I was asked to write about the most downloaded apps that had over 1 million downloads, well this is a tall order. I am sure there are more, but here is my first list of the 30 top downloaded apps with over 1 million downloads per app. You could say this is somewhat like the Fortune 500; it’s the internet 30, this is where the term downloads are translated into either use or cash or both, so if you have over 1 million downloads you are definitely BIG.

The order listed here does not represent a Pareto chart, it is random, although I did open up with the world famous, legendary and future generations revered ancient God of legends “Google.” Imagine what that name will mean in 6,000 years? Will it be as notorious as Set or as glamorous as Gilgamesh? OK, for anyone that is not an ancient history buff, let’s move on.


Obviously, I have to open with Google; this is the all-time download favorite of all time. Its downloaded on all operating systems and is the world’s leading search engine and multi-app platform.

This app is actually more of a holding app or umbrella app that holds under it all the Google apps that are added to any Google account. Once you register for a Google account, you get access to a plethora of apps, and if you register for more Google+ as well as other separate Google platforms, they all combine together under one roof and provide you with a one-stop shop for just about anything you can ask for.

The initial focus of Google app is their search algorithm, as such, it acts as a fast platform to reach any bit of data on the web and present it in a non-browser screen. This works faster for some bits of information, such as addresses, locations, maps, docs, etc. If you want to read a full web page, you would best use a browser, which Google also provides in their Chrome app.

What Google is obviously a leader in is searching and presenting all kinds of quick information such as:

  • Nearby stores and restaurants
  • Live sports scores and schedules
  • Movies times, casts, and reviews
  • Videos and images
  • News, stock information, and more
  • Anything you’d find on the web

You can also use Google for feed updates, and this will give you updated topics that you choose taken from various sources.

Conclusion: This is the number one app of all time for general information and connectivity to your Google account data.

Google Calendar

This is the Google calendar app that comes with an interactive calendar that links to your mail and other activities. What Google calendar does for you is this:

  • It is customizable, and you can switch your view to daily, weekly, monthly and even annually.
  • You can add events and schedule meetings with reminders, as well as include locations that are interactive with Google Maps. If you have been invited to a meeting via Google Mail, your Google Mail app will link with the Google Calendar app and ask to include the new date in your calendar.
  • You can create a number of calendar color codes, for instance, have a different color for work-related schedules, and another for home and family event.
  • To-do List for creating a list of information you need to perform for the scheduled task.
  • If you want, you can set frequent Goals which are scheduled times for a recurring event.
  • Quick event creation – Smart suggestions for event titles, places, and people save you time when creating events.
  • Google Calendar integrates with Exchange and is active with other calendars you might use alongside it.
  • Why don’t you try using Calendars with a smart hub too? You can use this feature with both the Wink vs SmartThings devices with your iphone.

Conclusions: A must-have app together with your iPhone or another Android calendar.

Find My iPhone

This is an Apple iPhone app that is the leading iPhone finding app online, but only because it was available from Apple. The reason iPhone created this app was obvious, we always lose or misplace our phone at one time in lives, and the worst situation is when it’s on silent mode, so even when you dial it hear the ring, you will not find it.

This app is also a family app; you can add as many devices on it, and link them to each other, that way you can always find the other device. Which is great for knowing where your children are. The app will show where the devices are on a map.

This app provides the following features:

  • It plays a sound on the device to help you find it, even when in silent mode.
  • The lost mode is great for locating the device on a map.
  • You can erase all data on the lost phone from the remote.
  • Add an activation lock for extra protection.

Downloading Find My iPhone

  1. Go to icloud.com/find and sign in using your Apple ID for iCloud
  2. If you don’t see Find My iPhone on iCloud.com, this means that your account has access to iCloud web-only features.
  3. Set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac to use Find My iPhone and other iCloud features.

Conclusions: A great app for iPhone users, although there are now many other choices, this is a must to have for security issues.


Streaming music is one of the most competitive markets on the internet, and there are a plethora of apps vying for the best and top place. However, you cannot argue with downloads, and this is why iHeartRadio is one of the leaders, irrelevant of whether you like it or not.

iHeartRadio is a free live radio streaming app. The homepage is designed like a grid and shows different categories of contents including Comedy, Jazz, News & Talk, Rock, Sports and more. You click a panel and then tap the Get Stations Icon which defines the genres you are seeking. iHeartRadio will use this data to stream you the relevant live radio station choices.

For active streaming, the iHeartRadio app will show you the title that is playing, and you can “turn the dial” to find other genre-related stations.

