Millennials are a hard nut to crack when it comes down to tracking their consumption behaviors and garnering brand loyalty in them. However, market researchers are constantly coming up with solutions for businesses on how to deal with their dynamic nature. Catering companies that still use traditional methods for marketing their products and services to customers can face serious hurdles in connecting with Gen Y if they do not pay attention to their ever-changing demands.

With advancements such as online ordering for food businesses, traditional caterers need to put in a little more effort than just word of mouth marketing. Below is a list of useful tips that can be used by traditional caterers to reach out to their customers of the digital age.

1. Create an Online Presence

Since this generation is driven by technology, the first tip for traditional caterers is to take their business online and create a web address for it. This web presence is very important for businesses operating in this age because most of the consumers are habitual of searching for solutions to their problems on Google and other search engines online.

Once you create an online existence, make sure you get yourself registered as an online business so that when a millennial is searching ‘traditional catering companies near me’ or ‘top 10 traditional catering companies’, the name of your business and its website does pop up in the search results.

Other than that, create social media profiles for your business as well. Make sure your website has relevant content on it. This means being a caterer, your website should consist of food pictures and items listed in the menu you actually serve.

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2. Create Content Which Connects with Their Needs/Belief System

For reaching out to millennial consumers, one smart thing to do is creating content which they can relate to. Consumers in the digital age respond to businesses that connect with their needs on a human and emotional level via their adverts on social media or content being posted online. This content for a catering business may include not just the food pictures but also spinning up stories that revolve around them.

As a catering business, you need to win the trust of your millennial consumers that they can easily leave the arrangements of their events in your hands. You need to convince them of the value they will gain out of the money you want them to spend on your services and for doing this, show them your past results. Showcase photos from a past event and publish one or more customer feedback so that consumers may know they are at the right spot.

As a traditional caterer if you do not find enough time to carry out these activities yourself, then hire a digital marketing agency or maybe outsource it to a catering automation managing company.

3. Use the Star Power

The third tip we have in our list for you is to use the power of a living legend or a star celebrity if you can to grab the attention of your millennial consumer. According to research studies, millennials have an average attention span of about 12 seconds. Thus, it is a good trick of the trade to rope in a celebrity and use their influence to endorse your company’s catering services and connect with masses. The celebrity can be any person who has gained mass appreciation among the Gen Y consumers. They could be a movie star, a philanthropist or maybe a sports star.

However, while doing so, see that the message they are delivering is authentic and in line with the company’s services. Do not make vague statements or promise to venture into menus you have no clue about. Additionally, keep the message concise and use inclusive sentences.

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4. Deliver

Last but not least, the best way to keep consumers coming back to you for hiring your services is to deliver the value you promise them. Remember in the 2nd step a review section is advised to be established on your website. After you deliver and make your customers happy, ask them to rate your services or review them online so that others may also see and believe. Letting your existing customers review your services online helps in building the credibility of a business.

The key to reaching the millennial consumers is to modify the traditional marketing strategies to meet their expectations. As long as the millennials don’t get what’s ‘in’, it will fail to catch their attention!