Let it be sun, snow, or rain, with your insulation blanket, you are always free to cook at the usual temperature of your grill set by the brand. It also saves your pellets while letting your grill run with complete efficiency.


Buy your favorite pellet grill and enjoy grilling at your home. Host a lovely party this summer, and have fun. But make sure you follow these tips and know your grill well before you start using it.