While the station is playing, for music you can view the lyrics or the artist’s bio page. You cannot rewind live music, which makes this a live radio rather than digital radio style.

To get access to all of this, you need to register, and you can use a Facebook or Google account or create a dedicated iHeartRadio account.

If you want to buy music you like, you can use their third-party access such as Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Music Store.

There are two premium plans for iHeartRadio:

$4.99 per month for iHeartRadio Plus this gives you unlimited skips, on-demand playback, instantly replay tracks, and save radio songs to your playlist.

$9.99 iHeartRadio All Access that gives you the Plus plan with additional offline playback, and unlimited playlists.

Conclusions: This is a great live radio app, there are other great ones too, its just been around long enough to become a major downloaded site, and that’s why it’s in this list.

Subway Surfers

Running games are notorious for being addictive, and subway surfers are no different. This is a classic running game, where the hero is a baseball-capped kid either running or hovering on a skateboard and running along a railway track to get out of the reaches of a Railway Cop.

As with most running games, this is arcade style in that you collect coins and power-ups to help you overcome obstacles such as oncoming trains and other objects set in your path, including light posts, wooden barricades, tunnels, etc.

The positives of this game are the clean graphics and focused control. You can move around with simple actions and its all a matter of your eye-finger coordination, together with collecting coins and power-ups that makes this game addictive.

You also get to create high scores, be a part of a leaderboard and generally have fun in a one-dimensional game, in this case, the one dimension is you watching your character run constantly.

Conclusions: A great running game that is identical in style and genre as all the others. This one is monster free, and the action is not defined by the fear of being caught by a monster but by the thrill of just running and beating obstacles.


For the technical minded, or engineers, traders and DIY’ers seeking a comprehensive math solution provide, this all in one app gives you the power of a Matlab type experience in a tight calculator type package.

What do you get in this app? Well, it will solve you all kinds of problems such as basic math, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, and statistics.

The categories you actually get when tapping on the pull-down menu include Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry.

Each category comes with a whole list of sub-categories, for instance: the Basic Math calculator provides keys marked with geometrical shapes such as a square, circle, triangle, cube, cone, sphere, cylinder and more, so you can focus your calculations down to a specific need.

Mathway has its own virtual keyboard for all those professional expressions and elements needed to build a complex algorithm or equation. The app will also help you in defining the question, which is a great help even to the most advanced and experienced users.

This is a free app, and there are adverts to attest to this. However, if you want to follow the steps in an equation solving process, you will need to pay for the full and ad-free version. The other reason why the paid version is better than the free is the ability to save solutions with the steps.

There are two paid for versions:

$19.99 per month

$79.99 per annum.

Mathway is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; and it also comes with an Android version

Conclusions: If you want an extremely comprehensive calculator and the ability to use steps and save whole processes, then this is the solution app for you.


It’s time for dating, and there are plenty of sites to choose from. However, this is the top download list, and therefore only the top downloaded dating sites entered her. This is a gay online dating site app for men that are seeking casual or sexual relationships. It is not considered to be a serious dating site, but then which dating site does truly separate dating from causal encounters? None.

This site is presented to us by Hitwise as being the “largest gay social network.” The site claims to have 9 million registered users globally. There are some demographics for this data, and this includes:

There are 6,300,000 registered members in the USA

There are 442,260 daily logins

At any given time, there are 60,000 active members online.

The predominant age group is 35 – 44 years old

53% of the registered members are non-white (all male of course)

As with most dating sites, signing up is a require prerequisite to contacting any members, so you can do basic non-registered searches and view profiles in a limited fashion, you will need to sign up to make full contact.

The site does request e-mail verification, which is not really necessary but worthwhile doing.

Contact is easy, and you have many options to choose from including the fast smile, going into a chat room and direct messaging to a specific member.

Free members can save i20 conversation, but inactive conversations are deleted after 10 days.

Free members get basic access, but paid members will get the chance to keep up to 200 conversations, and their inactive conversations will be kept for 30 days.

I won’t go into all the details of this platform; there are privacy options such as hiding your last visit and online status. You have to upload 2 photos, one of which must be G rated for primary app requirements.

One interesting feature is that you can create a visitor profile alongside your main home profile. The visitor profile is for travelers seeking thrills in a city they visit.

In terms of price, Adam4Adam is average. The VIP paid for service costs $10 per month or $25 for three months.



Where would we be without Facebook? And where would we be without Facebook messenger? Most probably in a much tinier world, or with a replacement. Messenger is the leading messenger service only because it is part of the Facebook suite. As a messaging service, it is very basic and provides access to your Facebook contacts only.

The app is separated from the main site, and you need to download it. You need a Facebook account to use it.

