You have been doing really great eating healthy lately. You have been making food choices wisely, sticking to your diet and generally just eating well. But now your vacation is coming up, and you don’t know how you are going to manage to enjoy your trip while sticking to your healthy habits. Is it even possible to eat healthy while on vacation? Should our great eating habits take the back burner for your trip or is there a way you can still eat healthily while on vacation? To answer simply, yes- you can definitely eat healthily while on vacation. This guide will help you achieve that goal and still have a fantastic trip.


Before heading out to eat while on vacation, it is very beneficial to search for a restaurant you like and plan where you will be eating. This is much better than just wandering in and out of restaurants not knowing what food they are serving. When you choose a place to eat ahead of time, you will be able to look over a menu and see what healthy options are available. You will be able to get a better sense of what you can eat while still maintain your good diet and be prepared to order once you get there (no unhealthy items to surprise and tempt you!).


When you start researching restaurants beforehand, this also allows you to read reviews. Those reviews may tell you if the food was smothered in butter or if it was loaded with salt making it not very healthy. The reviews may also point yours toward certain dishes that fit your dietary needs. These insider tips are invaluable when dining out while on vacation and they will guide you toward the healthiest options.


Once you choose a place to dine while on vacation, you may want to make little adjustments to items on the menu in order to make them healthier. For example, a restaurant may offer a hearty portion of pasta with parmesan cheese- ask to skip the cheese. If a serving of steak is too large, cut a piece off and put it to the side, so you eat a little less. Ask to have salad dressing on the side, for olive oil instead of butter for bread or opt for a vegetarian menu. Little changes to the food will make a big difference and ensure that you are eating healthy while on vacation. All of these suggestions are easy for a restaurant to do so you should feel comfortable asking!

Splurge Once

There is a big temptation to eat a lot of unhealthy foods while on vacation. You are, after all, taking a break from reality, right?! Yet that doesn’t mean you should chow down on foods that will leave you feeling terrible afterward. However, you are on vacation, and that means you should allow yourself to splurge and eat that big piece of cake you have been craving. Plan one day on your trip that is your “cheat day.” Pick a restaurant or dining place that you have been eying and let yourself enjoy whatever foods you’d like. Scheduling one day of unrestricted eating will be motivation, to stick to your diet the rest of the trip- you know you have an amazing meal coming!

You’re Hungry, Eat!

When on vacation, there are many opportunities for celebratory eating or a quick bite here and there. This can all be very dangerous to your healthy eating plan. Make sure that you are only eating when you are actually hungry and not eating mindlessly. Being conscious of what goes in your mouth and skip eating anytime you are not truly hungry.

In addition to abstaining from eating if you are not hungry, you should remember to stop eating once you begin to feel full. Just because there may still be some food on your plate doesn’t mean you need to eat every bite. Once you have satisfied your hunger, simply stop eating. This will not only make you feel better (you won’t be overstuffed!), but it will help keep you healthy while on vacation. So pack up those last few mouthfuls and put them in your hotel mini fridge for later!

More Water

Making healthy food choices is essential to eating well while on vacation, but you should also be very aware of what you are drinking. While getting enough water is always important, it is even more necessary while vacationing. You are likely walking more, in the sun often, sleeping less and just more active in general while on vacation. If you are drinking more coffee or alcohol as well, you are even more likely to become dehydrated. Bring water with you wherever you go and be sure to refill it frequently. Staying hydrated is a very easy way to stay healthy while on vacation.

Fruits and Veggies

You may already know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. This practice can get lost while on vacation where it may be a little more difficult to find and prepare veggies and fruit. Stop by a local grocery store near your hotel and stock up on some fruit and veggie essentials. When dining out, you can also opt for meals that have a good amount of fruits and vegetables in the dish. While you may not be able to get the full daily recommended amounts, just try to keep in mind that you should still be eating fruits and vegetables daily despite being on vacation.

As you can see, eating healthy while on vacation does not have to be difficult. It is easy to do? Not always, but it is definitely not impossible! This guide clearly outlines some great pointers on how to eat healthy while on vacation, and if you follow these tips, you will have an amazing, nourishing trip. The main thing to remember is to eat consciously and assess what you are eating. When you really think about what you are eating, it will be much easier to make healthy choices while on vacation.

Nicolas is a writer for Lima-France A world leader in developing advanced food manufacturing machines.