There’s a reason bears hibernate in the colder months – it’s better to be comfy and cuddled up than outside braving the elements. And while normal adult humans can’t exactly sleep for an entire six months (lest they lose their job and shirk all their responsibilities) they can at least make their domestic lives as warm and comfortable as possible.

Do you know who has something to say about staying warm? The Danish, that’s who. A country that experiences prolonged, biting winters will invariably know a thing or two about how to counteract the cold weather blues, which is why they even have a word for it: hygge.

In this post, let’s discuss the Danish concept of “hygge,” a buzzword right now among décor experts and lifestyle pundits. You’ll learn a couple of ways to decorate hygge-style, and how to get yourself in the Danish frame of mind.

What Is Hygge?

Hygge is, in essence, the Danish word for “cozy”, but it’s more of a philosophy of life than a single feeling. To have hygge is to be cozy and content, whether it’s with a knitted wool blanket, a hot cup of coffee, a roaring fireplace, or the happy company of friends.

It’s all about maximizing comfort in your life. It doesn’t mean you need to skip work or neglect shoveling the sidewalk, but rather when you finish those workday tasks, you set aside your stress and focus on your own personal comfort. You can do that by adding warmth to your home décor, making sure your wardrobe is cozy, and partaking in relaxing leisure activities.

Decorate for Maximum Comfort

What constitutes a comfortable décor will change for everyone – some may prefer the enclosed, slightly cluttered feeling, while others feel most comfy with open spaces and high ceilings.

Regardless, there are a few fairly universal indicators of comfort. Natural, earthy elements tend to denote coziness, like throws made from big balls of yarn. More people are knitting these types of natural accents with a more rustic, warm setting. It’s no wonder you can see why more people are buying their yarn online – with all the yarn choices out there, you can easily purchase one that encompasses the Hygge trend.

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Get into a Cozy State of Mind

Rather than head straight for your phone, get into the hygge state of mind by engaging with your immediate surroundings. For example, inviting over a friend or striking up a conversation with a loved one, or maybe taking up a tactile hobby like knitting or cooking.

Slow Things Down

The most important thing to do, however, if you want to add some hygge to your home, is to just slow down. Not everything needs to be so breakneck and “efficient.” If you’re making dinner, start early and finish late – savor the slow, soothing act of making food. If you’re relaxing, fully commit to relaxing – don’t worry about those emails you need to send tomorrow morning.

This fall and winter, do yourself a favor and add some much-needed comfort into your daily life. Decorate with natural elements, take up a relaxing hobby, and kick up your feet.