The app features include:

  • SMS,
  • Texting,
  • Video,
  • Voice
  • Encrypted messaging

This app works with both WIFI and carrier connections. With WIFI you convert your smartphone into a free communication device.

Other features include the use of stickers, GIF’s images, and other third-party apps to snazz up any texting and messages are fully encrypted from Facebook and law enforcement due to the recent changes made after the Trump election issue.

Privacy is enabled, and you can toggle your active status so that you can either be seen online or not. Messenger conversations do not appear in the Facebook timeline.

Contacting is easy, just click on a contacts icon and then decide how to contact them.

You can create groups, special sounds and even share conversations and data with your Facebook account if you so desire.

Conclusions: If you have Facebook you must have Messenger, they work together like fishes and water.


Google Play

We are back with Google, and this time it’s their online store, Google Play. I will start by revealing the pros and cons and then delve into the app, which really is self-explanatory.

This is Google’s online store downloading apps, as well as for streaming video and audio files. It is compatible with Chromecast but has HD delivery limitations. All in all, it’s the place to go for all apps using an Android device, so whether you use it for streaming or not is irrelevant

Google Play is the Android version of Apple Store. However, it is more than just a store; it is a streaming player too. Perhaps someone at Google decided that if millions of downloads are being performed anyway, adding a wider bandwidth to allow for online streaming would be the best option then to separate the streaming services.

As such, Google Play performs two functions, and the growing library of TV shows is proof that this service is improving. The app download feature is not really under debate since it is a straightforward survive where you upload an app for others to download. It’s a categorized online store.

The video and audio streaming opting is what makes this so interesting. How does a company beat all other streaming video apps? Simple, be Google and add it as a function in the online app store. Everyone, and I mean, everyone with an Android phone has to go to Google Play to download apps. If they are already there, give them access to more streaming options and this includes video and audio.

So, Google play works great over Chromecast, it does not fully support HD, but that can be explained. There is only so much bandwidth that Google can provide with its billion users. Once they improve the bandwidth, they will most probably add more HD options. (simple math’s).

Google Play Store is free, but the streaming option will cost you $1.99

You also get to rate TV shows with 5 stars, so you end up being a critic as well as a watcher.

Google Slides

Google slides is obviuously a prt of the ever growing Google family of apps (G Suite). This is one of the three components that make up docs, sheets and slides. Slides is a powerpoint style application that lest youc rate slides, edit and share them online.

This is a mandatory app for any individual or business that has a Google account and wants to present presnetations. It is also a great tool for editing powerpoint presentations and restructuring them for slides.

Google Slides provides the following features:

  1. User-friendly GUI
  2. Adding comments
  3. Chatting with collaborators
  4. Time editing
  5. Making video presentations
  6. Adding and editing charts
  7. Creating and using Master Slides
  8. Customizable Templates

Google slides part of the G Suite package and comes free or in a corporate (business) package at $5 per month and provides a 30GB cloud-based slide editing and sharing platform for empowering all employees. There are larger packages, but these are G Suite packages and not just for Slides.


Snapchat is an Android and iOS app for short period messaging. This means that the messages, including photos and videos, are deleted after a period of time, clearing up the storage space and maintaining a constant memory free environment for fast and secure service.

Snapchat has evolved from its humble beginning s like a private P2P service into a fully fledged messaging platform. This platform now enables users to send short videos, undertake live video chatting and text messaging, as well as create caricature-like Bitmoji avatars, and sharing photos and videos via a timeline “story” to all your followers.

With all this, you must remember that Snapchat is an immediate messaging service, this is not a send and forget system, it’s a send and make sure the other person gets it before it is deleted system. Therefore all users need to be aware that Snapchat messaging is an immediate affair, and can take up your time when you least want to give it.

Some basic statistics about Snapchat: there are over 165 million users online daily, and there is a basic syntax that Snapchatters use, some of the more common words are:

Snap: which defines a message of any type. You are sending a snap.

Story: A timeline that lasts for 24 hours, and then disappears, just like a Mayfly.

Snapcode: This is an individual code that can be scanned, and makes adding new snapchatters instantaneous.

There are over 30 specialize syntax words; I won’t go into all of them, but this showcases how Snapchat is a real community with its own language and why it will constantly grow and outperform its competition.



Sarahah is a feedback app developed by Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. According to Tawfiq; Sarahah “helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.”

The four cores of Sarahah that made it so popular are:

  1. Anyone can be a critic

One of the most con and popular pastimes is criticizing others, and Sarahah is an app that defines this activity. It allows all Sarahah users to leave feedback to any others, so this is both a boon and a limitation since you can only use it between members.

