Let’s start with the fact that there are a million different ways to paint in Photoshop. This program is just celestial mana for the illustrator, because its possibilities are unlimited, and everyone can find something in it for himself and develop his technique and style using high-quality mockups (https://www.ls.graphics/free-mockups/postcard-mockup). But today I will show you one of the simplest and most simple ways. This video will be suitable for beginners, as a base on which you can then put something of your own.

The fact is that many people are afraid to start drawing in Photoshop, thinking that it’s all too complicated, that the program is too big, and it will take them a lot of time to comprehend it. But you don’t have to know everything to start with. You can learn how to draw in Photoshop in one day.

What do you need for that?

  • A computer with the Photoshop software
  • Graphic tablet. Drawing with a mouse is extremely inconvenient.

What do you need to know about the program?

  • How to open a new document
  • What are “layers” and how to open up a new layer
  • Where are the brushes, and how to change their transparency and size?

How To Draw Simple Geometric Shapes

Photoshop is a bitmap image editor, but its functionality also includes the possibility of creating vector figures. Vector figures consist of primitives (points and sections) and filling. In fact, it is a vector contour filled with some color.

Figures creation

The toolkit for creating vector shapes is located in the same place as all other devices – on the toolbar. If you want to become a real professional, the hotkey to call any of these tools – U.

This includes Rectangle”, “Rectangle with rounded corners”, “Ellipse”, “Polygon”, “Random figure” and “Line”. All these tools have one function: to create a working contour consisting of reference points and to fill it with the main color.

As you can see, there are quite a few tools. Let’s talk about all of them briefly.


With this tool, we can draw a rectangle or a square (with SHIFT key pressed).

Rectangle with rounded corners.

This tool, as the name implies, helps to draw the same shape but with rounded corners.

Rectangle with rounded corners in Photoshop

The rounding radius is already in the parameter panel.


The Ellipse tool creates circles and ovals.

A polygon.

The “Multiangle” tool allows us to draw polygons with a given number of angles.

The number of corners is also adjustable in the parameter panel. Please note that the “Parties” parameter is specified in the setting. Don’t let this fact mislead you.


With this tool, we can draw a straight line in any direction. The SHIFT key, in this case, allows drawing lines under 90 or 45 degrees from the canvas.

The thickness of the line is set up in the same place – in the parameter panel.


The “Freeform” tool gives us the possibility to create arbitrary shapes contained in the set of figures.

A standard set of Photoshop containing arbitrary shapes can also be found in the upper toolbar.

You can add figures downloaded from the Internet to this set.

General settings of the tool

As we already know, most of the shape settings are on the top of the settings panel. The settings below apply equally to all the tools in the group.

The very first drop-down-list allows us to display either the whole shape directly or the outline or fill with the shape individually. Filling, in this case, will not be a vector element.

Filling color of the shape. This parameter works only if the tool from the “Shape” group is activated, and we are on the layer with the created shape. Here (from left to right), we can: turn off filling completely; fill the shape with a solid color; fill with a gradient; fill with a pattern.

This is followed by Width and Height. This setting allows us to create shapes with any size. To do this, you should enter data in the corresponding fields and click anywhere on the canvas. If a shape is already created, its linear dimensions will change.

If you don’t have time for mastering this technique, you may download this collection of Oil Paint Photoshop actions that is fully customizable for your drawings.