Did you know that there are 9,560 pawn shops in the U.S.? Looking for some quick and easy cash but not sure what’s your best option? Have no time to waste? Why not pawn items for quick cash? It’s easy, quick, and you’ll be handed money then and there.

In this article, you’ll learn what are the best things you can pawn at a pawn shop for quick money. Read on to discover these items you can pawn.

1. Game Consoles

If you have any video game consoles lying around you wouldn’t mind selling, this is a great item to sell at a pawn shop. You can get money fast for many consoles out there. You can make quick cash whether it’s Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo for a fair amount.

Need money right now but don’t want a credit check or impact on your credit rating? Check out these advantages of going with a pawn shop loan.

2. Power Tools 

Did you know you can sell power tools at a pawn shop? Check out your garage and basement for any power tools that you don’t use or that might be older. You can pawn them for a nice amount for quick cash.

The great part is power tools are always in high demand, so pawn shops will pay you a competitive price for them. Keep in mind that the older the tool is the less money you’ll get for it.

Make sure to clean them prior to trying to pawn them by getting any sawdust, grease, and dirt removed. Of course, when you go to sell them, brands will play a factor as well. Whether it’s an air compressor, drill, or bandsaw, you can still make a good chunk of change off it.

3. Desktop Computers, Macbooks, & Laptops

Other great options for things to pawn are laptops, MacBooks, and desktop computers. You can sell your electronics for top dollar at pawn shops and make money fast.

4. Ipads & Tablets 

If you’re looking for the best items to pawn for quick cash, iPads & tablets definitely fall under this category. They receive great offers since they are high-end electronic devices.

No matter what type of tablet and even if it’s not an iPad, you can still make a good amount of quick cash from it.

5. Jewelry

If you’re looking to sell items for quick cash, jewelry is a good option. While jewelry can be sentimental and hard to part with it’s a great way to make money fast. Especially if your jewelry is made of precious metals and stones.

6. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are a top thing to sell as far as the best things to pawn. Everything from drums, guitars, string instruments, to wind instruments, you can walk out of pawnshop today with quick cash. Like anything else, the price will depend on the quality, type, and brand.

7. Cars

Some pawnshops will take cars either for pawn shop loans or to buy them outright depending on the space they have available. You can pawn everything from boats, RVs, to trucks, motorcycles, muscle cars, to sedans.

Bring your registration, ID, title, and proof of insurance when you’re ready to pawn your car.

8. Other Electronics

If you have other electronics such as a camera, you can pawn these for a good amount as well. The best way to get the best cash for pawn items is that they’re as new as possible. Any manuals, wiring, and packaging you can include with the items will help increase the value as well.

9. Watches

Some watches can be very lucrative depending on the brand, type, and condition. You’ll need to have proof of authenticity for a higher value including the original paperwork.

10. Antiques and Collectibles 

The value of antiques and collectibles change yearly, but you never know what you might have hanging out in your basement or attic. Go through all your antiques and collectibles, and bring them to a pawn shop to see how much you can get for them.

Some examples could be baseball cards or other sports mementos. Beanie babies tend to not sell for as much.

11. Smartphones

One of the best things to pawn is a smartphone. Newer iPhones can make you top dollar and quick, but Androids can still earn you a nice amount as well. If you’re looking for the highest offer possible, make sure you include original accessories.

12. Coins and Currency 

You might be surprised to learn coins and currency are actually one of the top items to sell at a pawn shop. Collectors go to pawn shops in hopes to complete their collection and find rare currencies for them.

Anything from U.S. collectible coins, silver dollars, half dollars, to Federal Reserve Notes. They can also include rare paper money, gold coins, proof sets, and American Eagles.

13. Historical Items

If you have any historical items in your home you can earn some quick cash. Make sure to check around the home, your attic, and basement for different historical items. If your item is a rare collectible or has historical value you can sell it for more.

Make sure to research it online to see the value it could be.

Things You Can Pawn 

In this article, you learned about different things you can pawn for some quick cash. Before you know it, you’ll be leaving a pawn shop with some cash in your hand. Remember, if you’re looking for cash today, you can head over to a pawn shop right now and make some quick cash.

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