2. This is a no-following app

Currently, the only mode of operation is to log your performance; you cannot actively follow anyone. This means that you cannot attach yourself to another user and continue to “follow” them.

3. Allows third-party app sharing

You can take a photo of a screenshot, for instance of LinkedIn or Snapchat, and then post it with feedback. This is one advantage that enables you to comment on other platform content, but within Sarahah only.

4. You can be mean too

While it is anonymous, many users use this for mean and bullying reasons. Perhaps this is the so-called “Simon Cowell” Syndrome, where some people like to be bullied and sworn at. This is also its downside, but as one fan wrote “What did you think was gonna happen if you let people text other people anonymously?” which sums up this app in one question.

Google Doc

This is another part of the vast Google platform. In this case, it’s the document sharing and editing app that closely resembles a blockchain initiative. In this case, you get access to a cloud-based document management system, that lets you manage text documents in the word and text format. Google docs are part of a triad in a suite that includes sheets and slides.

What you get here is access to a doc sharing and editing program that enables you to either work on an online document with others, or download it and then upload it after editing.

Since it is cloud-based and on Google, you get to share the doc to select people, and can even open it up to the general public, so long as you send out a link.

If you use Google Chrome browser, there is a chrome editor add-on that lets you work on these documents even when you are offline, and when you reconnect they update the cloud version with your edited version.

The pros of this app are the free and powerful resources you are provided by Google, and the versatility of saving any documents in a number of formats. The GUI is very easy to understand and utilize.

The cons are that you need a Google Chrome browser and plug-in for offline utilization.

The bottom line is that this is a Google app, its good, its great and even if it were not, it’s still a Google app that syncs with all other Google apps.


Aaaaah, Facebook, yes, a long sigh. This app, like Google, doesn’t need an introduction. Unless you are a visiting alien that didn’t study Earth’s status before landing, Facebook is known everywhere by everyone and even by those that don’t have a smartphone, an internet connection or an account.

A lot can be said against Facebook since its recent security and information sharing mess. However, you cannot take away the global impact this platform has had on the global economy and community.

Third world countries have thrived on Facebook, where connectivity is shared through photos, icons, emoticons, bitmoji’s, short videos and a lot of feedback. Facebook is too complex, to sum up in a few hundred words; it requires a 15 chapter book with over 300 pages just to understand the depth of features it offers.

Having stated this, obviously Facebook will continue to lead the download market for a very long time, that is until everyone speaks Chinese and then we will move over to the Chinese Facebook model called Renren (just as you have Baidu as the Chinese Google).


MeetMe was once known as MyYearBook. Let’s go back in time to the good old days of 2005. In internet terms that is over 10 centuries ago, which proves Einstein’s theory of relativity, In 2005, MyYearBook was created by two teenagers that wanted to create a digital yearbook to replace the printed one. Obviously, the idea caught on, since they went on to raise over $17 million and employ over 100 employees, adding to their initial concept and slowly evolving the online experience from a yearbook to a meeting place.

The big difference between Meetme and Facebook, apart from the billions of dollars, is that Meetme is not about connecting friends, that what Facebook does. Meetme is about connecting with strangers. This is what gave them the boost in 2012, where they added social flash games, instant messaging and real-time streaming to connect strangers via mutual activities such as online games, or living in the same location but never knowing each other.

The bottom line is that Meetme is a social exploration and discovery app, similar to a dating site but for making friends not romantic relations.

Meetme is a free service; you can sign on by using your Facebook account or using your e-mail registration data. They don’t ask for too many details, and once you are registered, you can use the site to promote your interest as well as earn “lunch money,” which is their internal coin.

Meetme has a lot of interesting functions ranging from playing basic games to blind date competitions where you use two photos to match with questions and answers. You can look for locals to find friends you might pas in the street and never meet in real life, as well as using live feed updates of your connections, similar to the Facebook timeline.


Grindr is currently one of the leading if not leading gay dating sites online, and the number of downloads is a testament to the success of this app. Grindr dates back to 2009 and based on online research I find it hard to think of any gay man in the US that has not downloaded this app at one point in time.

Grindr has over 6 million active users and serves over 2.4 million global unique users daily.

Grindr makes dating easy with its geo-location targeting options and a GUI that is easy to use as well as providing online activity updates for users. The proximity feature is great for quick hookups as well as possible linking users for real romantic relations. This feature can be filtered so a user can decide that he doesn’t want anyone outside a certain radius to see his details.

