Tag Heuer Watches
Tag Heuer Watches

A true household name that has gained global acclaim as one of the top luxury watches and fashion accessories manufacturer, Tag Heuer designs and promotes the above-mentioned products and has been accepted by fashion enthusiasts as a one-stop buy for reliable wrist watches and fashion accessories.

Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, Tag Heuer has its headquarters in Saint-Imier Switzerland and is known as the official timekeeper of about three separate Olympic summer games in the 1920s and has been a stakeholder in skiing world championships and the formula one

A key aspect of the TAG Heuer brand is in the ability to modify products and stay relevant in the fashion industry by keying into innovative technologies, thus ensuring that customers all over the world get top-notch products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

To achieve this, TAG Heuer constantly breaks new grounds in the watchmaking business by combining cutting edge technology and authentic designs which helps to set them hands shoulders above their peers. In the wristwatch industry, TAG Heuer is seen as a key component that keeps everything afloat due to their ability to stay in business and very relevant for centuries, hence the global acclaim and respect that is accorded their products.

Some of the more peculiar TAG Heuer wristwatches for men are as follows;

  • The Carrera Chronograph: This is the very first modern mechanical sports chronograph with an inbuilt connected modular, at a time when other manufacturers were trying to grasp the new wave of innovations.
  • The Monaco V4: Seen as a revolution in the watchmaking business, this is the first watch in the world to come with a belt-drive movement, coupled with a sleek linear mass and four neatly arranged barrels, set in a square case.
  • TAH Heuer Link: A pioneer mode, the TAG Heuer Link comes equipped with a pristinely polished design and a unique stone shaped case. Also included are about 11 diamonds to give this wrist watch the needed elegance and style.
  • The Link Calibre 18: This wristwatch is beautiful as it is stylish. It has a custom made 40 mm case, and a bracelet made from finely polished stainless steel and comes with a design that includes a screw down crown, an effective folding clasp, and a chronograph
  • The Vanquish: An elite watch which has only 11 copies in circulation, the vanquish was produced in 2005 and comes with a polished titanium design, an efficient double wide window and of course, a metal bridge. This piece of artistry is unique and isn’t like anything you might come across.

Other fashion accessories to be produced by TAG Heuer include;

  • Belts
  • Jackets
  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Cufflinks

It is safe to say that TAG Heuer is a pacesetter in the wristwatch and accessories industry globally, it is even safer to say that all original products of this company are durable and efficient which gives them an edge in an ever competitive market. That said, it is left for you to pick a suitable wrist watch or accessory with the TAG Heuer name and you would be glad.