Your smartphone, though impressive in its range of capabilities on its own, is even more impressive and useful when paired with a variety of accessories. In many ways, your smartphone is a portal that opens up this world of accessories to allow you to do more in more ways than you ever thought possible.

While the world of smartphone accessories includes plenty that aren’t worth your time and money, here are a few examples of accessories you should definitely consider:

Wrist Lanyard

If you hate having to dig in your pocket every time you receive a text, or if you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t have any pockets, a phone wrist strap could be a true lifesaver. Attaching a Moxyo zigi band phone wrist strap to the back of your phone allows you to always keep your device within arm’s reach. The best phone wrist straps allow you to change out the strap for another accessory such as a longer lanyard or a carabiner, providing plenty of utility for a variety of purposes.

Multi-Device Wireless Charger

One of the common challenges for iPhone and Android device owners is maintaining good battery life after a year or so of use. With the right equipment, wireless charging can be an efficient and convenient way to charge your phone. As the technology is still fairly new, however, wireless charging does come with some limitations, one of which is the need to “take turns” on the wireless charging mat if you have more than one device to charge. That’s why some new charging mats combine multiple mats into a single device, meaning you can charge two, three, or even more devices at the same time. This increased capacity cuts down on cords and ensures all your devices are always charged and ready to go.

Wireless Car Charger and Stand

If you’re always on the go, it’s important to make the most of the time you have in your vehicle. Tasks completed during your daily commute can allow you to be more productive as you hit the ground running as soon as you reach your destination. Charging your phone in your car is one of the many tasks you can complete while you’re heading down the road, but no one wants to have to mess with cords when they’re in a hurry to get to the office. That’s why a wireless car charger and stand makes such a great smartphone accessory. Instead of relying on clips, these stands are magnetic, allowing for easy attachment of your phone. Once attached, your phone begins charging immediately, making for a seamless and distraction-free experience to help keep you safe on the road.

Phone-Sized Keyboards

As the size of phones continues to increase, the potential for productivity through the use of a keyboard has become more evident. That’s why a phone-sized keyboard is one of the best additions you can make to your smartphone. Some keyboards are included in a case, much like a keyboard case for a tablet, while others are similar to the more common standalone Bluetooth keyboards that are used in a wide variety of devices. What sets these keyboards apart, however, is that they fold to be easily portable, allowing for impressive productivity on-the-go and easy storage when not in use.

Remote Camera Button

While selfie sticks are great for capturing the perfect selfie in every situation, one thing they can’t do is capture a classic medium-range group shot. For these jobs, a remote phone camera button is just what you need. These buttons connect to your phone via Bluetooth, with a simple two-button interface that’s hard to mess up when you’re trying to get everyone lined up for the perfect shot. This simple device ensures you’ll always be included in every group shot without having to lug along a bulky and expensive traditional camera (or an exceptionally long selfie stick).

The list of smartphone accessories is practically endless. While the usefulness of many of them is debatable, a few prove their worth via practical function and affordable price.