Grind also provides deep filtering which enables users to target exactly what they seek, from a young still hidden individual seeking to explore this side of his life, to a fully-fledged outspoken gay activist seeking a public orgy. On the other hand, if you are seeking a lifetime partner and want to bring him home to meet the family, this is the place to be too.

Grindr is free, but for $5 you can get unlimited access to all its filter and search functions. The only con is its relatively easy sign-up purpose which is abused by catfishers seeking cheap thrills at the expense of serious users.


…and here we go again, another goodie from Google. Don’t get tired of Google, it’s a sheep in the dream counter, there are so many of them, you will fall asleep counting the number of Google apps that abound the internet.

Gmail is Googles mail server and is a prime example of how mail servers should operate. There is no point in delving too deeply into this apps intestine, it’s a behemoth of customization, and I think that once you start categorizing and listing all its features, you will end up dying of old age before you finish.

Essentially, what you get is a customizable mail server that lets you create any number of categories and mailboxes, sorting labels, and sub-labels. Think of a warehouse full of assemblies and parts; this is how Google manages its mailboxes.

Add to this customizable appearance filters, message filters, email connections to other Google apps such as calendar, top this all off with 15GB of free space, and you begin to understand why Gmail is the leading mail app and will remain so.

Pricing is available for extra storage space and providing access to G Suite customization.

  • Free is for personal @gmail.com address with a 15GB storage
  • $5/month for Basic G Suite and custom address with a 30GB storage
  • $10/month Business G Suite Business, unlimited storage and advanced admin features with audit reports
  • Additional storage will cost you $1.99/month for 100GB

Google Hangouts

OK, take that smirk off your face, yes, I know, its yet another Google app. Google is like Uber, when you don’t need them, there are thousands of them, and when you do need them, there are still thousands of them. Google is around; it is always around, you have been warned. Google is Big Brother with pink fuzzy mittens.

Hangouts are the Google Skype; it’s a VoIP messenger service with a business version too. It links to all Google suite apps, so you get more than just a messenger service. You gets the ability to integrate all the Google apps for presentation while messaging, video conferencing or interviewing.

Adding contacts is simple if you have a Google account, all your contacts )including Google obviously) are accessible, even if they don’t have hangouts, you just send them a request to download.

Google Hangouts let you contact Google contacts in seconds, you can see who is actively speaking, and you can add members. You can create group and circles, as well as individual conversations.

As I mentioned, its connected to all Google apps, so you can add all the emoticons, docs, sheets, videos and whatever you have available in any other Google app or on your smartphone or desktop. After, if it cannot go through Google, it must not be digital.

The only con is that the mobile version doesn’t display status messages or show who is online.

The bottom line is this is a must-have app alongside Skype and WhatsApp.


GrubHub is a food delivery service app. It is one of five top competing apps in the US, and that is why it is on this list. The reason it appears before other is due to its overall popularity and the fact that it’s the only public traded delivery app of the leading apps.

GrubHub is a free app to download because it costs you money to order food, so don’t you worry about the boys and gals in GrubHub, every time you make an order you are paying for a delivery fee.

GrubHub boasts the largest selection of restaurants to choose from online, and the system is really easy to operate. The GUI is straightforward, you enter the app, filter for the food you want, obviously taking into account the distance from where you want the food delivered. You can see great photos of the food and read up reviews. Once you have decided, you go-to the menu, pick out the items you want and place the order.

GrubHub features include:

  • The largest list of restaurants to choose from
  • 24/7 Easy ordering GUI
  • No hidden fees, you pay for what upfront pricing only
  • Order tracking in real time
  • Schedule an order for delivery at a later time
  • Participate in online deals
  • Read as well as contribute reviews
  • Pay with a credit/debit card or Venmo account


If you have heard of torrents, which are the illegal movie and tv show download streams, then you will understand that the Tutuapp is the gaming torrent app for downloading any premium app for free. Guess what, it’s from China, oh, you already guessed that, huh.

Essentially, what Tutuapp does is

Tutu App store is available on both Android and iOS; you need to scan the app download code from their tutu app website. They have a paid version, costing $12.99 per annum, you get

  • Exclusive games and Apps
  • Priority to play new games
  • No Ads
  • VIP customer service

This is basically an iStore and Google Play store hack that gives you access to premium games that will work for free. Yippee.

However, is it safe to use you ask?

If you follow cybersecurity news, then you are aware of the Chinese, Russian and American war on cybersecurity, where the US claims the Russians are using antivirus software to infiltrate core data sources, and the Chinese Government is using open wifi and connection to spy on everything.

