Have you been trying to find ways in which you can make additional WoW gold in World of Warcraft? Then using your garrison shipyard is a great way for you to do so. It can be a consistent flow of income and isn’t difficult to manage once you get used to it.

So how do you get started on such a task? Then there are a few steps for you to take. Firstly we will need to build your shipyard and help build your fleet.

Building your Shipyard

To do this, you will need to finish off a number of naval quests to get started. If you are Alliance, then you will need to also earn a reputation with Hand of the Prophet, or Voj’jin’s Headhunters if you are with Horde. Grab any essential resources and WoW items, and prepare to get started. One key item is the Ship Blueprint: Battleship, which you can only obtain by gaining reputation with those factions. For Ship Blueprint: Carrier you will have to finish Naval Domination by overcoming 25 Naval Treasure Missions, as well as gather 2500 WoW gold and 25 Garrison Resources to progress.

Setting up Your Fleet

After you have gotten to a point where you have unlocked the ships that you need, you will want to have an idea of what ships you can use that work best. You should try and have a Submarine and a Transport, as well as three Battleships and Destroyers, plus two Carriers. There are other ways for you to tweak your setup, but generally, make sure that you have three Battleships and a single Transport as a rule.

Making Gold with Your Crew

You should now have your fleet ready to go, but there is a very important factor that is yet to play in, and that is earning gold with your crew. If you are Horde, you will need a Goblin Crew or a Dwarven Crew with Alliance. The reason that you want crews of this format is that you get a 100% increase on the WoW gold that you earn from missions.

If you have a fleet of 10 ships, then you can start the decommissioning process by going to your Naval table by opening the ships tab, and right-clicking on the relevant ship. You should consider decommissioning the likes of Orc, Worgen, Tauren, Pandaren, and Draenic crews so that you can get the coveted Goblin or Dwarf crew. You can also keep a couple of Human crews to help increase your chances of completing your mission and having a Murloc crew will count towards Transport. You could also consider keeping a Troll crew or a Gnomish crew, just so you can get Ship Equipment from the missions that you finish successfully.

Missions to Make a Profit

So by now you should be more than set up with your fleet to start making some precious WoW gold. This is done by simply focusing on completing missions on a daily basis. Keep an eye on the rewards that you will get in the form of gold, and you are looking into the thousands in terms of how much you will make on a weekly basis. If you want to increase that even further, then consider having a number of characters whilst operating the same method to multiply the gold you make each week. You are going to have to invest time to make sure your fleet is up to standard, but considering the gold, you stand to make, it is more than worth it.

So now you have some ideas on how you can make a decent profit from your garrison shipyard, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding external sources to get your hands on some cheap WoW gold. As mentioned, it will take some time and effort to do, but considering the WoW gold that you can expect to make, you should definitely look into making the investment.

Have you tried this method of making World of Warcraft gold? Let us know in the comments section below!