I was asked to write about the most downloaded apps that had over 1 million downloads, well this is a tall order. I am sure there are more, but here is my first list of the 30 top downloaded apps with over 1 million downloads per app. You could say this is somewhat like the Fortune 500; it’s the internet 30, this is where the term downloads are translated into either use or cash or both, so if you have over 1 million downloads you are definitely BIG.

The order listed here does not represent a Pareto chart, it is random, although I did open up with the world famous, legendary and future generations revered ancient God of legends “Google.” Imagine what that name will mean in 6,000 years? Will it be as notorious as Set or as glamorous as Gilgamesh? OK, for anyone that is not an ancient history buff, let’s move on.


Obviously, I have to open with Google; this is the all-time download favorite of all time. Its downloaded on all operating systems and is the world’s leading search engine and multi-app platform.

This app is actually more of a holding app or umbrella app that holds under it all the Google apps that are added to any Google account. Once you register for a Google account, you get access to a plethora of apps, and if you register for more Google+ as well as other separate Google platforms, they all combine together under one roof and provide you with a one-stop shop for just about anything you can ask for.

The initial focus of Google app is their search algorithm, as such, it acts as a fast platform to reach any bit of data on the web and present it in a non-browser screen. This works faster for some bits of information, such as addresses, locations, maps, docs, etc. If you want to read a full web page, you would best use a browser, which Google also provides in their Chrome app.

What Google is obviously a leader in is searching and presenting all kinds of quick information such as:

  • Nearby stores and restaurants
  • Live sports scores and schedules
  • Movies times, casts, and reviews
  • Videos and images
  • News, stock information, and more
  • Anything you’d find on the web

You can also use Google for feed updates, and this will give you updated topics that you choose taken from various sources.

Conclusion: This is the number one app of all time for general information and connectivity to your Google account data.

Google Calendar

This is the Google calendar app that comes with an interactive calendar that links to your mail and other activities. What Google calendar does for you is this:

  • It is customizable, and you can switch your view to daily, weekly, monthly and even annually.
  • You can add events and schedule meetings with reminders, as well as include locations that are interactive with Google Maps. If you have been invited to a meeting via Google Mail, your Google Mail app will link with the Google Calendar app and ask to include the new date in your calendar.
  • You can create a number of calendar color codes, for instance, have a different color for work-related schedules, and another for home and family event.
  • To-do List for creating a list of information you need to perform for the scheduled task.
  • If you want, you can set frequent Goals which are scheduled times for a recurring event.
  • Quick event creation – Smart suggestions for event titles, places, and people save you time when creating events.
  • Google Calendar integrates with Exchange and is active with other calendars you might use alongside it.
  • Why don’t you try using Calendars with a smart hub too? You can use this feature with both the Wink vs SmartThings devices with your iphone.

Conclusions: A must-have app together with your iPhone or another Android calendar.

Find My iPhone

This is an Apple iPhone app that is the leading iPhone finding app online, but only because it was available from Apple. The reason iPhone created this app was obvious, we always lose or misplace our phone at one time in lives, and the worst situation is when it’s on silent mode, so even when you dial it hear the ring, you will not find it.

This app is also a family app; you can add as many devices on it, and link them to each other, that way you can always find the other device. Which is great for knowing where your children are. The app will show where the devices are on a map.

This app provides the following features:

  • It plays a sound on the device to help you find it, even when in silent mode.
  • The lost mode is great for locating the device on a map.
  • You can erase all data on the lost phone from the remote.
  • Add an activation lock for extra protection.

Downloading Find My iPhone

  1. Go to icloud.com/find and sign in using your Apple ID for iCloud
  2. If you don’t see Find My iPhone on iCloud.com, this means that your account has access to iCloud web-only features.
  3. Set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac to use Find My iPhone and other iCloud features.

Conclusions: A great app for iPhone users, although there are now many other choices, this is a must to have for security issues.


Streaming music is one of the most competitive markets on the internet, and there are a plethora of apps vying for the best and top place. However, you cannot argue with downloads, and this is why iHeartRadio is one of the leaders, irrelevant of whether you like it or not.

iHeartRadio is a free live radio streaming app. The homepage is designed like a grid and shows different categories of contents including Comedy, Jazz, News & Talk, Rock, Sports and more. You click a panel and then tap the Get Stations Icon which defines the genres you are seeking. iHeartRadio will use this data to stream you the relevant live radio station choices.