The weird and wonderful requests for authentication including phone calls, messages and other issues that Tutu App demands is a clear indication that the app is designed to access your computers and smartphone while using it, otherwise, explain to me why a Government run state would let such an app operate? Free hacked games? Really…

Bottom line: the desire to get premium apps for free overcomes common sense, and many a downloader has opened up their personal and professional life to this Chinese government-backed intelligence gathering program. (Genius!)


OkCupid is part of the Match group, which is one of the largest online dating conglomerates with multiple dating sites handling many different communities.

OkCupid has evolved pretty much the same way most other sites have evolved, essentially it is a straightforward dating site with multiple security issues for signing up, and a new profile privacy method in place. This means that free users get basic free services, which is the right to use a simplified search with filter feature and no communications. You cannot see who viewed you and you cannot reply to messages.

If you pay for the full app you get access to all its features and functions, and this enables you to enjoy a world of possibilities ranging from viewing profiles, sending notes, messages, and viewing who liked you, viewed you and of course messaged you.

The new policy insists you prove identification and provide a real name. This is no longer a site for scammers and online thrill seekers. While this has reduced the number of users, the quality has improved. I think that if this had been the policy from the outset, OkCupid would not be in this list, but since the original days of operation allowed everyone to use everything for free, it was obvious they would create a massive community of members.

OkCupid is a standard dating site, using questions and answers to help match you with the closest matching options.

Photos have a comments section, so you can see if anyone commented on your photos, and you can comment on anyone else’s too. This is unique to OkCupid.

The bottom line is this; there are so many online dating sites to choose from that this one is just another amongst many, and only reached this lists status due to its original lack of security and screening when it first appeared, and it is one of the older sites too.


Spotify is perhaps one of the leading stars of the music app world. This is definitely one of the top three music apps of all time, and while it is free, you can get a $9.99 monthly premium service that gives you an ad-free and on-demand playback feature with access to more tunes from collaborative artists.

Spotify comes with a library of over 20 million tracks. So even if you have a 100 year of life and create a thousand lists, you would still not have enough time to hear all of them. The quality of the sound is also determined by your choice, you can use a lower kbps rate such as 128 for slower connections, or take on the 320Kps for faster connections. This is not the fastest streaming option online, there are other apps that stream even higher kbps rates, but Spotify does deliver good quality sound.

The GUI is easy to use, and you can customize the scheme and panel layout. You get to browse genres and categories under genres.

Spotify is less focused on non-musical sources, including live radio and ESPN, but for hardcore music lovers, this is not an issue. What Spotify does give you is offline playback and access to that virtually unlimited library of tracks to choose from.

The Bottom line is that Spotify is a must music app for all music lovers. It delivers high-quality sound from an enormous selection of tracks and collaborative sound lists. If you want more than just music, then you will need to download accompanying apps to provide your radio streaming requirements.


Whether you are traveling, staying at home, or planning a trip to the mall, the weather is always an issue to contend with and being prepared is the best method for handling weather conditions safely and comfortably.

Accuweather is an accurate weather app, and there are many out there to choose from. This app has reached this list because so many users realized that it was as accurate and as friendly as you can get.

Accuweather comes in two versions, the free with ads and the Platinum which is ad-free and provides a few more features.

Whatever version you use, the main line that Accuweather provides is simplicity. This is easy to understand and use GUI. The main features include the standard daily and weekly review of the weather. You get severe weather push notifications in the US and temperature notifications with severe weather alerts. You can also see other location notifications on the screen represented by an exclamation mark.

You also get a North American radar, news and videos of weather forecasts for your location, and you can share this information on your social media platforms.

The site is customizable too, and you can choose between a pink or turquoise scheme.

Accuweather is great for travelers because it covers around 3 million locations globally, and gives you an updated hourly and 15-day forecast.

The weather data provided includes humidity, visibility, UV index, sunrise, sunset, and wind speed.

When you sign in you can store any location you want to follow, and also create a list of your 10 favorite locations.

Yes, there are many other weather sites to choose from, but this app is really deserving of its place, bot just because so many millions downloaded it and used t daily, but because it is accurate and easy to use.


If you like WhatsApp, then you will like Kik. Kik is a newcomer in internet terms, starting out in 2010, it now handles around 120 million users, which is a much smaller load than its competitors, but is enough to get it a respectable place in this list.

Kik is an easy app to download and set up, you only need a phone number to authenticate your profile, and your username is how you are recognized when using the app.

As with all messaging type apps, Kik wants access to the contact list, and will automatically update you when someone is a Kik user. You will also be alerted every time a new Kik user is added from within your contact list.

