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Regarded as one of the best and secure ways of ground shipping items in the UK, pallet shipping is helping businesses actualize their logistics dreams. With pallet shipping, you have a secure way of delivering your items to customers via Amazon Fulfillment centers. Pallets are preferred because they keep your items steady. So, if you are planning to securely ship items around Europe, think pallet shipping. On those lines, here is everything you should know regarding pallet shipping.

Get It Right with Stacking

Stack your pallets correctly. Be sure to get the process right. This is particularly important when dealing with oddly shaped items like car engines or motorcycles. The best thing to do is to place the goods at the center of the pallet. Also, when shipping boxes, containers, etc., don’t leave any space. Stack them close to one another to avoid issues like sliding or skidding—especially on poor terrains. When packing your items in the pallets, start with the heavy goods. Making the bottom heavier than the top improves the center of gravity of your pallet goods. Also, familiarize yourself with the pallet dimensions as well as height allowance. Measure your items before you stack them. Don’t leave any item hanging on the edges. It can lead to damages.

Use Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps should be used to secure heavy and uneven items. With ratchet straps, you have an effective way of securing items like gearboxes and other engine parts. Other things that should be secured through straps include motorcycles, bikes, and other oddly shaped auto parts.  So, make use of these straps. They will secure your items in transit.

Pallet Delivery Restricted, Prohibited Items

Transporting alcohol as well as meat products across borders are strictly regulated. Thus, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these rules before transporting these goods across countries.

Each country has a set of rules when it comes to importing regulations. You must comply with these regulations. Otherwise, you may face a lot of delays and other compliance-related issues. Remember, it can be stressful to deal with goods that have been stopped at the border of another country. That’s why it is important to understand the regulations governing products—especially those concerning dangerous and prohibited products. To learn about restricted and prohibited goods, go to pallet delivery.

Understand Restricted Items

Your goods will be subjected to the regulations of the destination country. In most cases, you will be required to show your license. Also, you should submit other documentation. From here, your delivery will be subject to that country’s quantity guidelines.

The following guidelines are used when shipping tobacco products as well as alcoholic beverages in the United Kingdom and Europe:

  • Alcohol—ensure that your inventory documents specify the volume, bottle size, and alcohol percentage.

  • Tobacco—your tobacco products will be inspected and verified by the concerned bodies. In most cases, the customs department will do the verification. Among other things, the amount will be subjected to rigorous verifications. Plus, if you are dealing with large quantities, be sure to declare the quantity in addition. Plus, you must follow the laid out importation regulations.

It’s important to note that similar regulations are used when it comes to shipping tea, electronics, as well as aerosols. To avoid delays and rejections, consider verifying the allowed quantity when shipping your products.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited products are products that are totally forbidden when it comes to pallet delivery. These products are not even allowed in freight distribution. You won’t be allowed to palletize these items. The following items cannot be palletized:

  • Drugs—including pharmaceuticals.

  • Living things—living creatures such as birds and pets cannot be palletized

  • Engines—you cannot palletize and ship engines as well as other auto parts with liquids. You must first drain them of all liquids such as fuel, oil, water, etc.

  • Flammables—you won’t be allowed to flammable gases such as LPG. Even more, it’s illegal to palletize radioactive materials.

  • Pornographic—pornographic materials cannot also be palletized.

It’s important to visit Amazon to learn about the restricted items in Europe. Alternatively, contact a pallet delivery company to verify products that are restricted.

National Pallets Fulfilment Regulations

The introduction of the internet has made it possible to sell goods online and deliver them to any country. Ecommerce platforms are quickly leveraging these sales channels to expand their businesses. And one of the best platforms to actualize their dreams is through Amazon. However, Amazon is very strict. In particular, successfully delivering your goods to the Amazon Fulfilment Centers can be challenging—especially to new users. But that shouldn’t kill your dream. Don’t be scared. Learning the rules is the best way to leverage this platform.

Sell it and leave Amazon to deliver it. The Fulfilment centers allow you to sell your goods from any part of the world. Remember, Amazon has one of the best distribution networks around the globe.

Advantages of FBA

FBA offers you a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Access to the European Amazon marketplace

  • Super Saver eligibility

  • Making your products competitive in the marketplace

However, to enjoy these pecs, you must fulfill explicit rules—especially in the eyes of Amazon Fulfilment centers.

Amazon Fulfilment Center Regulations

As a seller, you must request Amazon for a delivery slot. However, you will be issued with a slot based on first come first served criteria. If you don’t have a scheduled delivery appointment, your vehicle won’t be permitted into the warehouses and other centers of amazon. You will be given an appointment within one hour window. Deliver them within 30-minute timelines. Otherwise, your delivery will be rejected. You should complete the forms and describe your goods in a clear and concise manner. Among other things, you are expected to state the volume and give clear labels.


You must be meticulous with the paperwork. This, you are expected to be careful when filing the paperwork. In particular, the timely return of these forms will boost your chances of getting accepted.

The Bottom-Line

Secure. Fast. Convenient. These are some of the best things about pallet shipping. The above guide will help you understand everything about pallet shipping.