As any pet owner will tell you, you don’t have to have a two-legged baby to be a complete family. Many people, for one reason or another, don’t have children. Some don’t feel the need to have someone who is dependant on them, but for those who don’t have children, but want to “complete” their family, the fur baby is a perfect choice.

Cats, dogs, birds, goats, micro pigs – the list of loveable pets are endless and most “pawrents” will extol the virtues of their chosen bundle of fluff until the (pygmy) cows come home. Whether you are looking for a tongue-in-cheek gift, or you really do want to celebrate that special bond between pet and pawrent, if you know someone who is obsessed with their pooch or feline friend, they will love this delightful list of purrfect Mother’s Day treats.

The Print

Whether she is a new pawrent, a committed mummy of cats or dogs, or is still missing a beloved pet that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, this personalized pet photo print is the perfect way to celebrate the unbreakable bond between pet and owner. A lasting memento of unconditional love, furry cuddles, and muddy pawprints.

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The Card

Looking for the perfect card for a GoT fan AND pawrent? Look no further! This Mother of Dogs card ticks all of the boxes -add your favourite puppy picture to make it a card to be cherished. Don’t worry if she’s not a Thrones lover – there are lots of other cards to choose from so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect one.

The Socks

Her fur baby might love snuggling up on her toes and keeping them toasty warm – well, now they can do that, wherever she goes! Photo socks are a quirky way of expressing the love between pets and pawrents.

The Craft Book

Are you (or they) tired of cat hair everywhere? Your feline friend may well be your baby, but it doesn’t make their hair any less irritating. Open a whole new world of craft, with this Crafting with Cat Hair book. Hours of fun for her and her pet…

The Friendship Charm

OK, you don’t have to be a crazy cat lady to love this gift idea, but it will probably help. Take purrfect partners to the next level with a “best friend” keyring and pet collar charms. And the more you, look, the more amazing pet and owner combinations you will find – it’s a treasure trove of match pet goods!

The Pooch Subscription

We all know someone who spends more money on treats for their dog than most parents of human babies spend on their children! A doggy subscription is a perfect way to help the dog mummy in your life to get her fix of goodies without breaking the bank. A box of delights, delivered to your door, every month. What’s not to love?

The T-shirt

Puppy love? Been there, got the t-shirt. She may not be a t-shirt-wearing kind of girl, but even the most glamorous women like a comfy t-shirt for lounging, going to the gym or even sleeping in. This t-shirt says it all and is the perfect attire for snuggling up on the sofa with her favorite four-legged friend.