Since Kik is not as large as Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger, don’t be too surprised if your contact list is empty of Kik users. Don’t let this dissuade you from using this app. The reasons are plenty, including the developer integration platform and the cross-platform performance, that enables you to use this on many platforms and operating systems. This is a tough sell, but it has its followers, and it is on this list because its users love the messaging features that are really very similar to WhatsApp in GUI and functionality.

Kik gives you group messaging, and you can create new threads from a group message, but its downside is you cannot mute group threads, which makes Kik a very noisy app if you have group messages with global users. Another downside is video sharing, to do so you need to is upload a video to YouTube or Instagram and send it as a third party extra, which leads me to present Kik’s additional feature that is the ability to send content from a number of third-party sources and the list is unlimited which is to Kik’s advantage. One downside to t

The bottom line is that this is a great little messaging service, whether you need it or not is up to you, if you have WhatsApp and Skype, then most probably not.


Showbox is a controversial app that does not appear in Google Play Store since it is a torrent streaming app for delivering pirated video content online.

Yes, it’s sort of a Kodi and Popcorntime competitor. When you download this app, you get access to streaming video from P2P and other sources which are mainly torrents.

Now, let’s look at safety. To start off with, you cannot be sure of the safety of the source since it’s a pirating app, and that means you live with the consequences of your download. Therefore a good VPN and anti-virus software app would go hand in hand with this one.

You cannot download this via the usual stores, so head on over to YouTube and enter “how to install Showbox 100% virus free.” Which will give you a video showing you how to download Showbox. As you have gathered, they don’t have a website either. (Obviously).

Since this is a “grey market” app, you won’t get support, and you will get bugs. This app has been downloaded so many times because people don’t like paying for their movies.

However, grey-market apps have their issues, and you don’t want to download this app if you are not 100% sure of smartphone security issues and are willing to watch illegal streams.

There are many alternatives to watching online streams without breaking the law and taking chances of damaging your smartphone integrity. If you are economically challenged than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime would be your best shot. If you don’t want a monthly subscription but a pay per download option, then FandangoNow is the other choice. The other free source is YouTube and soon to follow IGTV (Instagram).


When it comes to online mobile apps for shopping, OfferUp is the mobile version of a simplified and easier to use than Craigslist app. Which is why it is so popular and hit this top-30 list.

Essentially, OfferUp is a local shopping app that connects sellers and buyers living in the same area.

OfferUp has become so popular that current statistics claim it maintains users for over 25 minutes per session. So, how does it work?

Selling items on OfferUp are exceptionally fast and simple to do, here are the steps:


  1. Download the app
  2. Register a profile
  3. Upload an image of the item you want to sell
  4. Add a title and price

That’s all there is. Simple and easy to use and understand. You also get ratings based on your service to your customers.


  1. Download the app
  2. Browse through items or search for a specific item
  3. Contact the Seller through the apps messaging service
  4. You can also check out the seller’s ratings and reputation

The actual trading process is done in person; you do not pay online, you meet the person in a pre-determined location, and pay for the item in cash.

For people worried about security issues, there are safe meeting locations in place, usually near police stations and public meeting areas such as malls and cafés.

You can also pay via the site in credit or debit card, but the payment is made at the meeting via the app on the smartphone.

OfferUp benefits include a totally localized experience. You can seek out further, but since this is a local service app, most sellers are not vendors with distribution methods, it’s a meetup and collect process. This is also the primary downside of the app., it limits you to local sellers only, unless you are willing to drive a long distance for your goods.

The GUI is exceptionally easy to navigate, and the messaging service is anonymous and safe. It’s a seamless messaging service similar to WhatsApp, and it secures your privacy while offering an immediate response messaging experience.

Bottom line: A must have app if you live in North America.


Where would I be without Tinder? Actually, the same place I am now. Tinder is a leading online dating platform that has literally scorched its way across the web and the real world. Tinder is used by millions all over the US and the world and was designed as an expression of who we are by the genius Tinder designer Justin Mateen. According to Justin, and most probably 99% agree with him, the smartphone is an extension of who we are, we can live without anyone besides us, we can be separated from our loved one, but never take our smartphone away!

That is the core of Tinder. It delves into the very soul of its user; it is designed to deliver a digital romance with the efficiency and ease that only a smartphone app can deliver to the concentration challenged the individual.

This app is a local app, which means it’s not designed for long-distance relationships that all other apps handle. That is perhaps why it is so successful. The app will scan anyone from 50 to 100 miles from your location; you decide the perimeter. You also upload up to 9 photos, add a brief 500-character description, set the age range you want to meet and start to seek a match.

