In recent years, e-commerce has played a major role in reshaping the global economy, with 2019 being the first year when online shopping sales overtook sales in brick-and-mortar shops in the U.S. for the first time.

And as shoppers become accustomed to finding everything they need, from clothes to electronics to toilet paper, through digital retailers, they are starting to see little reason in not shopping for food and vegetables this way, too.

The rise of digital shopping poses a serious threat to the traditional supermarket industry, and for good reason: online retailers have shown definitively that they can help consumers save time by shopping for coffee and other dry goods on their computers and smartphones.

But does online shopping also work for products like meat, which can pose a health risk if they are not handled properly? Can online meat delivery offer the convenience of digital shopping while also guaranteeing safe, high-quality products?

How Online Meat Delivery Works

While it has become common for younger generations to do the vast majority of their shopping online, online grocery delivery has remained one of the last holdouts for brick-and-mortar stores, despite the inconvenience of supermarket shopping.

For a lot of people, the idea of buying steaks online and having them delivered seems a little risky — especially during the summer months, when food spoilage becomes a major concern.

But the truth is that a growing number of specialized companies are making it possible to buy meat online in a way that is sustainable, healthy, and safe by using dry ice and refrigerated boxes to ensure that orders will stay fresh all day.

The Benefits of Buying Online

The chief benefit of buying online is and always has been convenient: you compare products, make your purchases, and handle payments from the comfort of your home, and your order arrives on your doorstep a couple of days later.

But there are other benefits to buying meat online that go beyond the fact that it can help you save time. Shopping online also gives you access to a wider ranger of specialized foods and empowers consumers to make ethical choices.

Online meat delivery companies like truLOCAL, for example, have specialized in connecting consumers with high-quality sustainable meat products like chicken, fish, steak, roasts, and sausages from local farms and producers committed to environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

For shoppers who might prefer to buy artisanal meats from small-scale consumers but don’t have the time to shop at specialty butchers or do extensive research into the provenance of the meat at their local supermarkets, this makes online delivery a value-added alternative as well as a convenient one.

There is no question that in the years to come, online shopping is only going to play a greater role in our lives. Fortunately, this could very well be a good thing, especially if digital sales empowers smaller, sustainable competitors to carve out space in the grocery market for meat delivery options that give people the healthy, responsible options they crave.