You should make your child become an engineer…

Becoming a Doctor sets up your child for life…

Lawyers can make a lot of money from private practice…

You are a businessman; you have found an heir…

The above are some of the things that I heard outside the delivery room when my elder brother’s son was born. A kid, who is barely a few hours old is already being suggested about the pros and cons of probable career options he can take up once he is an adult.

While on the way back from the hospital, it got me thinking as to how our educational systems are structured. I also started thinking about the role played by the family and the society in playing a formative role and influencing life decisions on behalf of a child.

It got me thinking to the point so much so that I decided to write this article on how parents should set their child on the right educational path.

Force and Coercion Versus the Choice Factor

Everywhere you look, a majority of individuals are pursuing courses, careers, and degrees not because they feel it is right or enjoy doing the same, but because there is a need or demand, or that it will ultimately pay well.

In other words, what I am trying to state is the fact that the sense of personal satisfaction, gratification, of failing and getting up on their own is not something children are allowed to experience.

I am not here to go into the merits of the pros and cons of stressful interference and the role that parents should play in cultivating the life of their child. What I want to stress on the fact is that as parents, we should be in a position to give the child the best access to all the available resources.

If you would ask me to choose between forced coercion and the freedom of choice in choosing education, career, or even a life partner, I feel the latter has a better chance of creating a much more mature, satisfied, and cultured individual.

The Role Played by Parents in the Educational Journey of a Child


This one word is likely to give you an idea about the importance of parents in creating and developing the educational journey of their child.

There are no two ways about it- Yes, education is important. Anyone who tells me that billionaires did not go to school has not heard about the proverb, exceptions are not examples.

In this regard, parents and the role they play is of critical importance in shaping a child’s education.

  • Parents need to stress the importance of education not as a step or a ladder to earning income, but thinking about the same more in terms of personal development. Growing as an individual is what education bestows upon us.
  • It should also be pointed out that all kinds of education are prestigious and respectable. Whether it is choosing between science or humanities, if you are good, you will be successful.
  • The selection of the school is probably the most important consideration that builds a child’s foundation. Choosing an affordable international school in Singapore can be the first step towards ensuring your child’s roots are set right.

Common Mistakes Parents should look to avoid in their Child’s Educational Planning

I had thought of creating a separate article to address this specific issue. But, I thought that mentioning the same in this article would make the same more detailed, comprehensive, and informative.

  • Putting your Hopes and Dreams on the Child-

The last thing parents should look to impose on their children is the weight of their expectations. A child cannot understand all the responsibilities, seriousness, and issues that come with the same. What parents invariably end up doing is piling too much pressure on a child and seeing them break, bit by bit, or all at once. ‘Let them be happy’, should be the motto.

  • Making them do what you failed at-

As a parent, you might have wanted to be a doctor, but you had to bear the responsibilities of your family at the time. You promised that the day you have a child of your own, you will make them into one and live your dream through their lives. This is a wrong and faulty notion and robs the children of their individuality and preferences.

  • Being Impatient with their Progress and Development-

Not all children are born with the same levels of intelligence and fortitude. Do not force your kids to do things that they are struggling with. Constructive pushing and encouragement will help, but deriding them, mocking or ridiculing them will only make them emotionally vulnerable and eat into their confidence. It is important to be patient with the development.

  • Comparisons and Peer Pressure-

As parents, we tend to unconsciously start comparing our kids to others. This happens quite naturally and without any intention. However, as parents, we need to understand that all kids are not created equal. Comparison in marks, or making the school teams tend to hurt the self-respect of young children, builds stress and makes them believe that they will never be good enough.

  • Not being Available when your Child needs you-

At the end of the day, you should aspire to create a child that is emotionally strong. This can happen only when as a parent, you are available and present during all their high and low points. They should understand that their wall of support is their parents and that they are always guarded and protected. This will help them feel confident and boost their performance.

The Final Word

There is no one path to attain educational greatness. What might work for one family and child might not for another. This is because every child is special in his own right. As a parent, the goal should be to arouse the interest and curiosity of the child in multiple areas.

Giving exposure will allow the child to develop for themselves an interest in one or more elements. Once they have an interest in something, they will try extra hard to master the same.

This is the story when it comes to creating successful individuals in life. If you try to adopt a couple of elements from the article, you are well on your way to charting the perfect educational path for your child.