Tinder flashes photos of matches, and you decide whether it’s a match or not by tapping the x or the heart or swiping left for no.

Once a couple has mutually matched, you can start to communicate.

Why is it so successful, because it realized the core of online dating; there is no such thing. You can sit online with the most refined and detailed profile in the most secure website and end up meeting a total stranger. Or, you can Tinder, and meet up in moments and click. Tinder is not a marriage agency; it’s a meeting site, it sets up meetings for potential romantic episodes or even leading to a lifetime relationship. Many a friendship has started with tinder, at a fraction of the time, it takes to scan thousands of detailed and fake profiles.

Bottom Line: My take is that Tinder gives you an immediate response to an urge to communicate for either lust to love reasons, usually the former. It provides an immediate response that is in line with the internet age, and it allows you to meet up without years of ridiculous communications. You meet, you click, or not.


Text Now

To be honest, I haven’t used this app, and most probably won’t. It’s another wireless messaging app that delivers messaging services similar to others but at a poorer quality and its cellular packages are affordable, but since I don’t use cellular much now, and limit myself to wifi, why would I want to pay $18.99 a month for 500MB of 3G/4G data and unlimited 2G, talk, and texting when I can do most of that for free or use a top-up card or via one of the main service providers.

Why am I negative to an app that is on this list and that I have not used?

Because it’s just another cellular provider with a weak app, which is garnered from over 100 reviews that I scanned to create this write up. This app is a US-based service, so it’s not relevant of the rest of the Globe, and according to over 80 reviews out of 100, its service is poor of Sprint. It is also an unfriendly GUI, where you have to manually turn cellular data access off enabling you to use the free WIF service, which is just as poor.

The only reason this app is on the list is that its packages are cheaper than its competition. So, I guess that quality is not an issue when the price is so favorable. On another note, the upside about this app is that when you don’t have much money, even a poor quality provider is better than none at all.


It seems that dating is a popular, and Zoosk in the top 30 is proof of this online activity. Zoosk is a well-designed, easy to use GUI app that provides a safer online dating service through ID verification. The site is free, but communications are not, well they have to make money somehow.

What Zoosk offers are a totally free profile viewing and full search experience, but when it comes to actually make contact, you need to pay for the service. This is understandable and is why Zoosk is on this list with its 35 million registered users.

Zoosk uses an algorithm to match your details with individuals they think the best suit you. I always question whether these algorithms include the statement “opposites attract,” something to think about.

So, what is Zoosk all about? It’s about filling in a detailed information sheet about your physical presence, and then you’re loaded. How does the matching algorithm work? Simple, it gives you photos to browse through. You choose the ones you like and discard the ones you don’t like. Based on the facial preferences, the algorithms start to build up a profile of what your perfect match might look like and starts to send you suggestions. It’s basically a subscriber based facial recognition pattern forming an algorithm that does not match personalities; it only matches faces.

This is an interesting app, it does away with personality issues and concentrates on what makes your head turn. This is the biological function that happens in reality too, generally, people try to meet up with individuals that they are attracted to. Of course, the feeling has to be mutual, only after the meet up does the actual mating process begin.

This means that Zoosk is an app to help romantically include individuals meet based on facial attraction. Letting the real-life process take over once you connect.


This is one of my favorite messenger apps, only because it is so simple and focused. This is a no-nonsense app that delivers Wi-Fi aided messaging in a simple and efficient manner.

This app gives you IM and voice messaging with all the extras such as file sharing and audio and video files too. However, it is not a video messaging service; you cannot make video calls, only audio ones.

WhatsApp is a free service, you need Wi-Fi to operate it, and that’s why Facebook bought it out, to bolster its arsenal of messaging services. What makes WhatsApp so attractive is that you don’t need an account in any major company, all you need is a phone number. You download it to your smartphone, use your smartphone number to connect.

Once you have set it up, you can allow it to look through your contacts (smartphone) list, and anyone that has WhatsApp on their phone will show up in the WhatsApp contacts list too. What I found is that WhatsApp provides one of the cleanest and strongest conversation signals of all the messengers. If you cannot use Skype or Hangouts due to a bad signal, then in most cases WhatsApp will save the day.

Since this is a Facebook-owned app, you can either use your Facebook profile or create a WhatsApp profile. You can also set your privacy levels, including not being seen online, not showing whether messages have been viewed. You can also mute notifications and play around with the notification specs for in-app notifications.

You can send a direct “connect to WhatsApp” text message to any contact in your phone that doesn’t have WhatsApp.

A simple and basic Wi-Fi phone option with great messaging and file sharing features.