When not hunting WoW Classic Gold and finding those precious WoW Classic items that you crave, grinding levels, and more, you should consider joining a Guild. There are rankings for Guilds, making some better than others. Before we take a look at the rankings, let’s first see what Guilds actually are in the game.

What are Guilds?

In the popular MMORPG, a Guild is considered to be an in-game group of players that can be formed to make tasks such as raiding easier. Besides that, they introduce a social aspect to the game for you to enjoy with other people.

There are benefits to joining a Guild too. You can get your hands-on free WoW Classic items, gain access to trade skill masters, receive quest items, and more. Sharing your adventures can be extremely beneficial to you in a game such as this, and make your experience much better in general. They aren’t run by Blizzard either, meaning that how good or bad the guild actually depends entirely on the players that are in it.

Finding a Guild

This isn’t really the hardest of tasks to complete. You will find that in towns there are players looking to recruit others to join their guild since there is a minimum number required in order to actually create one. Otherwise, there are outlets such as LFG and getting in touch with guilds online to find what you are looking for. You should certainly look around for which one is right for you, and you will often find yourself leaving one to join another to cater to your needs better.

Top Guilds

The top 10 guilds at the moment include first place Paragon, followed by For the Horde, Ensidia, In Extremis, The Zenith Clan, Stars, Wraith, Irae AoD, Premonition, and Adept. You can use websites such as World of Warcraft Progress which can tell you the name of the guild, and whether or not they are recruiting at the time. You can also check what realm they are in, how they are progressing, what achievements they have reached, and more.

This is another great place for you to join a guild in World of Warcraft. There are so many different benefits for you to do so that it makes the most sense for you to get involved. Before you do go diving in, however, it would certainly be worth your time just exploring which one is right for you.

When it comes to raiding, this is one of the biggest aspects of the game. Sure, you might be spending your time racking up WoW Classic gold, or grinding away at levels, and so on. But raiding is something that is a pivotal part of the MMORPG experience, and joining a guild is a social feature that will further delve you into not only the game but in the vast community itself. Whatever you decide to do in the title, there is plenty for you to enjoy as the franchise continues to grow going into the future.

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