History of the brand

Incorporated in 1925, FCA Canada has its headquarters in Windsor, Ontario and has three Canadian manufacturing plants. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of FCA US LLC, FCA Canada also sells on behalf of Dodge, FIAT, Ram, Alfa Romeo, and Chrysler. Today, Jeep Canada sells through 440 Chrysler Inc. (FCA Canada) dealerships. 71,500 units were sold in 2018 and 828,522 in the United States.

During WWII, the United States Army requested for 4WD reconnaissance vehicle designs from 135 companies to meet the war needs. Willy-Overland and American Bantam Car Company responded to the request, with Willy-Overland dropping up because of the strict time limit. Despite bankruptcy American Bantam Car Company, with the help of talented Detroit engineer Karl Probst, presented a design.

The Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC) as the original design was known did not manage to meet the army’s design needs as it was too small. At the army’s request Ford and Willys then took over the design, ultimately there were three companies creating three variations of the vehicle design. The three designs were Willys MA, Bantam BRC and Ford GP.

The version created by Willys would become what we know as the standard “Jeep” design. In the years following its introduction Jeep became one of the most capable military automobiles. Jeeps are well known for having a heavy-duty capability and elevated ground clearance.

Over the last few years, the Jeep brand has changed hands through multiple owners. The name is currently owned by FIAT-Chrysler Automobile or FCA US LLC. Several models are sold under Jeep’s banner, namely Wrangler, Compass, Renegade, Patriot and Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Parts Canada

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Interest rate reductions and rebates

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Payment calculator

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