There are lots of things that should be considered if you dream to build an empire in the business industry. It all starts with the name of your brand.

This is the reason why picking your business name plays an integral role in the success of your company.

While it seems to be a picnic, it actually entails hard work. And with countless businesses present in the market, the name you might be thinking of right is probably already taken. However, it shouldn’t bother and stop you from looking for the best business name for your company.

So, the million-dollar question is: How do you create the perfect business name?

The Golden Rules of Naming Your Startup

Be Creative. The first thing you want to do is go gaga when it comes to creativity. Always aim bull’s eye for a brand name that will stand out among the rest. Keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands of business competitors out there. You don’t want to end up having a business name that rhymes with another brand. This will put you behind.

Just imagine Mark Zuckerberg naming his social media platform Friendbook to compete with Friendster which was in fame years ago. That would probably suck, and no business wants to exist under its competitor’s shadow. Remember that.

This will also help you have a better SEO ranking. If you would be able to pick a business name that is totally unique, you would have a higher chance of getting discovered on search engines. Say, for instance, if you would name your pet company ‘Dog Rules,’ your ranking on Google could be buried under thousands of other results due to its typicality.

Be Recognized Right Away. When you pick a name, you want to directly help your prospects instantly recognize the service or product you are offering. Dairy Queen is a genius business name as its concept covers all kinds of dairy products the company is selling.

However, when brainstorming, never go for a name that would limit your business. If you are offering all kinds of pet products, Dog Rules isn’t going to be an ideal name at all. This would push people into thinking that you are only offering products for dogs. Obviously, this could hurt your business.

Go Simple. Do you know that the brand Versace is pronounced as ‘Versach-eh,’ instead of ‘Versach-ee’? But who cares? Versace is a famous brand and pronouncing its name in whatever ways you want won’t affect its sales. But if you are just starting a business, this is something you should think about.

Get a name that comes with simplicity in spelling and pronunciation. Never give people a hard time pondering how your name should be spelled or read.

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This point also covers your domain extension on the web. Although there are lots of options to choose from such as .net, .org, or .biz, better stick with .com. Besides the fact that it is the top choice for businesses, people often think that companies using the .com extension are more established.

Use Tools. The best way to create an effective brand name is through a business name generator. Such a tool will help you form your brand name through your very own business ideas and preferences. After collecting essential materials, the business name generator would provide you excellent suggestions.

One tool that excels in this field is the Wix Business Name Generator. It guides you in each journey of your brand name selection until you come up with your best and top option.

Why Have a Business Name Generator and What to Get?

Business name generators use algorithms to arrange the data of your preferences and business ideas into brilliant suggestions. This makes you save time rummaging your list of the best name for your brand. And while there are hundreds of options to choose from, the Wix Business Name Generator dominates the list by offering countless useful features for your brand.

Besides name generation, Wix offers other assistance such as domain availability checking, business logo and website creation, and other features that will benefit your business presence online.

Wix can also aid you in your journey to secure the rights of your brand’s name. As said, Wix has a domain availability checking. This is a crucial step to secure your business legally since brand name creation nowadays often causes conflicts. And with millions of brands in the market, there is a high possibility that you could end up having the same business name as other brands.

This is the reason why Wix’s domain availability feature is a handy tool for you to rightfully claim your business name idea. Once you’re settled, you can now enjoy your website domain and register it.

To further assist you and ensure the future of your brand after you register your site through Wix, it will offer you countless integrations that will serve as your personal tools in managing your business. It includes 24/7 support, free website hosting, and a custom business email.

With this, it is no doubt that Wix Business Name Generator is a true must-have for startups aspiring for success. Besides the fact that it offers all kinds of smart tools, it provides countless free services that can support your company for years. This is a big plus for businesses that are tight on their overhead.

So, should you use the Wix Business Name Generator? Well, who says no to a sweet freebie?