If you are new in the business and still currently introducing your product or services to the public, then you have to know first how vital branding is, especially on social media. Establishing a social brand is one of the keys to standing out from the competition.

It is not just about building a strong social media presence but instead creating a brand image that everyone can easily understand and connect. Social branding about offering a brand that genuinely cares about its audience; therefore, it is more effective when it comes to driving traffic and increasing leads and sales.

If social branding is new to you, and you don’t know how and where to start, here are some of the essential ways on how to improve your social branding.

#1 Consistently Present Your Brand

As a newbie, you have to understand that social branding can’t be achieved overnight. While there are lots of social media marketing agencies that promise you instant results, probably those were just using a black hat strategy that will only harm your brand in the long run.

To create effective social branding, you must present your brand consistently to the public, especially on social media. While doing that might take significant time and dedication, it is an essential step in cementing your brand identity. Moreover, we are not just talking about building a social brand on a single platform, but creating a strong and consistent brand across all social media networks.

When presenting a brand, start by creating a brand logo. Your brand’s logo is the representation of your business as a whole. Having a logo builds recognition and trust, thus making it vital for the success of your social branding.

More importantly, don’t forget to optimize your profile bio. It is one of the best ways to improve social branding since it gives your audience a glimpse of what your brand is. Avoid making your social media profile to look like everybody else. Make sure that your profile bio showcases the benefits of what your brand is offering. You can also optimize it by adding relevant keywords to increase your brand’s visibility.

#2 Regularly Create High-Quality Contents

We are not talking about content that everyone else is posting but content that your target audience wanted to see. If you want to establish a strong social branding, you must create and regularly post high-quality content.

Producing high-quality content is an effective way not just to improve social branding but also to increase your brand awareness. Moreover, every time you provide your audience with high-quality content, they will more likely help spread it for you. Also, aside from creating original content, you can also check your competitors’ sites to see what type of content they are producing and create a better one.

When creating high-quality content, make sure to do in-depth research about your chosen topic to avoid sounding like everyone else. Don’t be afraid to showcase your own unique perspective on how your brand will be a great help to your audience. Moreover, don’t forget to use different content forms, such as images, memes, and infographics, to make your content visually attractive.

Also, while regularly posting high-quality content is a must, always make sure to review and determine if it’s good enough for posting. Remember that you are building strong social branding here, so it is essential to identify the areas in your content that still need improvement before bringing it to your audience.

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#3 Embrace the Power of Video Marketing

You may already know that video marketing is popular these days. The main reason is that video contents are more comfortable to digest compared to a textual representation. No wonder why people around the world love watching videos on Youtube.

Video marketing is an excellent tool for improving your social branding. It offers a versatile and engaging content format that not only gives your audience a real-life picture of what your brand is, but it’s also easy to share across multiple social media platforms. You can create entertaining and engaging content that your audience will surely love and share, thus getting free advertising for your brand.

Moreover, most people prefer watching videos for product reviews and demo videos, especially if they are interested in what a brand is offering. This is an excellent way to help your potential customers to educate them about your product or services. Furthermore, according to Cisco, by the year 2021, all traffic will be generated by video marketing since search engines, especially Google, see them as high-quality content.

#4 Communicate With the Right Audience

This is something most businesses, especially the new ones, are lacking. Even if you’re persistent to provide audience with the best content, all your efforts would only turn to nothing if you are dealing with the wrong audience. Thus, it is essential that you are communicating with the right audience in order to establish social branding.

One effective way of reaching people that shows similar interest to your brand or niche is through the use of hashtags. However, to utilize the power of hashtags, we suggest narrowing down the hashtags that pinpoint a specific audience that matches your niche more appropriately. If you have successfully found the right audience for your brand, then that’s the perfect time to do what we have discussed above consistently.

#5 Provide Real Value To Your Consumers

The best way to create a successful social branding is by giving value to your customers. While providing your customers and audiences with high-quality content along with the benefits of the products or services you offer, make sure that your brand can truly deliver what was promised in your content.

Moreover, keep in touch with them, even after-sales. Let them feel that you genuinely care for them and listen to their feedback. Also, you can surprise them with additional gifts or discount codes they can use for their next purchase.


Establishing a strong social media presence for your brand isn’t easy. It would take a lot of time, research and effort to help your social brand thrive and in turn, create business success. Remember the above steps if you are planning to improve your social branding this year.