Aerial View Of High-rise Buildings

Have you been eyeing Chicago since long enough to literally have put it up in a circle on your map wall art?

And why not! The tall, towering awe-inspiring skyscrapers, satiating food, and the rich culture make it must visit in the travel bucket list.

It is considered as one of the largest cities of the USA and one which is most sought after by the bevy of crazy tourists. A city that holds the ultimate title of introducing the tasty deep-dish pizza to the world definitively should be in the list. In addition to this, it has architecture too bold and exquisite to ignore.

In this blog post, we bring you a list of places to visit in case you are preparing for a vacation in Chicago this year for the very first time.

The Art Institute of Chicago:

Located right at the heart of Chicago, this one is ranked at rank four on TripAdvisor’s “Top ten TRAVELERS’ CHOICE MUSEUMS IN THE WORLD” list. Hence, it should be on number one in your list of the places to visit in your inaugural trip for all the grandeur it has in store to offer.

It has the most beautiful collection of some of the most iconic artists that are of Monet, Renoir, Seurat, and Van Gogh.

Besides, you can also find yourself amidst some really cool Greek and Egyptian artifacts. From, mosaics, pottery, to coins and fine jewelry, you are going to see a pleasant mix of genres and disciplines.

The Navy Pier:

It is a multifaceted attraction extending amidst the beautiful blue waters scattering all the way to six city blocks.

For a quirky and a breathtaking view, hop on to that Ferris wheel and experience the city from the late.

The Cloud Gate:

Cloud Gate, Chicago

It is one masterpiece that you would not want to miss. The Cloud Gate, or the bean as it called affectionately, is a mind-blowing sculpture by Anish Kapoor meant for public’s fancy. The combination of aesthetic and technique is truly fascinating!

It is a unique piece due to its artistic rounded arch heavily being highly reflective makes it even more appealing and popular amongst selfie maniacs.

Also, you will be happy to know that it has been quite popular for a shooting spot and several films have featured it in Hollywood and Bollywood.

The Maggie Daley Park:

This one is named Maggie to commemorate the former first lady of the city, Maggie Daley, who happened to have passed away due to cancer.

It should be in your must-visit places as its design is heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the chocolate factory. The plantings are different than usual. In fact, you will find yourself walking under the upside-down trees. It sounds spooky yet inviting, no?

It will definitely add to the creative and imaginative streak of children. Other than this, a mini-golf course, ice-skating ribbon, and rock-climbing walls are some other recreational activities. Make the most out of them!

The Magnificent Mile:

We have included this in our list for the die-hard shopaholics there. For Chicago, our shopping guide would begin from the Magnificent Mile and end right here.

This microcosm takes you from departmental stores to multistory malls to all the way to luxurious high-end boutiques. You name it, and this street has it!

For the ones who like to style while at the same time wants to keep it light on their pockets, help yourself to H&M and Forever21. And of course, what shopping is without indulging in some nice, delectable food.

Mortar and Pestle:

Top View Photo Of Food On Top Of The Table

For the food lovers, Mortal and Pestle, which is a day time restaurant, will surely take your breath away. It is a non-conformist’s heaven! It has a hipster, chic exterior with an equally gorgeous interior. Everything comes together; we would say, deliciously with an equally exciting menu this restaurant offers.

Relish in vanilla pancakes, foie gras and eggs, Thai curry coconut soup and Cubano sandwiches. You might find mediocre breakfast options with a bit spunk here. For example, a French toast here comes with a foie gras torchon on top.

The Lincoln Park Zoo:

It is one of the oldest parks of Chicago. Also, it happens to be one of the few parks in which the entry is absolutely free. This park also houses a burr oak tree which dates back to 1830. Hence, it is considered as a fulcrum of the park.

Moreover, the zoo has over 1100 animals from around 200 different species. The animals include a rare family of African wild dogs.

It can be the right choice if you want your children to have a thrilling time. Additionally, it is one interactive way to get them acquainted with Mother Nature.