As an industry, direct mail exceeds $44.2 billion. Contrary to popular belief, there are valid reasons why you should pursue direct mail marketing.

Despite the industry being worth billions, businesses are sending less direct mail than ever before. This gives your business a valuable opportunity to stand out from your competition.

You, too, can make a lasting impression upon consumers via mail. Receiving a tangible letter from a business can feel almost as good as receiving a letter from a friend.

Here are 5 legitimate reasons why direct mail works.

1. Higher ROI

Does direct mail work? Yes, it does. In fact, it works better than online displays and paid searches to do.

Direct mail’s ROI comes in third place next to the email and social media marketing. For the record, email’s ROI is only slightly higher than direct mail’s ROI.

Your ROI is significantly determined by how much you spend on mailing materials and postal rates. Learn more about the postal rates and getting the best deal for sending Certified Mail.

2. Easy to Track

It’s true: It’s not currently possible to measure snail mail open rates exactly. But you can track other metrics that tell you how much consumers are engaging with your mail.

For example, you could include an exclusive coupon code with your letter. That way, every time someone uses that code, you can thank direct mail for that sale.

You could also create a unique landing page for your campaign. Include the URL in your letter or use a scannable code to make the website pop up on mobile devices. Then you’ll know each visitor has interacted with your mail campaign at some point.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

Yes, direct mail increases sales. But part of direct mail effectiveness is that even if your direct mail doesn’t result in a sale, it does lead to more brand awareness.

Whenever someone reads your letter, they’re becoming more familiar with your brand. Each letter is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your brand and consumers.

4. Adds a Personal Touch

Direct mail lets you personalize letters and get creative. That’s why receiving quality mail from a business feels more intimate than reading an email.

Writing the names and addresses on envelopes often increases open rates. Also, have fun with brand colors, catchy images, and humorous copy.

5. Supports Other Marketing Efforts

You can use a direct mail campaign to support other marketing efforts. That includes your digital marketing strategy.

Use mail to direct people to a special web page with your desired CTA. For example, create a web page that collects email addresses and referrals for your newsletter.

Use Direct Mail to Gain a Competitive Edge

In a mail campaign involving 100 letters, 2 to 4 recipients respond on average. However, there’s a good chance your direct mail will be more successful than these numbers reflect.

The more you personalize your letters, the more people will open/read them and respond. If possible, ask recipients for their preferred names or nicknames in advance.

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