Digital Marketing Local SEO Services
Digital Marketing Local SEO Services

Most of the online businesses know about SEO and have invested in the basics or more through an internet marketing agency, but there is another element of SEO that small and local businesses rely on and that is local SEO. Local SEO is used to build an online presence and increase exposure to more potential customers in your local area of operation.

With proper local SEO strategies in place, your business or its products and services will be able to take advantage of increased local online demand and did you know that 72% of consumers who do local search on their Smartphone visit a store within a day and same with 34% of people who conduct a search on computer or tablet.

In this blog post, you will learn about the local SEO services that will dominate digital marketing in 2018.

  • Meta Tag Optimisation

The title and Meta description tags are the HTML elements for you to describe your content appear in SERPs. The title of your text and description tags is displayed like an ad in the search results. Take advantage of this space and carefully craft the Meta tags to attract potential customers. The acceptable length for the title tag is 50-60 characters and 150-200 characters for a description tag. In the world of SEO and competing for search results, if the text isn’t compelling and unique your click-through rate is subject to suffer drastically. You can take help from digital advertising companies like One Stop Media Agency to optimize your Meta tags.


  • Local Business Listing

A local business listing is an online entry that contains your business name, address, phone number and area of operation along with other details of your business. It plays a vital role in the reputation, ranking, and revenue of your business. Google had conducted a study and found that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to perform local searches, and if your small business has not claimed their local business listing online, you will miss out the many opportunities. So, get your business and every listing directory, social site, review site, and search engine, but ensure that the information you add is correct and updated from time to time. Local listings are also great for cross-promoting social media platforms, and you can attach Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest thus allowing you to grow your brand and raise awareness. If you find doing this difficult and time consuming, you can always hireSEO experts in Australiato help with your local business listing.


  • Content Optimisation

From targeting the correct keywords to sharing valuable information, content optimization was and will always be one of the most crucial local SEO trends for 2018 and beyond. Google algorithm reads the text, index it and then provide ranking in their search engines, and for local businesses, it would be beneficial if you focus on adding local content to your website. This means you need to write regular blog posts that mention news, local events and activities going on in your city and surrounding cities, promotions or specials you are having at a particular business location, creating city-specific pages on your website and so on. If you have difficulty with content optimization or don’t know where to start, you can hire a professional content creator.


  • Local PPC + SEO

PPC campaign for local businesses is another service that will dominate digital marketing in 2018. It can have a direct impact on the website’s organic traffic. Local PPC is a feature of AdWords that lets you target ads to only appear to customers in a certain location or set of locations that you specify. For instance, businesses that rely on foot traffic (restaurants, salons), proximity (used car dealerships by city) and deliveries (an e-store that ships to certain countries), geo-targeting is an absolute essential. With this, you won’t waste your ad budget on wasted clicks from people who are outside your target area and will also increase the chances that the people clicking on your ads are eligible to receive your products and services. LocalPPC Marketing agencies can help you set up your local PPC strategies so that you save your valuable time and energy as well as money and get the right customers for your business.


  • Voice Search

Voice search was released in the year 2002 by Google, but it was by the end of 2016 that it took off with smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home. People have less time and more work to be done, so they tend to go for the options that give better results in less time. So, instead of typing their query on the search engine, they now go for voice search functionality. The search queries are spoken like talking to a person, and Google will search it for you. This has changed the search market to quite an extent, and the year 2018 will see a much higher shift towards voice search. To make voice search work for your local business use long tail keywords with the location within your content. Always use suffixes like nearest, near me, amazing, best and top within your website content. Ensure that the site is fast and highly responsive and also your site should contain frequently asked questions that can be general questions of the viewers with the correct answers to them.


  • User Experience

The user experience for local SEO will become even more critical in 2018. Google has made clear that focus is on the users and this should make more sites deliver a smooth UX for their users. If you are a local business, you need to enhance the user experience more, and for this, you need to take few essential steps like create a dedicated landing page for each of your store locations with a phone number, address, hours of operations and other vital information listings. Add store location to your HTML sitemaps so search engines can find and index the deeper pages and ensure that your store’s information and store pages text are crawlable. Digital Marketing Agency Australia can help your local business to enhance the user experience as they have various other tactics to do so.


These are few of the local SEO services that will dominate digital marketing in 2018 and beyond. By focusing on these SEO services, it will guarantee that your site is entirely streamlined and prepared to get targeted clients.