In the gambling world, it is impossible to avoid one gambling site that sticks out for several reasons. A gambling site, developed in 2000, by a woman nonetheless,

virtually presenting its name everywhere is Bet365.

Bet365 was founded by Denise Coates who remains the majority shareholder and joint chief executive together with her brother John even today.

When Bet365 was founded, the market was already flooded by similar sites offering everyone testing their luck with casino games too, so it was imminent to make Bet365 stand out from all the others.

Denise Coates, aware of this problem, had a few strategies lined up for all their new users. In an attempt to gain new customers, but also ‘steal’ gamblers from other sites, Denise instituted a series of free bets on Bet365. This meant new players could place a bet investing nothing on their part. Basically, a simple strategy, that wasn’t promising at all, because the majority of these bets are losers but it created a lot of traffic on Bet365.

Most gambling sites at the time were focused primarily on the sports happening in their time zone. Denise, being aware of this issue, made Bet365 the first gambling site based in the UK to take bet placements from all over the world. Sports that were played late at night and on other continents suddenly were made accessible to everyone who was using Bet365.

Not only that, but players on Bet365 were able to put wagers on second or third-tier soccer leagues and this attracted customers from the small towns where the games were played. In a nutshell, Bet365 was made for everyone who had the slightest interest in placing a wager online. This and other marketing strategies made Bet365 stands out amongst their competition because they were able to include much smaller markets before anyone else.

Other than placing wagers on your favorite team or sport, you can also try your luck in casino games, online poker, bingo, and other slot games on Bet365.

Bet365 Bonus

Bet365 is advertised everywhere. If you take a closer look when you’re watching your favorite team playing you cannot avoid all the commercials explaining how Bet365 is everybody’s favorite gambling site.

There is another detail that makes them stand out amongst the competition and that is their very famous tactic, giving each and every new player a bonus upon registering on their site. For example, if your bet is successful Bet365 adds 5-70% to your returns. It depends on the number of selections but is paid in cash or added to your amount eligible for a withdrawal. If you place a bet using Bet credits, the rule of bonus doesn’t apply.

Another type of bonus you can get when referring a friend to the site. Bet365 offers 25 euro bonus after your referred friend fills out an application and registers. In fact, both you and your friend get 25 euro bonus and they get another client, who is satisfied from the beginning.

Registering on the Bet365 site itself is as simple as you can imagine. You just need to fill out the registration and verify the account. The verification process is a bit more rigorous than on other sites. To verify your account on Bet365 you need to apply a bank statement that proves you’ve placed a bet on Bet365, a picture or a scan of a valid ID, and the proof of address. To prove the address you need to send a bill for utilities to your name that arrived at the said address within the last three months.

The process itself may sound hard or complicated but it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to provide the documents and roughly 24 hours for Bet365 to recognize you as their rightful client.

Other than the sign-up bonus, Bet365 offers a loyalty bonus that is usually applicable on Wednesdays. Bet365 bonus codes are provided to players with a special promotion. For example, when you register at one of the Netent Casinos to welcome you as a player you will receive an exclusive casino bonus reserved just for you.

Bet365 in the future

Since the start-up Bet365 has been nothing but innovative, modern, and available to a wider audience than their competitors. Excellent marketing strategies, different welcome bonuses, and thinking outside of the box has put them on the map and made them a huge success.

The success is only growing and it seems that Bet365 won’t stop, going now into the third decade of their existence.

Money can be deposited in various ways. You can use rather popular web wallet applications like Skrill or Neteller to make your deposit or simply use your debit card.

Bet365 accepts deposits from major debit and credit cards other than Diners and American Express. Simply because AmEx still doesn’t want to be involved in the online gambling business. You can also make a deposit using a bank transfer but this is the only method that will keep you waiting for 3-5 business days to receive the confirmation and yet another way to make your deposit is using the PaySafeCard system.

Cash-out on Bet365 is done the same way you made the deposit. If you use Skrill or Neteller you will be cashed out to those accounts and if the down payment was done by a debit card then you receive your cash out directly to your bank account.

For all other deposits made by Paysafecard or credit cards, you will receive the cash out to your bank account directly. Bet365 maintains a reputation as a gambling site that regularly and without restrictions cashes out all their winning members if you stick to their strict rules. So we definitely wouldn’t recommend going around the rules, like for example opening two different accounts.

Bet365 is a gambling site that attracts new players and clients every day because of its numerous bet offers that are wider than anywhere else. For just one game played in the Champions League or NBA League, you can choose from at least 100 different combinations to ensure your win, from yellow cards during the match or other various combinations.

Taking all this under consideration it is no wonder that Bet365 is everyone’s favorite gambling site.