For active streaming, the iHeartRadio app will show you the title that is playing, and you can “turn the dial” to find other genre-related stations.

While the station is playing, for music you can view the lyrics or the artist’s bio page. You cannot rewind live music, which makes this a live radio rather than digital radio style.

To get access to all of this, you need to register, and you can use a Facebook or Google account or create a dedicated iHeartRadio account.

If you want to buy music you like, you can use their third-party access such as Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Music Store.

There are two premium plans for iHeartRadio:

$4.99 per month for iHeartRadio Plus this gives you unlimited skips, on-demand playback, instantly replay tracks, and save radio songs to your playlist.

$9.99 iHeartRadio All Access that gives you the Plus plan with additional offline playback, and unlimited playlists.

Conclusions: This is a great live radio app, there are other great ones too, its just been around long enough to become a major downloaded site, and that’s why it’s in this list.

Subway Surfers

Running games are notorious for being addictive, and subway surfers are no different. This is a classic running game, where the hero is a baseball-capped kid either running or hovering on a skateboard and running along a railway track to get out of the reaches of a Railway Cop.

As with most running games, this is arcade style in that you collect coins and power-ups to help you overcome obstacles such as oncoming trains and other objects set in your path, including light posts, wooden barricades, tunnels, etc.

The positives of this game are the clean graphics and focused control. You can move around with simple actions and its all a matter of your eye-finger coordination, together with collecting coins and power-ups that makes this game addictive.

You also get to create high scores, be a part of a leaderboard and generally have fun in a one-dimensional game, in this case, the one dimension is you watching your character run constantly.

Conclusions: A great running game that is identical in style and genre as all the others. This one is monster free, and the action is not defined by the fear of being caught by a monster but by the thrill of just running and beating obstacles.


For the technical minded, or engineers, traders and DIY’ers seeking a comprehensive math solution provide, this all in one app gives you the power of a Matlab type experience in a tight calculator type package.

What do you get in this app? Well, it will solve you all kinds of problems such as basic math, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, and statistics.

The categories you actually get when tapping on the pull-down menu include Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry.

Each category comes with a whole list of sub-categories, for instance: the Basic Math calculator provides keys marked with geometrical shapes such as a square, circle, triangle, cube, cone, sphere, cylinder and more, so you can focus your calculations down to a specific need.

Mathway has its own virtual keyboard for all those professional expressions and elements needed to build a complex algorithm or equation. The app will also help you in defining the question, which is a great help even to the most advanced and experienced users.

This is a free app, and there are adverts to attest to this. However, if you want to follow the steps in an equation solving process, you will need to pay for the full and ad-free version. The other reason why the paid version is better than the free is the ability to save solutions with the steps.

There are two paid for versions:

$19.99 per month

$79.99 per annum.

Mathway is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; and it also comes with an Android version

Conclusions: If you want an extremely comprehensive calculator and the ability to use steps and save whole processes, then this is the solution app for you.


It’s time for dating, and there are plenty of sites to choose from. However, this is the top download list, and therefore only the top downloaded dating sites entered her. This is a gay online dating site app for men that are seeking casual or sexual relationships. It is not considered to be a serious dating site, but then which dating site does truly separate dating from causal encounters? None.

This site is presented to us by Hitwise as being the “largest gay social network.” The site claims to have 9 million registered users globally. There are some demographics for this data, and this includes:

There are 6,300,000 registered members in the USA

There are 442,260 daily logins

At any given time, there are 60,000 active members online.

The predominant age group is 35 – 44 years old

53% of the registered members are non-white (all male of course)

As with most dating sites, signing up is a require prerequisite to contacting any members, so you can do basic non-registered searches and view profiles in a limited fashion, you will need to sign up to make full contact.

The site does request e-mail verification, which is not really necessary but worthwhile doing.

Contact is easy, and you have many options to choose from including the fast smile, going into a chat room and direct messaging to a specific member.

Free members can save i20 conversation, but inactive conversations are deleted after 10 days.

Free members get basic access, but paid members will get the chance to keep up to 200 conversations, and their inactive conversations will be kept for 30 days.

I won’t go into all the details of this platform; there are privacy options such as hiding your last visit and online status. You have to upload 2 photos, one of which must be G rated for primary app requirements.

One interesting feature is that you can create a visitor profile alongside your main home profile. The visitor profile is for travelers seeking thrills in a city they visit.

In terms of price, Adam4Adam is average. The VIP paid for service costs $10 per month or $25 for three months.