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In a world that’s becoming more digital, businesses of all sizes have learned that building a presence online is essential for reaching out to a large, continually growing digital audience. We also know that the internet has become the first place that many consumers turn along every step of the customer journey, carrying them through from their initial search to conversion and beyond to customer loyalty.

How do businesses manage to reach out to their audience online and nurture consumer relationships in the process? The answer is digital marketing.

While most businesses today understand that digital marketing contributes to their growth, few of them have the skills or resources to develop and implement an effective strategy on their own. This means that they’ll be turning to digital marketing professionals, either by adding them to their team or outsourcing to dedicated digital agencies.

There’s no question that the demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise. One report shows that businesses are increasing their digital marketing spend by 50% compared to the previous year. With the growing importance of brands being present online, this is an upward trend that we can only expect to continue.

If a career in digital marketing sounds interesting, here’s what you need to know to carve out your own spot in the industry.

Understanding the Scope of Digital Marketing for Businesses

If you were asked to define digital marketing quickly, you might say that it’s everything a brand does to increase visibility and generate traffic online. This would sum the basic premise, but it doesn’t come close to explaining the expansive scope of digital marketing for businesses today.

Digital marketing includes many disciplines that are focused on generating growth for businesses through multiple avenues. For example, a business might get a nice boost in traffic from local SEO while also building up their reputation through a dedicated social media strategy or start a podcast. Modern digital marketing isn’t about optimizing just one or two channels but knowing how to best put all the pieces together for maximized results.

The scope of digital marketing involves many different tools, digital platforms, and services that help businesses reach out to a purposefully targeted audience, with the goal being to encourage interest and investment in the brand.

For instance, a professional approach to digital marketing covers everything from the look and functionality of a business’s website, their visibility on social media, content creation and discovering the balance between SEO and PPC that’s going to best perform for their individual needs. At the end of the day, what businesses are looking for is a professional that can provide the ultimate return on their marketing investment.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing professional, you’ll play an essential role in your client’s success. Businesses will be counting on you to deliver the benefits that a successful approach to digital marketing supplies. While many operations will only be looking at the bottom line, it’s important that you – and the businesses you work for – understand the substantial benefits of digital marketing. These benefits include:

  • An increase in the size of the audience they’re able to reach
  • Greater connectivity and engagement with that audience
  • Gain better insights about brand performance through analytics
  • Nurturing of leads and customers through value-filled content
  • The ability to stand out in an increasingly crowded digital environment
  • A boost in all metrics, such as click-through and conversion rates
  • Greater effectiveness than traditional marketing
  • Higher revenue opportunity compared to businesses that don’t invest in digital marketing
  • Preparation for the future of digital growth

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How Digital Marketing Contributes to a Company’s Success

We’ve already covered some of the main benefits you’ll provide to your clients as a digital marketing professional. However, it’s also important to take a look at the less obvious ways that digital marketing prepares a business for a successful future.

The first of these is how digital marketing helps brands target their ideal buyers. Yes, this seems obvious, but let’s look at all this really entails. Identifying and connecting with a target audience helps businesses learn what really makes their customers tick. Once they’re connected with their primary audience, they can easily gain insights into consumer mentality and behaviors that are next to impossible to access without digital marketing.

There’s also a far-reaching financial benefit to being able to reach target audiences through digital marketing. Let’s face it, trying to produce results from a non-digital marketing strategy is akin to taking a shot in the dark and hoping to hit the target. When you’re marketing to an audience that broad, it’s impossible to hit an exact target – which also means that it’s impossible to maximize a marketing budget.

A print ad placed in a magazine that’s targeted at a general demographic say, twenty-something women, will potentially have thousands, if not millions, of eyes land on it. The problem is that this Print Ad probably cost a pretty penny, but only reached a fraction of that demographic that would actually express interest in the brand. The approach is too broad, and marketing is much more than a numbers game.

Digital marketing often costs less from the starting line, but what’s more important is that marketing dollars aren’t being wasted on getting brands in front of an audience that has no interest in them. Instead, every cent is spent on connecting the business with the customers who are most likely to be interested and spark financial growth. Digital strategies put a stop to dead-end marketing campaigns and focus entirely on the audience that really matters.

Secondly, digital marketing contributes to a business’s success by preparing them for the future of the digital world. The digital landscape is becoming crowded and even more competitive as so many businesses flock to digital marketing once the lightbulb finally goes off in their head. Building up a digital presence is a necessity, but it’s also something that takes time and demands constant attention.

Businesses that get started building their brand online today have an edge up on the competition. Every step they take in building and implementing their digital strategy puts them closer to standing out and connecting with their target audience. Trust that if two businesses are competing, it’s the one with the shining digital presence that’s going to win.

Furthermore, investing in digital marketing today helps businesses prepare for the changes in approach and technology that we’ll see in the future. Each year we’re seeing how technology is providing new ways for businesses to connect with their audience – take for example how AI and virtual reality technology have finally gone mainstream and how smart businesses are leveraging them for growth.

When you’re already committed to digital marketing and all that it entails, adapting to changes and advancements in technology is a seamless process rather than an enormous undertaking.

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Professional Growth and Higher Earning Potential with Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing is a professional field that is forever changing, and this is part of what makes it both challenging and rewarding. There is always something new to be learned, and professionals in the field must have the ability to adapt and roll with the changes. It’s safe to say that with a career in digital marketing, the chances of job boredom setting in are slim to none.

Still, we all know that there is a list of things to consider when deciding on a career path, especially if that decision points you in a completely different direction than where you have been. You want a career that will elevate your earning potential, but that’s also a safe bet for sustainability into the future.

Training in digital marketing is the career opportunity that you’ve been looking for.

First, let’s talk about sustainability. We’ve been hearing some rumbling about a digital skills gap for a few years now, but we’re really beginning to witness the effects in the digital marketing industry. More than half of businesses say that the digital skills gap is hampering their growth and costing them a competitive advantage.

This means those who do possess the right digital skillset are in high demand, and that taking the initiative to become certified in digital marketing is an investment in your future.

There’s another to perk to this type of demand – as a certified professional such as eComBoostMedia; you’ll be able to command top salary from the moment you enter the field. In digital marketing, as with every other field, there are multiple levels of professionals and an incremental salary matrix to match. While entry-level digital marketers hover at the lower end of this spectrum, the average salary for someone with a moderate amount of experience exceeds $70,000 per year. For digital marketing managers, the base wage hovers just under $100,000.

Begin Your Fulfilling Career in Digital Marketing Today

Are you ready to take to the first step to elevating your professional career and earning potential? There are many ways to begin a career in digital marketing, but one of the most important things you can do is to earn certification through a digital marketing course. This type of learning opportunity will help you develop the digital marketing skills that top employers are looking for. Plus, a certification makes an impressive addition to your CV.

What if you’re already working in the field of digital marketing, but are ready to take your performance and career opportunities up a couple of notches? We also have course options for more experienced digital marketers and those who are looking to specialize with a niche such as social media or search engine optimization. Contact Simplilearn today to learn more about our certification courses that will set you on the path of success.