Generally, reading is the best way to improve your writing. If you have the knowledge and technical know-how to put things together, you can easily come up with a thought and construct sentences. However, it is difficult to master every rule in Grammar, Figures of Speech, and other techniques in English.

If you want to compose a winning piece, you will need a helping hand.  Fortunately, there are some excellent online tools to help you do just that!  So to assist you in finding the right tool for you we’ve collated a list of the best online tools to help you improve your content readability and writing efficiency and get you winning results in no time at all.

You will need a helping hand to further improve your writing and correct any mistakes. Thanks to the modern technology that we have today because anything can be possible. If you want to compose a winning essay piece, you should visit these sites now and get ready to furnish your writing.

1. Grammarly

Using this site, it ensures that the grammar is correct, and the readability statistics meet the required standard. Its features also include word and character count, plagiarism check, and writing performance stats. This tool can also detect outdated spellings, inappropriate colloquialism, intricate texts, and more. Grammarly can improve your writing and makes you a better writer.

2. Ever Note

Are you looking for a notepad that could make your writing interesting? If yes, the Ever Note could be the one that you should consider. It contains various themes, layouts, and designs to enhance your notes from a simple and plain text. You can also explore its charts, graphs, and sketches features to make your records detailed and well-presented. Moreover, it also allows a team collaboration and group task.

3. Hemingway

As a second candidate to Grammarly, the Hemingway site is also a popular choice among the writers. It can also detect incorrect grammar, misspelled words, weak phrases, passive voice misuse, and sentence clarity. To make your writing perfect, you can use both Grammarly and Hemingway to double-check your content.

4. EndNote Basic

Sometimes, you need to keep track of the references and citations as a pre-requisite from your instructor. EndNote can manage bibliographies and references.

You can import the references via library catalogs, databases, and gather the bibliographic information from online sources. It also supports team collaboration and shared group information for references, citations, and bibliographies.

5. Essay Map

An Essay Map works like an outline guide for your content. It simply helps you analyze what will be your introduction, main idea, supporting details, and conclusion. You can also use it for writing a persuasion and thesis statement. This site is a useful tool to help you brainstorm ideas and organize your thoughts properly.

6. Paperhelp

Do you consider a human writer and proofreader for your essay? You should try. It is available 24/7 to entertain your questions and concerns for any paperwork styles and genres. You may consult their services to make your writing 100% perfect. Sometimes, you cannot rely on the Grammarly or Hemingway itself. You need a reliable and legit writer and proofreader to do the work for you.

7. Thesaurus

Are you looking for the appropriate word, antonym, or synonym? Well, you’re just reading it right, can help you with any terminologies. With its millions of definitions, it is a great help for someone who wants to expand their vocabulary and use various words in their essays.

8. Idiom Site

To make your writing interesting and unique, you can use idioms and increase the curiosity of the readers. This site is a perfect tool to help you look for the best idiom that relates to your content. Sometimes, you need to use metaphorical contexts to draw the attention of the reader and create some twists in your essay.

9. English Club

Do you want to check the rules for grammar, figures of speech, and sentence construction? Here you go, the English Club website is the perfect tool for you to visit. You can learn the basic, intermediate, and difficulty levels of the English language using their website database. They can help you improve from writing to speaking. By revisiting your English, it makes you feel refreshed with the learning and correct any mistakes that you usually encounter.

10. Google Scholar

When we write formal and informative essays, Google Scholar plays a vital role in references and articles. You can visit their site and read legit resources coming from the scholarly articles written by the professionals.

Google Scholar resembles the traditional library and it is accessible online. Hence, you can read references anywhere and anytime.